The Game of Love and War; Lovelorn by emika_3206
The Game of Love and War; Lovelornby ////
❝If you're reading this, then that means I'm dead❞ Delilah Reverdin, a normal girl with a normal life, was reincarnated as Clara Skotadi, the ultimate rival slash villai...
  • yandere
  • handsomemalelead
  • death
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Adopted by the Mafia King by CamryR5fan
Adopted by the Mafia Kingby CamryPaige
Completed on January 5, 2017 Chapters: 37 Available online: almost Chloe is a four year old, adorable little girl that is abandoned when her mother dies. Not actually kn...
  • adopted
  • thriller
  • alphonso
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Beating You by Lilohorse
Beating Youby Kate
If you mentioned Ally Scythe to someone, they'd say one of three things. 1) That girl can skate. 2) Doesn't she work at the bookshop? or 3) Poor thing, her mother's deat...
  • apartment
  • dare
  • lisa
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Mafia Girl by Campervangirl2000
Mafia Girlby ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴇ ɴ
"Clara, my beautiful girl, I'm afraid that you're going to have to move away for a while" he whispered "It's the only way I can protect you. I know it's s...
  • disguise
  • wattys2016
  • mafia
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X-Men: Apocalypse (A Charles Xavier Love Story) by Redmayne_Cumberbitch
X-Men: Apocalypse (A Charles ApplePie
BOOK THREE Clara and Charles Xavier are married and live in their big house with their daughter and their students. Everything was pretty normal until a major threat en...
  • xmen
  • pin
  • charlesxavier
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Jauregui Who? by Stalking_Laurinah
Jauregui Who?by That FangirI
You know Lauren Jauregui, Taylor Jauregui, and Chris Jauregui. But what if I told you there was another little Jauregui. Yes, there is indeed another. Jade. Jade Jauregu...
  • clara
  • fifth
  • camila
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Doctor who Imagines by zeinazeina
Doctor who Imaginesby Queen of Hell
♪ Oh the places you'll go ♪ Imagine being in the tardis flying it with the doctor, Imagine going through the endless universe in a blue box, Imagine just not being on ea...
  • 10th
  • rose
  • doctor
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First Class (Charles Xavier Love Story) by Redmayne_Cumberbitch
First Class (Charles Xavier Love ApplePie
This is happening at the same time as the movie "First Class" . Raven actually has a sister, three years younger than her. Her name is Clara, and she came with...
  • fanfiction
  • clara
  • carles
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Soufflés, Skype and Sherlock Holmes by ItsAKiliThing
Soufflés, Skype and Sherlock Holmesby ItsAKiliThing
Read about a new tenant in 221c, Sherlock getting his cheekbones scolded, John becoming increasingly confused and soufflé after soufflé as Moriarty and the Doctor are ab...
  • claraoswald
  • benedictcumberbatch
  • clara
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In Love With Everything (A Pride and Prejudice Love Story) by UnaNova
In Love With Everything (A Pride Em
Clara Bennett was once a happy, optimistic sort of girl. But something heartbreaking made her change. Now, she's easily twice as prejudice against men as her elder siste...
  • fitzwilliamdarcy
  • kitty
  • lizziebennet
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I Lost It All - a Lost & Found Music Studios Story by fangirlthefiz72
I Lost It All - a Lost & Found fangirlthefiz72
Now that Leia's out of the band, she's lost. What's she supposed to do? She doesn't have a band, she doesn't have her best friends, and now, she might lose everything e...
  • lostandfound
  • lukeia
  • jude
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Doctor who x reader/imagine/ One shots/ Preferences  by thetimeladytardis
Doctor who x reader/imagine/ One thetimeladytardis
I take requests
  • donna
  • nerd
  • timetravel
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Protect Her ~ supernatural / sam winchester by standby-fangirling
Protect Her ~ supernatural / sam Sammi Winchester
Dani Connaly: monster killer, life saver, and extremely dangerous. "I'll protect you." "I don't need protecting." * Any characters not on The CW's S...
  • fanfiction
  • jennacoleman
  • doctor
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A Whouffle Collection by mad_hattie_Als
A Whouffle Collectionby Al
A little ship I'd like to call whouffle. Between Doctor 11 and Clara. 💙 this shall never not be me favorite ship in the world. THESE ARE NOT MINE AND IF ASKED I WILL G...
  • doctorwho
  • oswald
  • soufflegifl
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See What I Hear by Jenny20
See What I Hearby Jenny
Alex Truman has lived his entire life having everything he's ever wanted handed to him. He's got the money, the looks, and the picture perfect family. Girls want him and...
  • love
  • hear
  • boy
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The Slave that I am by Bite_me101
The Slave that I amby Jordyn
Vampires control the world now, they use humans as their maids, their blood whores, their pets, their whores, anything they want. My name is Zoe and i am classified as a...
  • hate
  • attack
  • andrew
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I Broke His Nose When I Was Five. Love at First Sight? Not So Much...(A.M.S) COMPLETED!  by hobbity0923
I Broke His Nose When I Was Gracie
  • parents
  • blood
  • kids
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Experiencing The Impossible (Book Nine of The Bad Wolf Chronicles) by WritersBlock039
Experiencing The Impossible ( Miss Moffat
After seeing Amy and Rory be sent to their deaths and seeing River and Clara Oswin Oswald die in front of her, Jessie has truly fallen, becoming the soldier her current...
  • third
  • trenzalore
  • nightshade
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Be Mine - You and I by riri_hamz
Be Mine - You and Iby Sri P'rwanty
Ini lanjutan dari cerita Romance Billionaire dan Fight Love, akhir dari cerita sebelumnya. Baca ya ceritaku teman-teman. terima kasih.
  • family
  • chrish
  • billionaire
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Meet The Coach by blackdust
Meet The Coachby blackdust
Bree moves back home after 13 years, knowing no one at all, she makes quick friends with Sandy, the school's player's twin sister, who is sure Bree is the one to change...
  • cheater
  • sandy
  • fundraiser
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