Am I The Villian? by Minituber
Am I The Villian?by Minituber
Most think of villians as crazy and harmful. But have we very actually looked at what makes them this way? That maybe we are the true villians but can never admit it? T...
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Cliques by kalehia
Cliquesby kalehia
We all have those groups or cliques in high school. Which start at your freshmen year, and doesn't last after graduation. But we are too fimiliar with being in our Cli...
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the problem with society. by 3amworks
the problem with 𝓬.
⚠️: do not read this if you have suicidal thoughts, severe depression, or are triggered easily as this work will mention suicide, feelings of hopelessness, bullying, etc...
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Clique Breakers by _AlexWritess_
Clique Breakersby Alex/andria
Seven different students, from seven different cliques. The jocks, the populars,nerds, preps,and so on. Everyone knows the rules, you stay with your cliques and that's t...
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