Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Babyby Cristina
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
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Random crap by Lukenotskywlkr
Random crapby Lukenotskywlkr
Why are you looking at the description? It's pretty self explained. You want me to make a stupid pun? Fine, I guess that was kind of RANDOM though... ... This is why I h...
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Half - Washed  by Mistydreams8130
Half - Washed by Misty
Rants, updates, oneshots, etc. Started: 2/1/2018 Ended: NA/NA/NA
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Ash-GreninjaGirl Rant Book by Ash-GreninjaGirl
Ash-GreninjaGirl Rant Bookby Ashley-GreninjaGirl
A book that I'm going to use to express my unappeasable hatred of ninety-nine percent of the world.
  • rant
  • ash-greninjagirl
  • complaints
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We're All Sad Somewhere by AishiteMe
We're All Sad Somewhereby Angelica Undan
A compilation of poems made by an unstable girl who is just trying her best to live.
  • feelings
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  • sadness
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just peachy [RANTS, DISCUSSIONS, ET CETERA] by dariamorgondoffer
just peachy [RANTS, DISCUSSIONS, val val val
i am a narcissistic piece of shit and feels the world need to hear my opinions.
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Randomness 4 by the_talking_sword
Randomness 4by Jack the sword
In which a young girl rants CREDIT TO @DALVIECURTIS FOR THE COVER
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Everything wrong with animal crossing new leaf  by Raptor1011
Everything wrong with animal Raptor1011
Tons and tons of things about animal crossing new leaf could be better! I'm gonna find out everything wrong with this game and put it in a book!
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bad reputation! by birthdae
bad reputation!by mona
aka my diary was read for the third time and leaked for the first so i don't even care where i write about stuff anymore.
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THE DAMNED!  ( book stuff. ) by ACEVENTURAS
THE DAMNED! ( book stuff. )by ❛ forking hell! ❜
❛i am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love.❜ INFO ON MY BOOKS ...
  • fanfics
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My Random Life by bicklepickle
My Random Lifeby a l y
This is literally just a rant book and random stuff I think of. (Most of it about old Magcon)
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swish swish ( misc. ) by nightloc
swish swish ( misc. )by bitch what the fuck
in which i occasionally update a bunch of strangers on stuff that happens in my life because i'm bored.
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My Life by Lazy_Helen
My Lifeby MukeDrug
My ships and my rants
  • ships
  • life
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Crazy As Crazy Can Be\\spam by AmericanPycho
Crazy As Crazy Can Be\\spamby Lou
I'm back and crazy as ever
  • selfharm
  • rant
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Staring Contest - Jikook by jikookissailing
Staring Contest - Jikookby jikook is sailing
It started as an innocent inside joke... [Based off jikoooktrash's post and a few anons from there]
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Random Rants & Stuff by J-Hope_Hates_Snakeu
Random Rants & Stuffby J-Hope_Hates_Snakeu
Rants about... random stuff. Anything. Whatever. I don't care. Suggest stuff. I'm just gonna be ranting about... anything...
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Your Typical Teenage Rant Book by HxpelessRxse
Your Typical Teenage Rant Bookby Viv
The shit I say that nobody listens to out loud. Just a friendly warning: This book will probably contain a shitload of swearing. As of 29/12/2017: 2k reads
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  • shawnmendes
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Random Life Stuff by GoldieGoldfish
Random Life Stuffby aspiring crazy
Stories that I wanna rant about because I hate keeping stuff within myself. These are just random things that happened to me. Honestly, nothing interesting here. If you...
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Rants  by fuckinpasta
Rants by Teela :p
Hopefully a book you can relate to and is filled with things we can complain about together.
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A Collection of Rants by PunchingPictures
A Collection of Rantsby PunchingPictures
I'm just always irritated
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