Pregnant with his baby (Completed) by kellyjflynn
Pregnant with his baby (Completed)by Kelly Flynn
Kelly, the typical rich kid, one of the popular kids in school. Her weekend's are filled with parties and hanging out with her friends. Her life suddenly changes when so...
  • drama
  • kissing
  • triplets
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I'm a Model that's Undercover as The School's Nerd by KittyKattt_
I'm a Model that's Undercover as Ambria Rayne
**You can currently find the beginning of the rewritten version on my profile here on Wattpad.** What would you do if you lived the life as Clover Thompson: the nerd du...
  • clover
  • secret
  • blackmail
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His [The Cellar sequel] by natashapreston
His [The Cellar sequel]by Natasha Preston
After escaping from police custody, Clover tries to piece his life back together. Determined to return to home and be reunited with his family, he has to first elude the...
  • summer
  • chantelle
  • romance
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Clover  | ✔ by Vapid_Ink
Clover | ✔by Vapid Ink
Evan was a shameless womanizer. Both handsome and charming, he'd never had a problem getting a girlfriend and never cared about losing one. So when he met Sascha, the si...
  • lgbt
  • flower-meanings
  • fluff
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Random Oneshots by SearClover624
Random Oneshotsby SearClover624
Fandoms(?): -Be More Chill -My Ocs Warnings: -Death -Angst -Smut-ish -Swearing -Violence -Eating Disorders -Self Harm -Suicide -Blood -Squip
  • jeremy
  • jeremyheere
  • clover
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I'm A Model That's Undercover As The School's Nerd **Rewritten** by KittyKattt_
I'm A Model That's Undercover As Ambria Rayne
What would you do if you lived the life as Clover Thompson ? Nerd during the school day and Lucky, the supermodel after school hours. Clover has been a model since she w...
  • wattys2017
  • theundercoversaga
  • tus
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Ask the code runners  by codex-offcial
Ask the code runners by Codex
  • ask
  • coderunners
  • clover
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Awaken by DappledShine
Awakenby DappledShine
two years have passed since the deadly a cure around Fox. Soon abandoning her own son, Teagen and Dappled try to start a family together when a sudden power awakens from...
  • teagen
  • clover
  • ravenflight
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haiku/senryu by seasofme
haiku/senryuby red
  • tango
  • die
  • blade-perfect
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Twig, Branch, Clover, Poppy, And Iris Ask Or Dare by MagalyOjeda8
Twig, Branch, Clover, Poppy, And Magaly Ojeda
Everyone who's in Broppy and their siblings will be joining us in a little fun dares and questions.
  • twig
  • dares
  • broppy
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Comics Of Payday 2 by xXJill-SweetXx
Comics Of Payday 2by xXJill-SweetXx
Cómics 18+ , graciosos, tristes y más Funny, sad and more
  • bonnie
  • payday
  • wolf
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GODLY | Black Clover | Long Chapters by Todorki
GODLY | Black Clover | Long Shinji
"Don't resist, she's GODLY." -- 'Rui Tome' met Yuno and Asta when they were 4 and she was 5. She had no magic power yet was able to do tasks some would call mi...
  • godly
  • anime
  • black
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Asami Of Hage by Myownshadow77
Asami Of Hageby Shadow
In a world where magic is everything, while that and status. There lives a girl named Asami who is as beautiful as her name states. When she was just a baby she was left...
  • fanfiction
  • fantasy
  • orphan
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Endless Love by seulgiboo
Endless Loveby hansol vernon chwe
~ (y/n) X 王俊凯 'I promised!' ~
  • wangjunkaixreaders
  • wangyuan
  • yiyangqianxi
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[Edit][Longfic][KaiQianver] Mĩ nhân by KTs-2811
[Edit][Longfic][KaiQianver] Mĩ nhânby 🌱 Tiểu Moe Moe 🌱
Author : Mie Collabe : Shin :'> Rating MA Pairings : Khải Thiên Category : Romance , yaoi , sinh tử văn Chuyển ver : Tiểu Hạc A/n : Vì đây là thể loại Boyxboy nên bạ...
  • chuyển-ver
  • clover
  • khải-thiên
Don't You Dare Forget The Truth by -Clover-Charmz-
Don't You Dare Forget The Truthby Clover~San🍀
"Everybody wears a mask." ▫️▪️▫️ Lies, lies, lies. Masks hide identities, they hide emotion, and they hide the very essence of the heart. Inès knows that she's...
  • drama
  • fightingscenes
  • slugterrasiblings
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four leaf clover ➣ ed  by -deceased
four leaf clover ➣ ed by jordyn
i thought i had to be the lucky one to get her, turns out she has to be the lucky one to get me. [03.01.18] [03.25.18]
  • ethandolan
  • dolantwins
  • four
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Broken Smiles [[Black Clover Yuno x Reader]] by Pizza_Delicious
Broken Smiles [[Black Clover Hiatus - Chan ♓
At the end of the war, She's been forced to be thrown out of her own dimension and to be transported to a world she doesnt really know. She realized she cannot use her v...
  • reader
  • magics
  • black
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Reincarnation {Black Clover} by xxchloebirdxx
Reincarnation {Black Clover}by Kuroe
In the beginning, there was one person who had created magic that would be given to every one, the one who had blessed the first sorcery emperor, now we'll meet her re...
  • clover
  • black
  • yuno
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Blind To Your Love by Cflower0913
Blind To Your Loveby Flower
"People treat me differently, you just wouldn't understand." I turned away from him. "Then show me how to understand. Clover, I wanna understand you,"...
  • triangle
  • cliche
  • girlmeetsboy
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