THE TRUTH IS, WE WERE ONLY EVER BORN TO DIE. clove x cato { previously known as 'the girl who played with knives' } featured in @fanfic's official hunger games reading...
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better off here ↠  the maze runner [1] by LlGHTNINGS
better off here ↠ the maze cat !
❝maybe she'll be better off here❞ There was order in the Glade, everyone was quite proud of that. Though all of that went out the window when a curious boy came up in th...
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for him ↠ the scorch trials [2] by LlGHTNINGS
for him ↠ the scorch trials [2]by cat !
❝ the life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living ❞ Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. [maze runn...
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She is the reason I still want to breath: A Cato and Clove lovestory by JosephineMichelleC
She is the reason I still want Josephine
This is a fanfiction of The Hunger Games. But it's about Clato, therefore Clove and Cato and not Katniss and Peeta. Clove is a girl from district 2, she have been in lov...
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Welcome to Panem Private (Clato, Katniss/Peeta) by KevinThePigeon23
Welcome to Panem Private (Clato, KevinThePigeon23
Welcome to Panem Private School. Only the best of the best attend. They are known for their elite athletic programs and splendid schooling. The students are expected to...
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TWISTED // Clato | ✓ by rosecoloredsoul
TWISTED // Clato | ✓by tina
Seventy-four years has been long enough. The way of the infamous Hunger Games has been altered. No longer is every Gamemaker out to devise the worst means of torture...
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Come on Cato kill me, I dare you! by TaylaBarnes1
Come on Cato kill me, I dare you!by T🥀
Could Cato a confident, brutal, bloodthirsty killer from district 2 fall in love with a calm, caring girl from ditrict 8? Only one way to find out.
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Cinnamon On Our Table by Beentahsique
Cinnamon On Our Tableby Beentahsique
He suddenly pulls me up and takes some mud on his left hand. He turns my body to face the beautiful scenery of the stream while rubbing my outer left thigh and up to my...
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Star-Crossed Lovers ➸ Cato Hadley by cursedmalfoy
Star-Crossed Lovers ➸ Cato Hadleyby aimee
After Prim's name was called out, Natalie decided to volunteer for the 12 year old girl. Yes she was scared but she didn't show it. She showed a side that was fake...
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watch me die ↠  the death cure [3] by LlGHTNINGS
watch me die ↠ the death cure [3]by cat !
❝in a mad world, only the mad are sane. ❞ If death is inevitable then death is a prophecy, and all the pain and suffering that comes with it must be the defining lines...
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Mockingjay academy by WritingAsUsual
Mockingjay academyby WritingAsUsual
By YW Ok so where do I start, this story has all characters from all the hunger games books. They all look like they do from the films. By academy I mean university/coll...
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Battlefield · A Clato Story | COMPLETED✅ by ychoco
Battlefield · A Clato Story | ᵇᵃᵇʸ
"Y O U · C A N T · E S C A P E · T H E S E ·G A M E S ·" ~ The Hunger Games. Some people fear it. While others train their whole lives for it. Clove and Cato a...
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Preacher's Daughter: A Modern Clato Fanfic by ClatoTHG07
Preacher's Daughter: A Modern Caitlin
Cato Hadley is a troublemaker. He's a notorious playboy who loves breaking the rules. Ever since his father left, Cato did whatever he wanted. But when his mother tries...
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The Capitol Games by kentwellclove
The Capitol Gamesby Jess✧
It had been done. Katniss had cast her vote, Haymitch following with her choice. The Capitol children would have a Hunger Games to let them have a taste of their own med...
  • friendship
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The Hunger Games-Clove and Cato by Layla_ASA
The Hunger Games-Clove and Catoby Layla
Clove and Cato are from district two. Clove was reaped and Cato volunteered. They both new each other before the games. Two days after they arrive in the Capitol Clove i...
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Number 092 // Clato \\ tabeyli by Tabeyli
Number 092 // Clato \\ tabeyliby Rosa
»Nicht schlecht. Aber wie wär's, wenn du mal was anderes außer Messerwerfen probierst, Messermädchen?«, sagte eine höhnische Stimme unmittelbar hinter mir und ich brauch...
  • german
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Panem Boarding School by _Clover_Kentwell_
Panem Boarding Schoolby ✄Cløver✄
#Wattys2017 I swear the story is better than the description. Clove is a young girl who moved from England to LA CA. She has always been bullied and hoped for the best...
  • katniss
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Clato forever: Cloves story by aimeephipps
Clato forever: Cloves storyby ✨Aimee✨
Clove and Cato have been best friends in training for years but what will happen when they get put in an arena where only one person can leave... This is a story about C...
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The Girl who Played with Knives  by xxshenevermissesxx
The Girl who Played with Knives by how very
Winner of The Bibliophile Awards 2017 (Adventure) - I am Clove Cray. I am the girl who played with knives until she could never miss her target. Even so, I will be dead...
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Through My Heart by lauren_3_aqua
Through My Heartby Hi
Peeta was my knife,he killed my heart Then he was my arrow,I needed him,but he went right through my heart Now he is my light,I need him to help me see All characters Ow...
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