Ash-GreninjaGirl Rant Book by Ash-GreninjaGirl
Ash-GreninjaGirl Rant Book by DragonGirl2000 Random
Almost everyone I know has one of these, so I figured I'd make one too.
Alissa → Rants by cutelittleobrien
Alissa → Rants by ˗ˏˋ SHAZAM ˊˎ- Random
❝When you work out at the gym for three hours and then immediately buy Burger King's after...❞ →In which I don't stop talking and complaining about random stuff.
My Life by Lazy_Helen
My Life by Ms.Gustin Random
My ships and my rants
Random Rants (Cover Shop Too) by DannyPhantomPhandom
Random Rants (Cover Shop Too) by Danny Phantom Random
NOW IS ALSO A COVER SHOP! (I also make PNGs. I can make stickers and sashes for communities and contests.) FORMERLY KNOWN AS "RANDOM RANTS: DANNY PHANTOM PHANFICTIO...
A Book Full Of Rants by officialangelazhang
A Book Full Of Rants by angela zhang Random
a book on all the problems i've had in life. and a place where i can just rant about whatever the hell i want and not give a shit about what others have to say because n...
CYPHER by ∞ Random
socially uncomfortable, aesthetically faltering [RANTS, TAGS, ETC.] [#195 in Spiritual]
Life in School by StingrayTheNoob
Life in School by NicknameMaster Random
Some of you can relate to this * stories about a 13 year old student(Ayumi) *hear what's on a student's mind {Polishing in progress........} Please give this book a cha...
DaNk MeMeS and Tag book by SJ_is_Toy_bonnie
DaNk MeMeS and Tag book by I'm_dead_inside Random
Dis ain't a story but a tag book(or something I guess)for le ppl that tagged me or the ppl I tag (I'm sorry but I'm terrible at descriptions(sp?)and I don't know wut els...
Randomness, Rants, and Tags by BrijerahAguyim
Randomness, Rants, and Tags by ~#Sarah#~ Random
Basically my thoughts, complaints in life, and other random stuff XD. Sometimes could be rants, or just me telling my own stories I've experienced in life (funny ones) A...
80s Rant Book♚ by mandyybieber
80s Rant Book♚ by • Mandyy • Random
There are so many things to rant about when it comes to the 80s.. sort of lol! So I'm going to make a book about it.
One Sock: The Book Of Randomness by remonmeopin
One Sock: The Book Of Randomness by That One Guy Random
This book is filled with terrifying stories and horrendous randomness! Reader discretion is advised. But in all seriousness, this book is meant to make you laugh and cry...
Randomness by SerenaMoon66
Randomness by SerenaMoon66 Random
Sup random folks! Firstly, this is not a book. It's just me venting my frustrations, stress and whatever. There'll be loads of complaints. But... There'll be loads of...
Just Rants by xx0naaxx
Just Rants by Anna Joshy Humor
The random stuff of my life Not trying to copy anyone's title I just thought it was a good name
kill me now  |  rants by patathoe
kill me now | rants by -ˏˋ lexi ˎˊ- Random
♡ me rn: fuck school current concern: why are my dogs fucken bonkers?¿ ♡ me, lexi, ranting over the smallest shit :^)
Being Random Is My Talent by FieryHorse
Being Random Is My Talent by Sophitz Shipper Random
~AMAZING book cover goes to pi-master!~ Heyo peeps! This book is basically just me ranting on and on about the most random things. It could range from sports, rants, sch...
Hidden-Rant Book by LenoraIsHere
Hidden-Rant Book by Lenora Random
another rant book
Randomness! ^_^ (And other stuff!) by Oceanheart1123
Randomness! ^_^ (And other stuff!) by Eliza Random
Warning: May contain the following. •Warrior cats •Hamilton(the musical) •Harry Potter •Percy Jackson - This is the place where I'll be doing random stuff like tags, ran...
im elise and i need a life [rants and uh, more rants] by --elise--
A Collection of Rants by PunchingPictures
A Collection of Rants by PunchingPictures Random
I'm just always irritated
Kylie's Book of Art by ImportedGerbil
Kylie's Book of Art by Kylie Random
Do People even read these?