Our differences by thesoupernovva
Our differencesby Joanne
Chloe Jefferson. Rich, popular and fashionable. She's so pretty that one wouldn't be surprised if she appeared on the front cover of Seventeen magazine. Her life seems p...
  • cliques
  • chloe
  • bestfriends
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Masked Girls | coming soon  by MaskedSt
Masked Girls | coming soon by masked™
-the novelisation of BLACKLIST- Rifton Girls' High School is the most prestigious academy for advanced learning at the secondary level. On the outside, it seems nothing...
  • backstabbing
  • drama
  • genuine
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The River Banks by G4yl3_1s_Her3
The River Banksby Teenage Writer
who were the Banks? What was there secret? Find out when you read. --- written by: me published on: January 20 , 2018 ( Saturday ) ---
  • story
  • mysteryorthriller
  • mystery
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No labels by weliqueen
No labelsby weliqueen
Hi. NoLabel here with another post to tell you you can be different. My real name is not of importance but what and how you feel is. I'm here to tear down the walls betw...
  • cliques
  • romance
  • teenageproblems
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A Wonder Grim by elleeaannoorr
A Wonder Grimby eleanor
People run away in Alexandra Parker's town. Every year a senior leaves, disappears, goes, never to be seen again. It has left many people broken, sad, and drifting. She...
  • family
  • supernatural
  • missing
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Ruling the Royals by Areya_Mernten34
Ruling the Royalsby Arie
There is always a leader to the leaders. A president to the presidents. A queen to the royals. At Cilam Preparatory, the leaders of the school, the Regals, must have...
  • queen
  • private-school
  • drama
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The Billionaire's Daughter [Major Editing] by queen_jade_gem
The Billionaire's Daughter [ Jade
Clarabelle Catherine April Amelia Rose Von Pelt Was seen as an ordinary Teacher's pet, Fearing her secret to be known, she changed her name to Clara Rosevel and little...
  • high
  • seniors
  • billionaire
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He Stole my Heart by ThatDorkyDancer
He Stole my Heartby I like Food
Josie was known by her class as being well dressed and preppy. People loved her. Sam was a quiet well dressed artist. He was new to school and he didn't really fit in...
  • glee
  • teens
  • clothes
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Beechmore Reform School by BreannaaReynolds
Beechmore Reform Schoolby Breannaa Reynolds
Beechmore Reform School is an private school in Charleston, Illinois, where bad kids go to become good kids. We use positive encouagement tatics to help our students lea...
  • cancer
  • delinquents
  • mentalhealthawareness
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Minter Goal by mooregamerzsmoore
Minter Goalby Sarah Moore
In school... We have our normal cliques, The popular The Jock The Cheerleader The Loner The Nerd The Rebel The Teacher Pet The Geeks The Class Clown And Of course, The...
  • thepack
  • cliques
  • thesidemen
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Between You And Me by jayscitylights
Between You And Meby Jeihan
But the only thing worse than a boy who hates you? A boy that loves you. Copyright © 2016 by jayscitylights. All Rights Reserved.
  • britishacademy
  • cliques
  • lovehate
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Weird Stories! by _Princess_909_
Weird Stories!by 909💖
These are just random stories I made about me and my that are NOT TRUE sorry if these are bad XD
  • cliques
  • juminhan
  • badguys
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The human diaries by ScarlettYoung4
The human diariesby Scarlett Young
A little bit of everything
  • myownpoems
  • motivational
  • cliques
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High School SWEATHEARTS; Book 1 by Kpop_BookWorm
High School SWEATHEARTS; Book 1by Kpop_BookWorm
From the start all of them are enemies. But that change when they had a camping led by their dear principal who wants all of them to be friends not just in their cliques...
  • love
  • twice
  • cliques
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An Unexpected Kind of Love by EliMahal
An Unexpected Kind of Loveby EliMahal
Geeks and jocks aren't supposed to mix. They are at the opposite sides of high school's social chain. Not supposed to mix is the #1 rule. Will Eva and Stanley mix? Find...
  • jock
  • teen
  • love
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A-Typical by BrokenRecords17
A-Typicalby BrokenRecords17
"Can I ask you something?" she says to me. "You just did, but go for it." "What's your sexuality?" I stare her right in the eyes for a mome...
  • highschool
  • cliques
  • fostergirl
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Boys with Crowns   by Lydia161290
Boys with Crowns by Lydia Goodfellow
Welcome to Crowside Academy-you will never be the same again. After her mom bails, Jazlyn is forced to live with her rich father and his family. This new world she's be...
  • high
  • badgirl
  • school
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Verliefd op Amerika by Melissa622003
Verliefd op Amerikaby Mellie
Ik ben maar een ordinaire meid van 16 jaar oud. Ik ben niet bepaald anders van de rest. Alleen is mijn leven compleet over de kop geslagen in Amerika. Ik kwam meer te we...
  • verdriet
  • amerika
  • sport
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The Silver Spooners by whitegirlsass
The Silver Spoonersby whitegirlsass
Privileged. Self-obsessed. Born with a silver spoon in their mouths. The inner circle of Upper East Side royalty. But that stereo-type is only half of the story.
  • new
  • girl
  • new-york-city
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Geek's Obsession by jenniferkatherine7
Geek's Obsessionby JenniferKatherine
3rd Place Winner in The Wolf Awards. (Paranormal Category) Senior year starts out as it always has for outcast Edison Bates and best friend Nora Slater but changes one a...
  • popular
  • cliques
  • teens
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