SWIM // MITCHEL CAVE by hellyeahmitty
SWIM // MITCHEL CAVE by HellYeahMitty
I bet you feel it now, baby.
  • mitchel
  • mitchelcave
  • australian
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Michael's secret daughter (A GTA 5 Franklin x Reader fanfiction.) by MollySxx
Michael's secret daughter (A GTA 5... by Molly <3
Meet Grace Smith. Michael DeSanta's long lost daughter. She moves to Los Santos on the hope of finding her father, but unexpectedly finds love instead.. - A Franklin Cli...
  • michaeltownley
  • phillips
  • michael
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CONSUME // CLINTON CAVE  by hellyeahmitty
Please understand that I'm trying my hardest
  • jesseboyle
  • christiananthony
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Right Here (Chase Atlantic) by bootyfulhosh
Right Here (Chase Atlantic) by ☻
Olivia lives an ordinary life as a new photographer that is hired to take amazing photos of a wide range of concerts. Although she is only new to the field, she works al...
  • australian
  • atlantic
  • band
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Never Be The Last by HeartlessJace
Never Be The Last by Heartless Jace
Meet Jin Patrick Kim, ang pinaka sa lahat sa school na Ace Academy, Pinakagwapo, Pinakacute Pinakahot Pinakayummy Pinakasporty Pinakatalented Pinakasikat Leader sya ng...
  • romance
  • school
  • jace
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Lady boss by Zurialle
Lady boss by Zuri
Nathan is an intern at 'Colton Company', the top and biggest company standing in New York. He gets to become the manager of the main office, where the daughter of the C...
  • ladyboss
  • officeromance
  • mystery
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Consume // Mitchel Cave by disconnxtxd
Consume // Mitchel Cave by disconnxctxd
Take another bite. Big enough to chew. Updates once a week 🌹
  • fanfiction
  • clintoncave
  • clinton
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Don't Let Me Go (Student X Teacher) by emsays
Don't Let Me Go (Student X Teacher) by Emily
Kacy is bipolar. And she's trying her best to beat it. She also gets a new maths teacher, her least favourite subject, and hates him to death. But along the lines, when...
  • phone
  • student
  • clinton
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Safe  by mads_k_32
Safe by M
What's life like with a known killer by your side? Sequel to Yellow-Eyed Burden. I suggest reading the first story for any spoilers.
  • trevor
  • gta
  • philips
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Trudeau x Trump: Engulfed in a World of Orange by benisdddddd
Trudeau x Trump: Engulfed in a Wor... by benisdddddd
my first fanfic please do not be harsh only wrote this bc of the word "engulfed"
  • trump
  • hillary
  • donald
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Hillary Clinton X reader by phangirl4eva1122
Hillary Clinton X reader by Amanda
Hillary sees you in the audience her only supporter and you see her stare into your eyes. You feel a spark like you've never felt before. Will senpai notice you?
  • america
  • love
  • politics
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Trigger Warning by AerialBlues
Trigger Warning by Danny
Where I talk about things like body positivity, women in the military, the gender pay gap, the definition of feminism, the LGBT community, victim blaming, racism and ant...
  • islam
  • equalrights
  • rant
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Twisters by Vicky_vi_
Twisters by VictoryOdubo
Hey, my name is Lauretta Whiteman and I'm not your average simple life teenage girl. Trust me my life is complicated and tangled.My life is full of bitches,backstabbers...
  • rich
  • twisted
  • whiteman
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A Rose and A Phantom (Descendants of Classics Book 1) by StephanieTGagne
A Rose and A Phantom (Descendants... by S.G.
A red rose... Rosabella-Luna has always dreamt of true love. She never thinks to look for it for herself and settles with that of fairy tales. She lives in a musical the...
  • deiner
  • music
  • phantom
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The Home on Clinton Road by Geek_of_the_Week
The Home on Clinton Road by Call Me Geeky
Clinton Road. Location: Passaic County, New Jersey. Notorious for being one of the most haunted roads in America. Of course, Felicity Strand didn't know that. When she...
  • jersey
  • jekyll
  • clinton
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I'm an ALT-Right?! by 117Christopher117
I'm an ALT-Right?! by Christopher
This is political / Racial humor so SJWs and Trigglypuffs BEWARE and Tread with Caution.
  • avallone
  • john
  • politics
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Hillary Clinton and My American Dream by sarsot
Hillary Clinton and My American Dr... by sarah soteroff
It's 2007 and Hillary Clinton is running for president. For the first time. She's the front runner, Barack Obama is a mere shadow in her rear-view. The setting is Des Mo...
  • hillary
  • carville
  • caucus
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Treasure ? by CurvyGifts
Treasure ? by CurvyGifts
He let her slip through his fingers. She was hurt. She ran away. He found her....
  • curvydiva
  • ishawna
  • betrayal
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The Election of 2016 (Hamilton Parody) by youbetterbelieve
The Election of 2016 (Hamilton Par... by youbetterbelieve
Parody of the song The Election of 1800 from the Hamilton musical.
  • parody
  • politics
  • hamilton
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Obama x Reader by fobyisotp
Obama x Reader by Toby and Finn
The smut you wish you wouldn't have read
  • trump
  • daddy
  • obama
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