Lauren/You by ninoskavilch
Lauren/You by ninoskavilch Random
This is a story about a singer(Lauren) and an actress(You) How are they going to balance distance and their careers.
Fangirl Diaries by Katey_55
Fangirl Diaries by Angie Non-Fiction
I've had the privilege of meeting my favorite artists and experiencing so many things that most fans can only dream of. I haven't had any of those party-with-the-band-al...
My Life, My Love, My Heart ♥♥  by nivi20997
My Life, My Love, My Heart ♥♥ by Nivedha Teen Fiction
Highest ranking: #72 (3rd October 2016) High school life can make you or break you. What did it do to Rachel Stewart? ☑ COMPLETED
We Can Make It (Austin Mahone) by LivingYoung15
We Can Make It (Austin Mahone) by LivingYoung15 Romance
Vanessa & Austin have to keep their relationship a secrete. They've been able to do it for 9 months, but things start to get complicated. Vanessa wants a normal relation...
Liam Payne's Bad Ass Nerdy Sister [Zayn Malik ] by CelebsLover6
Liam Payne's Bad Ass Nerdy Sister... by Ghost Girl 👻 Fanfiction
Selena Is A nerdy Girl , Everybody Thinks she is The Goody- two shoes kind of girl . But what they don't know is that under all of that a Bad Ass is Hidden , Waiting for...
I fell in with my bestfriend- A Justin Bieber love story {BOOK 1}  (complete) by kenzie199637
I fell in with my bestfriend- A Ju... by Mackenzie Ann Fanfiction
Hi. I'm Bella. I'm 16 soon to be 17. I'm average height (5'5) I have eyes so brown, they're almost black. I have long brown hair. It's past my shoulders, to the middle o...
The Trip a André Silva fanfic by sofs_black_dream
The Trip a André Silva fanfic by Sofia Duarte Fanfiction
Um sonho, uma viagem que vai mudar a vida de Carlota ao conhecer aquele que para ela é um desconhecido, é um menino de ouro para o mundo. Um destino em comum.
Teacher&Student [a Jiley Fanfiction] by savedbybieber
Teacher&Student [a Jiley Fanfictio... by Kendall Fanfiction
Justin Bieber is a 24 years old accounting teacher who teaches at NYU [New York University] for the first time. Miley Cyrus [not the new Miley, the way shee looked in Ha...
"You are my home" by RitaSantos9
"You are my home" by Fall lover 🍁 Romance
Samantha Jones is a privileged girl who comes from a good wealthy family. She is a nineteen year old college student with her life planned ahead of her. When she's not...
How To Save A Life by fablikeloutommo
How To Save A Life by FabLikeTommo Fanfiction
16 year old Madison Everett is done with everything in life. She can't stand her family, school, or even herself. She decides to end it all one day. All of the pain, tea...
Cody Simpson Images (COMPLETED) by AllStar1607
Jealousy (A Cody Simpson imagine) by StarsInTheSky143
Jealousy (A Cody Simpson imagine) by Rue Kennedy Fanfiction
Name: Cody Robert Simpson Born: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia Age: 16 Height: 5'11" in. 180 cm. Skills: Singer, Songwriter, Swimmer Description: Sandy blonde ha...
Ghost ( 1D ) by Imdisappear
Ghost ( 1D ) by GO AWAY,PLEASE! Random
"Mengapa semua orang menjauhiku?!" Teriak wanita berambut coklat itu kearah pantulan dirinya sendiri di cermin "Hanya karena aku mempunyai hal yang berbe...
Crossed Pathways (A Cody Simpson Fan Fiction) *Book One* by CodyAngeland_143
Crossed Pathways (A Cody Simpson F... by Katherine 🙈 Fanfiction
Some say that kindergarten friends are for life, others simply know their paths are going to take different turns, but there's this thing, no matter how many turns and t...
A Winner in Disguise by Dancingteen
A Winner in Disguise by Annika Teen Fiction
When 15 year old, Jaclyn Langly, wants to join the basketball team, she learns that women are not allowed to play basketball at her new private school. She decides to ri...
Diary Of A Lonely Rich Girl by emm0413
Diary Of A Lonely Rich Girl by Once Upon A Timeless Fanfiction
Secrets, secret, secrets, that's what my life is about. Keeping the secrets of the rich and famous. But I am done being the invisible girl who sits in the corner and pre...
Cody Simpson Imagines~ cozyco143 by cozyco143
Cody Simpson Imagines~ cozyco143 by Cosette Fanfiction
So uhm I just moved and while unpacking, I came across a book of Cody Simpson imagines. They're actually pretty good (I think) sooo.... here they are.
Never Getting Back Together  by Agarner2
Never Getting Back Together by 1FearlessBeauty Short Story
It's true. I love him but do I really want him back after what he did to me? ------- This is the first book! The sequel is Everything Has Changed------
Flower Boys  by EFangirl27
Flower Boys by _-EFangirl27_-Edna Bruce Fanfiction
This is a fanfication I made with my extra time I hope you're gonna like it Flower Boys is bass on high school, love, and war Flower boys casts are Niall horan- Niall h...
You're my fate by silence99__
You're my fate by Sofea Fanfiction
Princess Emily Amanda Chelsea, youngest of Prince William and Kate Middleton have finally turns 15, yesterday. Though she's a royal daughter, her life have no difference...