Gabentine Oneshots by Daddy_Microwave
Gabentine Oneshotsby Daddy Mc Muffin Jr
Purely gabentine oneshots. All requests will be accepted.
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 ˗ˏ CLEMENTINE ˎˊ˗  ( lucas j zumann) by sadiesinkers
˗ˏ CLEMENTINE ˎˊ˗ ( lucas j ˗ˏ sophia-ishˎˊ˗
' FOR THE LAST GOD DAMN TIME MY NAMES CLEMENTINE! ' In which an actor won't remember an actresses name and that leads to multiple two a.m conversations. [ Lucas Jade Zum...
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Clementine x Male Reader by Silentrain12
Clementine x Male Readerby Edornas Oakenlock
Ever since the start of the apocalypse, a young boy called Y/N has been working from the shadows to protect his friend, Clementine. But what happens if something more b...
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The walking dead One-shots by clemmbaby
The walking dead One-shotsby Jesssbaby
A book of Telltales the walking dead one-shots! Request scenes and characters from any season!
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A Reason To Fight (The Walking Dead Game Various x Reader) by frafantoTWDG
A Reason To Fight (The Walking _Libertalia_
--Sequel of 'Alive'-- You're in the place of Clementine,dear reader. You may be much older but you still undergo those hardships that our beloved Clementine does. But ho...
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What's To Come Of Us(a Gabentine fanfiction) by Loneassassin5503
What's To Come Of Us(a Gabentine Loneassassin5503
6 months after Richmond was saved and Clem left to find Aj. Gabe's life changed his uncle is the leader of Richmond and everything finally looks good but not for long
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Snapped (Gabentine Fic) by ShadyTrees98
Snapped (Gabentine Fic)by ShadeyTrees98
When Clem leaves Gabe behind in Richmond to go look for AJ, something happens to him. Something inside Gabe has snapped and it's up to Clementine to repair him before he...
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Why Must You Leave Me (Gabentine. Gabe x Clementine Fanfiction) by TheMegaWeaboo
Why Must You Leave Me ( TheMegaWeaboo
Gabe had always like the ball capped teenager. She was mysterious, not to mention near his age. Clementine doesn't know her feelings towards this boy, she's never felt...
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Silently Destroyed | A Gabentine Story by 7plus7equals11
Silently Destroyed | A Gabentine Katy
#22 IN GABENTINE After Clementine leaving the Garcia family to go find AJ, she had no idea how much she broke one heart. Gabriel García ·Weak ·A Liability ·Terrible Sur...
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The Walking Dead Season Three (Javier x Reader): Still Here by frafantoTWDG
The Walking Dead Season Three ( _Libertalia_
--Sequel of 'A Reason To Fight'-- They say family isn't always blood and Javier knows a thing or two about family. How will Javier's decisions impact you? Will he choose...
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Secrets revealed  by Abbawritesalot
Secrets revealed by Abbawritesalot
This story takes place in a highschool au. Cheyanne Everett is a honoroll , wealthy girl who wishes to have a little fun but she meets a certain tomboy that shows her th...
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Gabentine - The Walking Dead Game Season 4 (Gabe x Clementine) Fanfic by bjnguyen12
Gabentine - The Walking Dead Brian Nguyen
THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 4! "And he.. his name was Lee. He taught me how to survive. He's the reason I keep my hair short..." She broke down. I tried to comfor...
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Connected (TLOU, B2S, TWDG, LIS, HR) by Disturning
Connected (TLOU, B2S, TWDG, LIS, 💕 Sophie-Mariana 💕
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own The Last Of Us, Beyond Two Souls, The Walking Dead Game, Heavy Rain, or Life is Strange, nor any characters involved within these game franchise...
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Alone | Clementine X Gabe by Usernamethingy8367
Alone | Clementine X Gabeby Usernamethingy8367
Clementine is getting feelings for gabe but she tried to hide them and bury them because of all the people she has lost before. She wants to be with gabe but can't be hu...
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Walking dead: A new frontier Clementine x male reader by 9rdaley3
Walking dead: A new frontier 9rdaley3
This a twd story with you in it. there will be romance with you and clementine. your are 14 years old in this. Your all gonna hope That the reader and Clementine are goi...
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The Silent Type (Gabentine Fic) by ShadyTrees98
The Silent Type (Gabentine Fic)by ShadeyTrees98
What if Gabe stopped talking after being abused by his father? How can a person be mute in an apocalypse? And what would a certain girl have to say about it? Can they ge...
  • mute
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The Walking Dead (Game) Memes by stubbornspirited
The Walking Dead (Game) Memesby lejla
the title says it all.
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Clementines new life by Srezendes19
Clementines new lifeby Shawn Rezendes
what if lee never found Clementine and she's taken by a group of bandits how will this affect her?
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Forever (TWD: Clementine & Luke) by Batman_panda23
Forever (TWD: Clementine & Luke)by Batman_panda23
Clementine and Luke manage to escape their near death experience with a new group they've come to know even more. The two announced their love to each other when they be...
  • wattys2017
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~The Walking Dead~ Luke X Male Reader by TheJordanLover
~The Walking Dead~ Luke X Male 👇
(y/n) your name (h/c) hair color (e/c) eye color
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