Connection | BOOK 3  by JadaUnique_
Connection | BOOK 3 by Jadaaa ✨
What if you've been out here, like i've been out here? Would I lose my mind or be cool about it? What if it were mutual?
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Dear Love by imaginator1D
Dear Loveby Anna Todd
What if you could write a letter to, love, death or time? What would you say? I was asked to write a letter to Love and this is what I had to say. I encourage you all to...
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Public/Private Chapters by KevinaOyatedor
Public/Private Chaptersby kevina
a collection of one shots, short stories, contests, tags and private chapters.
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Dear Love by JasminAMiller
Dear Loveby JasminAMiller
What if you could write a letter to, love, death or time? What would you say? I wrote my letter to love. It turned out a bit different than I thought it would, so I hope...
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Snippets - A Short List by SAKrishnan
Snippets - A Short Listby 💖 SA Krishnan 💖
Random short stories. Thank you @undoutedlymine for the cover. 😊
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Dear Death by krazydiamond
Dear Deathby Kristin Jacques
If you wrote a letter to Death what would it say? What if Death could answer back? 'Dear Death' is a commissioned work by Warner Bros inspired by the upcoming release of...
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Dear Death by lonethorne
Dear Deathby Half-Blood Princess
My letter to death @collateralbeauty
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Dear Time, Death and Love - #CollateralBeauty by MNJGreenhill
Dear Time, Death and Love - M
What if you could write a letter to, love, death or time? What would you say? I encourage you all to do the same, go to Wattpad's Romance profile and share your storie...
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While Everything Falls Apart by gsqswim
While Everything Falls Apartby skye
Adelyn Hock's life was sort of put together. But when her best friend dares her to ask a guy to marry her... It's a little complicated. It shouldn't be though. She shoul...
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dear death: and other thoughts by prose-punk
dear death: and other thoughtsby robyn marie
1. dear death, when i sit and think about my mind, i'm scared... I was tagged by the illustrious @krazydiamond to write a letter to Death for the up-and-coming #Collater...
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Collateral Beauty by TheAlvarezChronicles
Collateral Beautyby TheAlvarezChronicles
This is part of a challenge to write a letter to either love, time, or death.
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A Letter by weirdteenagerrr
A Letterby Jayleen :) ❤
This is my letter to Love, Time, and Death. I was inspired by the idea of this by reading a few, so here is mine, hope you like it!
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Dear Time ⏳ #CollateralBeauty by KarateChop
Dear Time ⏳ #CollateralBeautyby Kim
What if you could write a letter to love, death or time? What would you say? This is my letter to time. Inspired by @krazydiamond's beautiful letter to Death.
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Sky Lights by Call_Me_Mango
Sky Lightsby mayerli
Just a few short stories that are too short to be put into its own book. Maybe a few character interviews as well. A perfect read, if you're bored and waiting for a new...
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Dear Insecurity, by aleksashaa
Dear Insecurity,by Sasha Petković
This is inspired by the movie "Collateral Beauty". Insecurity is something I could really relate to, so i thought why not use that idea but to something that...
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Letters to Love, Time, and Death by RElizabethM
Letters to Love, Time, and Deathby Wendy Elizabeth
Letters to Love, Time, and Death about the stages in a relationship. Prompt via Wattpad Romance
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Dear Time by IsidraChavez
Dear Timeby Isidra Chavez
"Dear Time, Where have you gone? I hear your ticking. I hear the constant movement of the clock's hands as they mark yet another lost minute but you, I'm afraid, ar...
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Dear Love by MarilynAHepburn
Dear Loveby Marilyn A Hepburn
If I had to choose between writing a letter to Love, Death or Time--I'd choose Love. After all, Death and Time aren't real. They're merely the tools to help us understan...
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Letters to Love, Time and Death by melinaloveslyrics
Letters to Love, Time and Deathby melinaloveslyrics
A small contribution on my part, regarding the amazing film "Collateral Beauty".
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Dear Death by Ohsnapitsemily
Dear Deathby Emily Mae
My letter to Death
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