The 100 imagines and preferences by Peggy_Rose42
The 100 imagines and preferences by Pietro maximoff❤️ Fanfiction
--------REQUESTS ARE CLOSED--------- i take requests! Just please message me (No Comments please) these details Your name which character/s you want to be paire...
The 100 Girls/You Imagines by Misfit_Lovatic
The 100 Girls/You Imagines by Some Kid Fanfiction
The 100 Fanfiction Lexa or Alycia/You, Clarke or Eliza/You, Octavia or Marie/You and Raven or Lindsey/You imagines Requests available ©® please do not copy, paste, steal...
War of Hearts 》Bellamy Blake by UpInFlames_
War of Hearts 》Bellamy Blake by UpInFlames_ Fanfiction
At 15, Brinley Kane was locked up. At 18, she was sent to the ground. Brinley Kane had accepted her inevitable death long ago, and on the morning of her 18th Birthd...
Bad Liar || Bellarke AU by harpermcintired
Bad Liar || Bellarke AU by Harper McIntyre Fanfiction
Clarke Griffin is forced to move in with her Mom's new Boyfriend and his family only two short years after her own fathers death. How will she deal with sharing a bathro...
complicated | bellarke by bellakru
complicated | bellarke by k.h. Fanfiction
bellamy and clarke are great leaders, and turn into close friends. when they both want something more, things get complicated.
Reunion by klh2199
Reunion by klh2199 Fanfiction
This story is set after Season 4 of The 100 as Clarke and her friends reunite. *I do not own The 100 and in no way am I trying to take anything from it. This is more of...
Sucker For Pain ⇢ Bellamy Blake [1] by -SuperiorBlake
Sucker For Pain ⇢ Bellamy Blake [1] by └STRESSED OUT┘ Fanfiction
"Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive." ↠ Josephine Hart, Damage ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇ ͇...
Soulmate by AwayWithWriting
Soulmate by Amelia Chorlton Fanfiction
(1x08 onwards - sort of) When two people who hate one anothers guts are trapped, with only each other for company, words are spoken, sins are forgiven and feelings chang...
Troublesome ~ Bellamy Blake [1] by This_CraZy_World
Troublesome ~ Bellamy Blake [1] by Kayls Fanfiction
CURRENTLY EDITING What is they say about curiosity? It killed the cat? Well, in this case, curiosity almost kills the Carter. Several times. Carter Conners was a magnet...
everyday | bellarke by bellakru
everyday | bellarke by k.h. Fanfiction
bellamy thinks clarke is dead. he writes her letters everyday to try to find closure. clarke is very much alive. she talks to him on the radio everyday to try to stay sa...
2199 Days by Emmison_Rain
2199 Days by ~ ❁ Emmison Rain ❁ ~ Fanfiction
So this is my take of season 5. It will be in both Clarke's and Bellamys pov. I'm not an experienced writer so please do not hate on this.
Once upon a time... (Bellamy Blake) by EmmaS18
Once upon a time... (Bellamy Blake) by Emma Fanfiction
"We're just kids." Aurora Kane,A girl who's mother always taught her fairytales.So when she finds herself on earth after ninety seven years,she begins living a...
Dorm 100 // The 100 AU by pladicus
Dorm 100 // The 100 AU by AJ Fanfiction
College is the new beginning for recent high school grads. Follow roommates Lexa and Clarke and their friends as they max out the college experience. EDITING 09 Mar 2016...
Chaotic good (Bellamy x reader) by ThatOneOverThere2017
Chaotic good (Bellamy x reader) by I hate everyone Fanfiction
Stand down drop these weapons now. We'r walking in this lie, walking in this lie, you know I have tried tried to compromise, We'r walking in this lie... _______________...
The Burning » Bellamy Blake | EDITING by jennacroman
The Burning » Bellamy Blake | EDIT... by JENNA Fanfiction
PREVIOUSLY TITLED: BAD BLOOD. At the age of nine, everyone Quinn loved was taken away from her; murdered because of something her father had done years before. She's bee...
Red - Bellamy Blake by ionlyfallforthefloor
Red - Bellamy Blake by Trinity Fanfiction
"Can you promise me something, Bell? Promise me you won't do anything stupid?" "I can't promise you that. If it means protecting you- I'll do...
Leaders ( bellarke ) the 100 fanfic [ book 1] by vettz_
Leaders ( bellarke ) the 100 fanfi... by vettz_ Fanfiction
The 100. The writing is iffy in the beginning. You will see how I grow when the stories grow. It's bellarke. And the ending of every chapter will get you.
Behind The Lens• Clexa AU by BeneditM
Behind The Lens• Clexa AU by The Bow™ Fanfiction
Lexa is a writer. she's been in the TV industry for years and has gained a bit of a following. Clarke is an actress known for obnoxious action roles until she decides...
Sent Down to Die (The 100) Season 1 by fall2003gerv
Sent Down to Die (The 100) Season 1 by Fallon Gervais Fanfiction
Fiona is 17 and is the twin sister of John Murphy. She and the rest of the 100 prisoners are sent to the ground. She and her new friends will face the mission of survivi...
Dissonance -- Bellamy Blake [1 - Avery] by imbellamysprincess
Dissonance -- Bellamy Blake [1 - A... by Hannah Fanfiction
"You're trekking out into the woods in the middle of the night because you want your hair to look nice?" -- 100 Kids have been locked up in the sky box on the...