Colour | Jungkook √ by -teakookie
Colour | Jungkook √by .semi-hiatus.
[completed] ❝out of all the colours, which of it suits me the best?❞ ​
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Where Colours Rule (Colour Blue) by AnimeReverseHaremW
Where Colours Rule (Colour Blue)by Miko12318
In a universe far away, the social life is ruled by colours. Whichever colour you were born in, is where you'll spend your life in as the government controls you. Kana...
  • harem
  • reverse
  • reverseharem
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Indigo (NaNoWriMo13) by Skyhuntress
Indigo (NaNoWriMo13)by Skyhuntress
In a cityscape populated by individuals with magically inclined abilities powered by Colour, Athira is a hunter. Known only as the Owl, a notorious criminal with allegia...
  • magic
  • owl
  • colour
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Swilio's Art Book 3  by TYPOthermia
Swilio's Art Book 3 by Swilio
Hi you're back again
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ig baddies by bbylinsky
ig baddiesby angel.
face claims/instagram baddies. [woc & @ included]
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Colourless by JustThatOtherShadow
Colourlessby Cat
"Life, Luke had decided, was colourless."
  • kitzie
  • colour
  • eatingdisorder
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❛ MONOCHROME ❜ - Hunter X Hunter - Killugon by CottontailMorlace
❛ MONOCHROME ❜ - Hunter X Marnie C. Evans
❝Your eyes are so blue!❞ ❝And your eyes are so grey.... Your point?❞ ❝They're beautiful~❞ ❝...... Idiot!❞ °|•|°|•|°|•|°|•|°|•|°|•|°|•|° In this world, the most...
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In The Midst Of Darkness by SoaringBibliophile
In The Midst Of Darknessby SoaringBibliophile
Years ago, women didn't have a voice. The only voice that existed was that of wealthy, high class clergymen. Women were thought to be too docile and tamed- good for noth...
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Stylish Oneshots by caffeinetea
Stylish Oneshotsby caffeinetea
Just a bunch of Stylish One shots. The first is a soulmate AU, the one where you can only see in colour once you've met your soulmate. The second is a crossover fic, whe...
  • southpark
  • soulmate
  • tweekxcraig
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Summer Day ❂ Graphic Shop by GUCCAEKTH
Summer Day ❂ Graphic Shopby -bbybbykokobop-
❝Wild Love is the best love at Summer❞ ... ✗I Welcome you with the taste of Love at first sight in the early stages of Summer~ STATUS: OPEN✓
  • covers
  • 2018
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colour ⚣ namjin by gguk97
colour ⚣ namjinby —
in which he can only see black.
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  • kimseokjin
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Colors ✔ by sanelisiwe_singapi
Colors ✔by Sanelisiwe Singapi
Colors are seen everywhere. We live for color. The beauty of color, we have seen and became amazed by the exquisite details before us. Colors can describe anything or...
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• My Art • by ben-is-a-nerdfighter
• My Art •by Kris
Some of my artwork. Votes and comments greatly appreciated!
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Colour Blind by vee_ano
Colour Blindby Viano Oniomoh
Reed is quite content living in his black and white world. And then he meets Harry. - Copyright © 2015 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.
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Art Book 4 by Sushicatz
Art Book 4by ♡
I'm back with more art. PLEASE DONT REad the others they're so bad.
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Pinfeathers by Skyhuntress
Pinfeathersby Skyhuntress
*PREQUEL TO INDIGO* The Owl: One of the most revered yet feared criminals in the Underground of Thols. The woman beneath the cowl is a dangerous mystery none are brave e...
  • shift
  • backstory
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Art Book! ( O 2 O ) by Adsumakaita_Rein
Art Book! ( O 2 O )by Artistic~San
Arts and Fanarts are here!
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Colour by Sincerely_Unique
Colourby Pluviophile
"Every inch of him was coloured a lifeless grey." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~🖤~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chanel Gold assumed life was a puzzle and hers seemed to be complete...
  • ruined
  • fear
  • devoid
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aesthetics deux » [ requests open ] by TheDaughterOfLoki
aesthetics deux » [ requests open ]by goole
a wee book where i can make aesthetics for you - and myself ( of course ) [ REQUESTS OPEN ] [ book 2 of my aesthetics collection ] Follow me on tumblr @ lakeus-aesthetic
  • pictures
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  • collage
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OPEN FOR HOLIDAYS | emotional motion | RE-POSTED by nina_teretsus
more or less unprofessional film analysis - for more info, read on
  • director
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