Noah and Leigh by colourlessness
Noah and Leigh by Olivia Harvard Romance
A collection of notes, a public library, two teenagers, and zero spoken communication.
Signed and Sealed Forever by hmalik6223
Signed and Sealed Forever by MsMalik Romance
A beautiful, shy and an over-emotional 24-year-old, Rohma, gets married to a young, handsome 29-year-old, Asim, by agreeing for Arranged Marriage. Like any other girl, s...
Unsent Emails | Watty Award Winner ✓ by earthian
Unsent Emails | Watty Award Winner... by ❥ layla. Short Story
" he broke up with his supposedly true love, her. she can't seem to do anything but write. " 「 watty award winner 2015 / #1...
Communication [2] Carlisle Cullen by -actuallykai
Communication [2] Carlisle Cullen by autumnal aesthetic Fanfiction
"You saved me." COMPLETED Book two Sequel of Interpretation. Book two of the Twilight Fanfic Series
Finding Life {BoyxBoy} by -sometimes
Finding Life {BoyxBoy} by ℰη∂ყ ✿ Teen Fiction
❝a sad boy and an in-between❞ ❝a friend and an awkward body❞ Valentine & Oliver.
Ashton and Grace by colourlessness
Ashton and Grace by Olivia Harvard Short Story
The wrong number led to the right person.
Secretly Texting [z.m.] ✅ by qualitystylinson
Secretly Texting [z.m.] ✅ by Liz K. Fanfiction
Unknown Number: Tbh you're beautiful. Unknown Number: Sorry, that was like straight to it, wow I sound weird rn. ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ [COMPLETED] COPYRIGHT © 2016, qualitystylinson p...
The Update Book by Sincerely_Jikook
The Update Book by Sincerely Jikook💋 Random
Here I will leave author notes, Fun facts behind each story and other random things like tags and maybe Q&A's -Author notes -Fun facts -Q&A's -About me (I guess) -Behind...
I Breathe Salt [NaNoWriMo2k17] by ShayTree
I Breathe Salt [NaNoWriMo2k17] by shay waylin Paranormal
Lacey Waits has gotten a little too comfortable appealing to the good natures of the spirits she can see and communicate with. See, these spirits, they breathe salt on t...
NØ Return - Rock The Miles Away by MonicaPrelooker
NØ Return - Rock The Miles Away by Monica Prelooker Romance
+18 - So you're lost in the middle of nowhere and here comes this guy who looks like your celeb crush, so far away from the spotlights. Then what? That's the question th...
Too Close for Comfort by ajblou
Too Close for Comfort by AJ Poetry
Poems and pieces of original songs that describe a silent battle when somebody pushed too far, but I still have to see them often and make it seem to everyone else that...
INSTAGRAM ☀️ KIMILIA [The Wattys 2017] by bcmblebeetights
INSTAGRAM ☀️ KIMILIA [The Wattys 2... by J A S M I N E Fanfiction
"You" is not a bad word: The Step by Step Method of Rational Communication by JanetSatterlee
"You" is not a bad word: The Step... by Janet Satterlee Non-Fiction
A clear and concise step-by-step-method designed to help others communicate rationally and effectively.
I Love that You're in My Life by StellaFleuret
I Love that You're in My Life by StellaFleuret Romance
Eighteen-year old shy Alana has never been kissed by a guy, or been in a relationship of any sort. When the popular and cheery Gino starts to show interest in her, she...
Moorim School: Saga Of The Brave by i_DBlinks1
Moorim School: Saga Of The Brave by Eyaishi Fantasy
Please read my other tagalog story. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you to all Reading, comment and vote this story so much. Love you. Mwah. Read Vote Comment Follow me Thank...
Faded Love Comes Miracle by Sarah-Jayy
Faded Love Comes Miracle by Nurul Maisarah Adventure
The journey of ten female students and ten male students in a university in Japan to find their dreams, their loved ones and even about Islam. They will find themselves...
The White Lords by 10kdays
The White Lords by 10kdays Fantasy
"This country is fake!" Eden spat. "Everything's fake. Someday, I'm going to write the​ ​truth.​ ​The​ ​real​ ​truth,​ ​not​ ​the​ ​official​ ​one."...
Star Trek Voyager: offspring by honestknife