Mini historias de Risa ( Sendokai ) -TERMINADA-  by DafneGomez934
Mini historias de Risa ( Sendokai... by -Sueños- Humor
tonterías , idioteces , chorradas , caídas , risas y mucho mas en esta serie basada para sacarte una sonrisa con ayuda de mi amiga sofia ...son Mini Historias o Mini One...
Sendokai Champions Lon x Cloe by kawaiigirlsenpai
Sendokai Champions Lon x Cloe by kawaiigirlsenpai Fanfiction
This is a Sendokai Champions fanfic of Cloe and Lon.They have a family.If you don't like I don't give a crap just as long as I do something with my god darn life!!
Liv, Maddie and the Thundermans by MysteriousSlytherin5
Liv, Maddie and the Thundermans by Mr. Unknown Fanfiction
When President Kick Butt enlists the Thundermans to move to Stevenspoint and Phoebe becomes their protector. They move next door to the Rooney's things get weird. Liv an...
dork diaries: a tale of a not so graceful transfer student by lollipopgeorge
Batalla musical en el planeta mobius (Editando) by Sonia201994
Batalla musical en el planeta mobi... by SendokaiLove22 Fanfiction
Esta historia esta basada en la película de Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks, pero voy a cambiar algunas cosas: el lugar donde transcurre la trama, los personajes principal...
Be More Chill Oneshots! by EvanCantCRONCH
Be More Chill Oneshots! by EvanCantCRONCH Fanfiction
Miraculous : Never ending secrets by PrincessChibbiChan
Miraculous : Never ending secrets by Tanae NAe Romance
He loves ladybug and she loves adrien. It's been 2 years since they got those miraculous from a anonymous person. "Adrien, Can I say something crazy?" said p...
°My Life In The 5 Bad Boys° by Mikaella0276
°My Life In The 5 Bad Boys° by 💖Korean Girl💖 Teen Fiction
Paano kung manirahan ka sa bahay ng 5 Bad Boys as in Bad Boys?.. Halinat basahin ninyo ang pang-10th kong story! I hope magustuhan ninyo yan! P.S:Labyah😘
Las aventuras de Lady Bug : Un nuevo héroe. by Noodlekun234
Las aventuras de Lady Bug : Un nue... by Noodle Kun ❤㊙🍜 Fanfiction
Adrien esta a punto de saber quien es Lady Bug , un nuevo estudiante llega al colegio , nuevos villanos han llegado y un nuevo héroe se unirá a Lady Bug y a Chat Noir.
Marinette - MLB  by yovizz113
Marinette - MLB by ✧ La Tía Alya ✧. . (=ↀωↀ=)✧ Mystery / Thriller
Marinette Dupain Cheng Una chica de 16 años es perseguida por su pasado al regresar nuevamente a París después de cuatro años lejos de su cuidad natal debido a un brutal...
-The Fates- Fandom HQ by _Ahna_
-The Fates- Fandom HQ by _Ahna_ Random
Love THE FATES? Join the Fateful FANDOM! :) Welcome to our happy happy headquarters! Here at FFHQ, we've got contests, clubs, and lots more FANtastic stuff happenin'! Ma...
El Secreto Que Nos Une Adrinette/Nathloe by ForeverMariChat
El Secreto Que Nos Une Adrinette/N... by Chloe Adrianette Fanfiction
Marinette Dupain-Cheng tiene 17 años y es una de las chicas mas populares de la escuela, es amable, tierna e "inocente". Esta enamorada de Adrien el mejor amig...
Miraculous Ladybug One-Shots by xx_ChatNoir_xx
Untitled Story by angelpuppers
Untitled Story by angelpuppers Short Story
This is a sad story about a little girl loosing her mother and never seeing her again with is very said. Get all the time to spend withy your mom and dad because today c...
Bratz Genie Magic 3: "Trouble in Egypt" by VampireSlayer10210
Bratz Genie Magic 3: "Trouble in E... by Mara Bowen Fanfiction
Set after the second Genie Magic movie. They have kids now and they need to investigate strange happenings in Cairo, Egypt involving the ambassador. Pairings: CloeXCamer...
Cloe by Makibebeti
Cloe by Macarena lledó de Torres Mystery / Thriller
Esto es un relato que tiene alrededor de 1080 palabras. Es corto, preciso, misterioso, interesante y que te dejará, sin duda, con ganas de más. ¿Crees que estás seguro...
Miraculous El regreso de Volpina by zamiprincess
Life Of A Bratz by AlexiaCoston
Life Of A Bratz by Gingerbread Fanfiction
Ever wondered how the girls with the passion for fashion run a magazine, writes songs, and still have time for school? Well in this book now you can find out in their po...
An unforgettable Christmas by KietXFenzy
Pretend Girlfriend  by Kari_hope
Pretend Girlfriend by Kari_hope Random
Lilly West is your normal girl. Kinda nerdy and good at sports, not great but anyways, while most girls put on makeup, dresses, and skirts. She puts on a t-shirt, jeans...