SHARP OBJECTS ○ CLATO - THE HUNGER... by vee. n ϟ Fanfiction
THE TRUTH IS, WE WERE ONLY EVER BORN TO DIE. clove x cato { previously known as 'the girl who played with knives' } featured in @fanfic's official hunger games reading...
Panem High by everywhereandnowhere
Panem High by everywhereandnowhere Fanfiction
Katniss Everdeen and her group of friends struggle through their final year at Panem High, dealing with: friendships, romance, and a whole lot of drama.
Panem High School {COMPLETED}  by Smile_its_Ellie
Panem High School {COMPLETED} by Smile_Its_Ellie Fanfiction
Yes, this is so original, isn't it? But, I think mine might be a bit different. Well, as I've been writing my other fanfics (and going to high school myself) I've been t...
Clato: Cuts Beneath the Surface by RowenaBitterblue
Clato: Cuts Beneath the Surface by RowenaBitterblue Fanfiction
Clove never knew her parents. All she knows is her trainer Favian who sometimes doubles as her dad, and sometimes falls far short of looking out for her. In district 2 t...
Stupid Cupid: A Modern Clato Fanfiction [Completed] by ClatoTHG07
Stupid Cupid: A Modern Clato Fanfi... by Caitlin Fanfiction
*Disclaimer: Characters belong to the wonderful Suzanne Collins.* (This is a Modern story) Valentine's Day is soon approaching at Panem High, and students are all anxiou...
Games || Cato Hadley ✅ by dprandall21
Games || Cato Hadley ✅ by ♡ destiny ♡ Fanfiction
" Y O U A R E N ' T S C A R E D O F T H E C R U E L G A M E S T H E Y P L A Y . Y O U ' R E T O O B U S Y B E I N G S W E P T ...
better off here ➣ the maze runner [1] by LlGHTNINGS
better off here ➣ the maze runner... by ˗ˏˋ cat ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
❝maybe i'll be better off here❞ There was order in the glade, everyone was quite proud of that. Though all of that went out the window when a curious boy came up in the...
The Liar and The Lover || Clato by FandomsXBooks
The Hunger Games: A Change In Heart by bucsfan9737
The Hunger Games: A Change In Heart by Shyanne Fanfiction
What if Peeta and Katniss never teamed up? What if Katniss finds trust in the most unlikely person? When Katniss volunteers for her sister, her only thought is to make i...
Needing the Impossible (A Clato Fanfic) by UnLeashedVisions
Needing the Impossible (A Clato Fa... by UnLeashedVisions Fanfiction
She's fought against her family's poverty and has to keep fighting to keep what she has. He comes from a wealthy family and can have anything he wants with a simple requ...
Come on Cato kill me, I dare you! by TaylaBarnes1
Come on Cato kill me, I dare you! by T🥀 Fanfiction
Could Cato a confident, brutal, bloodthirsty killer from district 2 fall in love with a calm, caring girl from ditrict 8? Only one way to find out.
Clato by thecatnamedher
Clato by ⠀ Fanfiction
Ever wondered what was happening over at the careers? Maybe you never quite understood why Cato was crying at Clove's death? What if there was a whole story behind it? T...
She is the reason I still want to breath: A Cato and Clove lovestory by JosephineMichelleC
She is the reason I still want to... by Josephine Random
This is a fanfiction of The Hunger Games. But it's about Clato, therefore Clove and Cato and not Katniss and Peeta. Clove is a girl from district 2, she have been in lov...
Born to Die (Clato Fanfic) by annaprior
Born to Die (Clato Fanfic) by Anna Fanfiction
Everyone knows Katniss and Peeta's story, but no one knows of the star crossed lovers from District 2. This is a clato fanfic from Clove's point of view. This tells the...
My Possessive Alpha Mate (Completed!! Edited at the end!!) by AriseToLove
My Possessive Alpha Mate (Complete... by A Name Romance
Elissa Pride Has been running since she was 16, It all started when she was just 14 and had to take responsibility for everything. She was running in the forest from The...
Stay With Me - A Clato Hunger Games FanFic by RedWritingHood
Stay With Me - A Clato Hunger Game... by Jordy Fanfiction
A backstory on the infamous career tributes of District 2. How did they really get into the Games? What is it that set them apart from the other tribute pairs? Why did t...
A Dying Love (THG Cato and Clove Fanfiction) by madisonp_xox
A Dying Love (THG Cato and Clove F... by Madison Fanfiction
Cato and Clove, star-crossed lovers from district two. They were in love, but nobody knew. The boy with the sword, the girl with the knives but they didn't know what it...
Hunger Games High by Da_Preschooler
Hunger Games High by Madison Fanfiction
Katniss is new to the prestigious Hunger Games High. As she starts her first day of school she goes onto a journey with new friends, new enemies, and a whole lot of dram...
Forever Stay With Me-Clato story by Forevercatoandclove
Forever Stay With Me-Clato story by Sarah Fanfiction
What if you volunteer for the hunger games for your brother? To give him a better life. What if you plan to come back,but you never do? A clato stoy about the lovers fr...
Preacher's Daughter: A Modern Clato Fanfic by ClatoTHG07
Preacher's Daughter: A Modern Clat... by Caitlin Fanfiction
Cato Hadley is a troublemaker. He's a notorious playboy who loves breaking the rules. Ever since his father left, Cato did whatever he wanted. But when his mother tries...