Forced To Date A Gangleader (FDG) {Editing} by xzadeas
Forced To Date A Gangleader (FDG) m e m o r i e s
"My love, its really not up to you is it?" The dork that forced me to live with him says with a smile on his perfectly made face. "Don't you ever and I me...
  • conflicts
  • alotofhandusing
  • gangleader
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Big Mistake. by jojo_4
Big Jobreezy
COMPLETED| BEST #39 "Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie." -Russian Proverb. Everybody makes mistakes. Some make more than others, some...
  • bad
  • murder
  • love
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Rosewood University: A Furry College RP by MaraLeeWolf
Rosewood University: A Furry Mara
  • clubs
  • furry
  • bands
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Strip My Secrets by Mali552
Strip My Secretsby Mali552
You go to the club with one of your closest friends/bestfriends and meet 3 hot boys with deep dark secrets. Will you find them out? Will you spill them? Find out and rea...
  • kidnapped
  • 3boys
  • bruises
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Marshall by TreyonnaPrimus
Marshallby Treyonna
After witnessing her boyfriend cheating on her with her sister, Gabby decides that now couldn't have been a more perfect time for her to go off too college. Far away fr...
  • urbanromance
  • fiction
  • clubs
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Muffins of Remorse by storytellers-saloon
Muffins of Remorseby storytellers-saloon
Tex Mex has blown up Busted Gulch and blasted it's residents into the future. Now this Wild West gang as been transformed into 1930's U.S. Citizens, living and working i...
  • prohibition
  • muffins
  • mob
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Hidden Treasures Book Club by HiddenTreasuresBC
Hidden Treasures Book Clubby Hidden Treasures Book Club
CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS - Welcome to this lovely new book club! Here we come together to enjoy wonderful hidden treasures that we have written ourselves. Th...
  • bookclub
  • critics
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How to Make the Best Looking Book Cover on Wattpad by AnnaNoel
How to Make the Best Looking Anna Noel
Admit it- we ALL judge a book by its cover. And that's okay! But it's a struggle to find the best picture, best font, and best colors, to actually make a perfect cover...
  • tố
  • fonts
  • banners
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So, Who Am I? (A Mortal instruments Fanfiction)  by Shattered-Wings
So, Who Am I? (A Mortal ° Rai °
(proceed with caution, I don't like this story. If you do, go ahead) Raven Tayler, is a 18 year old girl who's a normal everyday Mundane. One night, when she's out on h...
  • deathsdoor
  • cat
  • angels
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I'm In Love With A Yandere (Yandere Simulator FanFic) *GENDERBEND* by Kawaii_Biel_Chan
I'm In Love With A Yandere ( BielCatibog
Falling in love is the hardest thing in the world especially if your falling in love with a killer 🔪. (Y/N) fell in love with a Yandere and it is not quite easy. Her cl...
  • reader
  • senpai
  • yandere
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Kidnapped #Wattys2018 by SummerLove_Xx
Kidnapped #Wattys2018by SummerLove_Xx
Confusion. You ever felt like that? Like why you out of all people? Why does it have to be you? What did you ever do wrong in life? Brooklyn Smith's life is one hell of...
  • hate
  • hatred
  • possessive
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Demon In High school by ZaraKhan850
Demon In High schoolby Zara Khan
Highest rank # 16 in fantasy "This place is a shit hole" kicked out of hell as a punishment Tashn Darkmyr has ended up in the mortal world. stripped off his...
  • girl
  • love
  • earth
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Nerd In Disguise by DreamySha
Nerd In Disguiseby Shah
Elaina Morris, or known as The Nerd in school, isn't really the nerd when she's outside of school. Though the only person who knows that are Louisa Morris --- her twin s...
  • darksecrets
  • guns
  • gangs
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In His Possession || 1 || ✔️ by Anikaswriting
In His Possession || 1 || ✔️by - ASA
Book 1 "You think you're better than all of us? Well guess what? You're not. You're just a bunch of boys who is desperate to be loved, but boys like you don't g...
  • gắng
  • drama
  • crime
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Relaxing Writers Book Club - OPEN! by RelaxingWritersBC
Relaxing Writers Book Club - OPEN!by RelaxingWritersBC
Hello everyone! Welcome to Relaxing Writers Book Club! This club is meant to be as stress-free as possible. You will have three weeks to finish assignments to help make...
  • encouraging
  • friendly
  • rwbc
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A Night With The Billionaire by MonicTony
A Night With The Billionaireby Khiva_Yng
..........Mature Content.............. He looks at me the same way he did that night. A look that the predator gives its prey. A look of pure lust. He licks his lower li...
  • heartbreak
  • sweetdreamer33
  • lies
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Playing With Fire by Ziahh03
Playing With Fireby No Name🙅🏽
"Rule number one, Never let your guard down." "No that's rule number two, number one is never turn your back to your opponent. And lastly never forget tha...
  • thugs
  • clubs
  • secrets
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The one she loves (OHSHC/Tamaki fanfic) by lingodeer
The one she loves (OHSHC/Tamaki lingodeer
Ashley Ito is your everyday teenage girl who just happens to go to a rich private school. Normal right? Well her bestfriend ends up breaking a vase and they both have to...
  • ouranhighschool
  • ouranhostclub
  • school
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From Beginning To The End (Thug Story) by fronishaa
From Beginning To The End (Thug Fronishaa
Tasha Marie Parker, A Senior At Brownsville HighSchool Goes Thru Hell With her brother and his gang. Although she is also in the Gang the petty obstacles get in the way...
  • love
  • clubs
  • thug
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Jason McCann & Justin Bieber Imagines  by nailahhoque
Jason McCann & Justin Bieber FaZe_Rain
The title says it all
  • bieber
  • justin
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