Love Galore [short story]  by KvngIvyy
Love Galore [short story] by Ivony Short Story
"He anit no good for you! Never have, never will be!" She lived with the words of her father. •••
Reader x Male rivals x Yandere Kun by Kawaii_Biel_Chan
Reader x Male rivals x Yandere Kun by BielCatibog Fanfiction
(Y/N) is a new student of Akademi High School. Yandere-kun bumped into her and fell in love but he has many rivals to kill.Will Yandere-kun be able to win his one and o...
My mafia man... by Adelineboss
My mafia man... by Adeline Boss xx Romance
What happens when your bestfriend leaves you and pops up fifteen years later asking for you? This; gang wars, endless supplies of guns, power surge, club raids, family t...
From Beginning To The End (Thug Story) by fronishaa
From Beginning To The End (Thug St... by Fronishaa Random
Tasha Marie Parker, A Senior At Brownsville HighSchool Goes Thru Hell With her brother and his gang. Although she is also in the Gang the petty obstacles get in the way...
The one she loves (OHSHC/Tamaki fanfic) by SSteaphen
The one she loves (OHSHC/Tamaki fa... by Sydney Steaphen Fanfiction
Ashley Ito is your everyday teenage girl who just happens to go to a rich private school. Normal right? Well her bestfriend ends up breaking a vase and they both have to...
'Cuffed to My Bed (girlxgirl) by CSwartz
'Cuffed to My Bed (girlxgirl) by CSwartz Romance
What happens when, in a drunken stupor, you manage to handcuff your best friend to your bed? There is no way to get her out? Or when she has to sleep next to you and you...
My angelic smile, his devilish love ( COMPLETED ) by Mona-Mae
My angelic smile, his devilish lov... by Ramona G. Fantasy
Once upon a time, an angel and a demon fell in love... Evelyn, a guardian angel, is sent to Earth to protect and guide her human who has foolishly sold her soul to a dem...
Coffee Brews Book Club || OPEN by Coffee_BrewsBC
Coffee Brews Book Club || OPEN by Coffee Brews Random
[OPEN | RECRUITING] [Books of all Genre are WELCOME!] "Happiness is a cup of coffee ☕ and a good book 📚 " Have you tried looking for clubs yet none satisfi...
Big Mistake. by jojo_4
Big Mistake. by Jobreezy Mystery / Thriller
COMPLETED| BEST #39 "Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie." -Russian Proverb. Everybody makes mistakes. Some make more than others, some...
The One Night Stand That Stayed by Lexi_N
The One Night Stand That Stayed by Lex Romance
(Sequel to The One Night Stand That Never Left) This story picks up a year after Noah and Jayson moved down to Washington, DC to attend Georgetown.
gangster girl by Ride-or_die
gangster girl by Im Just A Mystery Girl Random
Remi Mosco, didn't talk to many people beside her gang at school, but nobody really knew her besides her gang, so when she gets discovered as the missing Mosco that disa...
Demon In High school by ZaraKhan850
Demon In High school by Zara Khan Fantasy
Highest rank # 16 in fantasy "This place is a shit hole" kicked out of hell as a punishment Tashn Darkmyr has ended up in the mortal world. stripped off his...
Forced To Leave You **Watty Awards 2013** by WonderGirl123
Forced To Leave You **Watty Awards... by Gigi Fanfiction
Summary: After having a clash with management, Harry is forced to make a heartbreaking decision of his life: Break-Up with the one girl he loves Brianna, or watch her...
The Franny's From Hell (Lesbian, Transgender) by Blake_is_Awesome
The Franny's From Hell (Lesbian, T... by Blake Paranormal
Highest Ranking: #65 in Paranormal "You're chickenshit. I'm tough shit. And we're in a complicated relationship. I get it. Now kiss me." -- wisely said...
♠ ~ SυιʂWσɾʅԃ ~ ♣ .2 by HttpBrokenReflection
♠ ~ SυιʂWσɾʅԃ ~ ♣ .2 by Ðムᄊム乇Ð 乇ㄎイ乇乇ᄊ General Fiction
#AU #Eddsworld #Cardverse #Book2 ≈ ƤєяѕσηιfιєɗƇαяɗѕ!ƐɗɗѕωσяƖɗ AU 2017™ ≈
The Beginning is with a Link (book 2 of cardverse series) by zelli_nelly
The Beginning is with a Link (book... by itzel Fanfiction
When the Cardverse Universe is linked with a parallel universe. Intruders enter the world, through the Link and Crossover. But guess what? It isn't just any intruders...
Panduan Wattpad by AmbassadorsMY
Panduan Wattpad by Wattpad Malaysia Random
Panduan Wattpad adalah panduan asas tentang cara-cara menggunakan Wattpad secara menyeluruh bersertakan tips tentang cara-cara mempromosikan karya, menambahkan reads dan...
Attractions-Likybo Love Story  by IssaCancer_Luv
Attractions-Likybo Love Story by CardiBGod Daughter🦄❤🤘 Romance
Attractions-The actions or power of evoking interest,pleasure,or liking for someone or something- Diamond is a 18 years old and she lives wit her mean ass sister and ha...
Nerd In Disguise by DreamySha
Nerd In Disguise by Shah Teen Fiction
Elaina Morris, or known as The Nerd in school, isn't really the nerd when she's outside of school. Though the only person who knows that are Louisa Morris --- her twin s...