SPARK by WritingFromFaith
SPARK by Spread the Love
Senior year of high school is supposed to be the year were you can just have fun and hang with friends before you go off to college. Unfortunately for Aurora that is not...
  • hate
  • newguy
  • secrets
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High School Snapshot by DeathByFishers
High School Snapshot by DeathByFishers
We've officially hit high school! I've decided as photo nerd, our high school experience MUST be documented. Plus I need to build up my portfolio. The sooner the better...
  • photography
  • teenagers
  • pictures
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School Drama by KateMakesStories
School Drama by Kate
A collection of school stories from my childhood, including things about boys, mean girls, drama queens, and more.
  • drama
  • cliques
  • depression
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The Clique Wars #1  by MagicalWriterWonder
The Clique Wars #1 by Melody Pond
14-year-old Tiffany Ray is not happy when her father announces that they would be relocating to his childhood home in Sunnyville, California.Especially when the school s...
  • weareteenqueens
  • heterosexual
  • mean-girls
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Almost There (Sequel to Always Dreaming) by BooksbyLwordpress
Almost There (Sequel to Always Dre... by BooksbyLwordpress
Lexi's dream of becoming a published author appears a little closer. But will Zack still be around to witness it or will a new guy be by her side? previously at #301
  • romance
  • challenges
  • confessions
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The Return Of The Stick Dolls by Stephyadi
The Return Of The Stick Dolls by A girl
No makeup No labels No social networking; No breathing! ❇❇❇ You gotta hate the rules - But as for me, Violet - I love them; and I love my job as Student Bod...
  • lipstick
  • dolls
  • cliques
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Photos (Book 1 of The Memories series) by bubblesbaddestbitch
Photos (Book 1 of The Memories ser... by bubblesbaddestbitch
After there secrets are captured as photos five teens of different cliques must work together. If not there lives are in danger and there secrets could be exposed. Join...
  • drugs
  • love
  • blackmail
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High school by prudenceaqua
High school by prudenceaqua
Living alone does things to someone, especially if you have an abusive past and sorrounded by many secrets. After joining the new school, Christa meets many challenges...
  • cliques
  • vampire
  • werewolf
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Geek's Obsession by jenniferkatherine7
Geek's Obsession by JenniferKatherine
Edison Bates has been the outcast of his small town since junior high school. He hides his good looks behind glasses, dorky clothes, and an old-fashioned hairstyle. His...
  • teens
  • misfits
  • nerds
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An Unexpected Kind of Love by EliMahal
An Unexpected Kind of Love by EliMahal
Geeks and jocks aren't supposed to mix. They are at the opposite sides of high school's social chain. Not supposed to mix is the #1 rule. Will Eva and Stanley mix? Find...
  • cliche
  • jock
  • love
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A Wonder Grim by eleanorkay_j
A Wonder Grim by eleanor
People run away in Alexandria Parker's town. Every year a senior leaves, disappears, goes, never to be seen again. It has left many people broken, sad, and drifting. She...
  • forest
  • cliques
  • highschool
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Why Won't You Like Me? by Adriana-Ading21
Why Won't You Like Me? by Adriana-Ading21
Darren Warren has it all; the looks, the riches, the school fame, the social media fame- basically, everything. He just needs one last thing to complete his perfect life...
  • newbie
  • dogs
  • love
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The Silver Spooners by whitegirlsass
The Silver Spooners by whitegirlsass
Privileged. Self-obsessed. Born with a silver spoon in their mouths. The inner circle of Upper East Side royalty. But that stereo-type is only half of the story.
  • new
  • new-york-city
  • spooners
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The Big-Time Favor That Ives Owed Shaver by Laaarisssa
The Big-Time Favor That Ives Owed... by Laaarisssa
Meet Ellexandria Shaver: Classical music admiring, antisocial, Professional Art Nerd who officially lives in her own bubble. Meet Jesse Ives: Popular, athletic (gorgeou...
  • nerd
  • highschool
  • theflowers2018
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Madame Alina's High School by Princess2051320818
Madame Alina's High School by Taylor Mead
Emily Canter gets sent to Madame Alina's All-Girls High School in NYC. Where everyone is split into six groups. Bookworms, Cheerleaders, Jocks, Theater, Artists, and Wr...
  • cliques
  • highschool
  • nyc
Our dearest by Stitchdroid
Our dearest by Stitchdroid
"I love you. You know that right Hana?" She asked. Hana smiled. "Of course I do! I love you too." "Good."
  • lesbianromance
  • swearing
  • fakebitches
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Naze Watashi Wa Dekinai Nodesu Ka? by MonokuroBakeneko
Naze Watashi Wa Dekinai Nodesu Ka? by Kuro-chan
Everyone wittholds secrets that they don't want anyone else to figure out. This can be said about a sixteen-year-old teen known as Naruto Hatake. When he began attending...
  • âu
  • seme
  • romance
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A Good Girl: On The Brink Of Bad by -sweets
A Good Girl: On The Brink Of Bad by Sweet Love
||Book One in the 'A Good Girl' series|| {Highest Rank #265 in ChickLit} Currently on hiatus _____ "You are too small, too weak. Give up." She got up and twis...
  • badside
  • friendship
  • goodgirl
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Drifters by crimesofgrindelwald
Drifters by Marie
In high school, there is a social order that has been noted by many. Even though they are heavily stereotyped, the clichés still remain to be true. You've got the classi...
  • nerd
  • friends
  • highschool
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Opposites Attract by Mk1222
Opposites Attract by Micayla Bogany
Delaynie Bryant and Jackson Lyons couldn't be more different. Jackson was a sporting all star. Star of basketball, football, you name it he does it. Not to mention he's...
  • romance
  • highschool
  • junioryear
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