Loving You by midnightskies-
Loving You by I N F A M O U S ✔ Teen Fiction
*In The Middle Of Slowly Rewriting* Written when I was 13 (Almost 4 years ago) Horrible spelling and grammar mistakes. (Just a warning to ppl. Please I'm begging you...
Caught by the Good Girls trap by therapyasap
Caught by the Good Girls trap by Mims Teen Fiction
Featured #309 on 7/Jan/2017 He broke into my house, he stole my phone, he scratched my window and he threw all my underwear in the back seat of my car, now, it's high ti...
A Good Girl: On The Brink Of Bad by -sweets
A Good Girl: On The Brink Of Bad by Fairy Floss ChickLit
||Book One in the 'A Good Girl' series|| {Highest Rank #265 in ChickLit} Currently on hiatus _____ I know what you're expecting, a hot bad boy to accompany the good girl...
A Cinderella Spray by melbastien
A Cinderella Spray by melbastien Teen Fiction
Have you ever wondered what it was like to sit at the popular’s table at lunchtime, being envied instead of envying people? Well, meet Chloe. She’s an average in the sma...
Think Pink by MichelleSmith473
Think Pink by Michelle Smith Fanfiction
'Till death do us part, think pink!' (Based on Grease)
Diary of a Stereotypical Queen Bee by tmm3711
Diary of a Stereotypical Queen Bee by Thais Teen Fiction
Claire was the queen. Anyone with more than two brain cells could figure that out. She had an army of girls at her disposal, a closet that rivaled Coco Chanel's herself...
Drifters by crimesofgrindelwald
Drifters by Marie Teen Fiction
In high school, there is a social order that has been noted by many. Even though they are heavily stereotyped, the clichés still remain to be true. You've got the classi...
The Bet by Loveunderthesun
The Bet by Loveunderthesun Teen Fiction
"I thought you were like a cookie cutter image of them. I thought you were just what they wanted you to be. But you aren't them. You aren't just another guy. You're...
Surviving Highschool by haybaelife
Surviving Highschool by haybaelife Teen Fiction
High school. It's supposed to be the best years of your life. Ashley has a group of friends; Brooklyn, Ella, Ivy and their boyfriends. Lastly she has Julian her guy bes...
The Silver Spooners by whitegirlsass
The Silver Spooners by whitegirlsass Teen Fiction
Privileged. Self-obsessed. Stuck up. Born with a silver spoon in their mouths. The inner circle of Upper East Side royalty. But that stereo-type is only half of the stor...
Sorry Not Sorry, Bitch by NEMOLO
Sorry Not Sorry, Bitch by NEMOLO Teen Fiction
Another school year had passed and Janey's junior year of college at the Agnes Rothschild Arts Conservatory came along in it's same dull manner. Janey had already withst...
Flower Crowns ↣ Frerard by heartoutgeoff
Flower Crowns ↣ Frerard by quinn Fanfiction
maybe opposites attract? pastel!gerard punk!frank
The Billionaire's Daughter [Major Editing + On Hold] by queen_jade_gem
The Billionaire's Daughter [Major... by Jade Teen Fiction
Clarabelle Catherine April Amelia Rose Von Pelt Was seen as an ordinary Teacher's pet, Fearing her secret to be known, she changed her name to Clara Rosevel and little...
❤️✮Bad Teens Club: Chicago ✰Season 2✰ by BTCProductions
❤️✮Bad Teens Club: Chicago ✰Season... by ✰BAD TEENS CLUB✰ Fanfiction
Six Bad Teens From All Around The World Are Going To Be Moving Into A Luxurious Mansion In CHICAGO, So They All Can Attempt To Change Their Life Around. But As The Bad T...
SPARK by WritingFromFaith
SPARK by Spread the Love Teen Fiction
Senior year of high school is supposed to be the year were you can just have fun and hang with friends before you go off to college. Unfortunately for Aurora that is not...
Opposites Attract by Mk1222
Opposites Attract by Micayla Bogany Teen Fiction
Delaynie Bryant and Jackson Lyons couldn't be more different. Jackson was a sporting all star. Star of basketball, football, you name it he does it. Not to mention he's...
Untold Truth *Finished!..theres is a sequel* by TacoMonster143
Untold Truth *Finished!..theres is... by TacoMonster143 Fanfiction
4 friends! Tianna a.k.a tia arianna a.k.a ari magitha a.k.a maggie iyanna a.k.a iya Theses chicas CRAY in a fun , funny way .They stay LIVE usually !!: they love. mb an...
Her Famous Little Lie by pinkobsessed1
Her Famous Little Lie by Leia ChickLit
Lexi Heart; your average American girl. Nothing special. But she's beat up and broken; inside and out. And there's more to her then you know... that she may not nece...
Surviving the Clique by Xiangxin__
Surviving the Clique by ✨IG: Xiangxin__✨ Teen Fiction
Five best friends start a clique of their own and girls envy them the head girl in charge is Bianca the rich stuck up snobby rich girl who thinks well knows she is bette...
💙✮Bad Teens Club: Redemption  ✰Season 5✰ by BTCProductions
💙✮Bad Teens Club: Redemption ✰Se... by ✰BAD TEENS CLUB✰ Fanfiction
On This Season Of Bad Teens Club Redemption, 8 Bad Teens From Previous Seasons Are Gonna Be Moving In A Luxurious Mansion In Hawaii For Two Months, So All Of Them Could...