Dear Justin (SEAL Love Book 1) by NadiaStrydom
Dear Justin (SEAL Love Book 1) by Nadia Strydom
Book 1 (Editing) (Complete) Danielle's book club decides that it is a good idea for them to write letters to American soldiers in the Middle-East, Danielle's letter reac...
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Chasing Christ by youthed
Chasing Christ by tals
Real struggles of Christian teens (A Christian Devotional)
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When He Returns. by LizzyVZ
When He Returns. by LizzyVZ
Completed. *** Luke Todd Woods. Those three words always seem to stir up unexpected feelings inside of Rain Winters. It use to be good, intoxicating feelings... But then...
  • woody
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The Girl With the Cross by summer_sunshine316
The Girl With the Cross by living in His grace.
Tyler James is your typical bad boy. He has family problems and he thinks that God is dead, a false hope that only dumb people fall into. Sarah Williams is the opposit...
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The Lost Get Found by jesusfreak123
The Lost Get Found by I'm in rebellion.
"As Christians, we are obligated to steer those who are lost, into safety. Not we Christians are perfect ourselves, because we are not, but that we all need to be f...
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Devotions; Defeating the Destroyer  by ZiaZay
Devotions; Defeating the Destroyer by ZiaZay
Short devotions everyday of the year to help you grow closer to God. You can't be in a relationship with someone you never talk to and the same is true with God. That is...
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Saving Grace | ✓ by _ashes
Saving Grace | ✓ by mack
Before she ran away from home, Grace Miller had been abused, beaten, and hurt in more ways than one by the people who are supposed to give her the love she deserved. Str...
  • homeless
  • teenfiction
  • teenpregnancy
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Jesus Boy by GoldenHawk-
Jesus Boy by carson jesse
"Forgive me father, for I am about to sin!" ~!!~ Matthew Patrick was a strict Christian, until he met Mark Fischbach. ~!!~ Started: September 16, 2017
  • romance
  • homophobia
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Loving Vince (SEAL Love Book 2)  by NadiaStrydom
Loving Vince (SEAL Love Book 2) by Nadia Strydom
Book 2 (Dear Justin sequel) {Unedited} Vince met Mia when he first moved to Colorado with Danielle. After building friendship with Mia he starts to realise that he li...
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Destined to be together by Samy-Mystery
Destined to be together by 💋Mystery💋
Samiya Rahim is a girl of 23yrs living in Canada.She is a medical doctor.She lives alone in her apartement.She is a Muslim.Her parents live in the Arabi Saoudi... while...
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God's Words by shitorina
God's Words by Its_shito
Know what God tells you everyday! #5 highest rank in spiritual :) All glory belongs to God! Update schedule: (PH time) Every 9pm (new sched) God bless :)
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TESTIMONIVM II by CaelestialisAnglice
TESTIMONIVM II by Caelestialis Anglice
With the removal of my previous works by Wattpad, a continuation of God's will.
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Teens After Christ by _KyleeRenee_
Teens After Christ by Kylee
This book is written to encourage you to grow closer in your walk with Jesus. From your new life in Christ to walking by faith, things are covered that I, and maybe some...
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Tainted Love....Isn't it? (BWWM) by Lu_Rai
Tainted Love....Isn't it? (BWWM) by Lu_Rai
This book is being re-written under the title 'Illicit Lust' which will have the sequel 'Irresolute Lust' The storyline will be changed slightly! x Romina Castro, 23 and...
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A Season of Firsts by TaneHannah
A Season of Firsts by Tane
Aiden is searching without really knowing what he's looking for, but gets closer with every step. Emma is hurt and hides a dark secret from everyone, but wonders if she'...
  • life
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Myths and Legends by BiamondAuthority
Myths and Legends by Biamond
So we've heard stories from around the world that pertained to certain cultures and/or religions. Some explain some crazy phenomenon, others explain how some things came...
  • christianity
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This is Trust by DesolationMedia
This is Trust by Desolation Media
Someone grasps my shoulder and forces me up against a locker. "Why didn't you tell me!" He growls through gritted teeth. "Tell you what!" I spit, try...
  • sarcasm
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  • teen-fiction
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365 Days with God (Book One) by iLoveRabboni7
365 Days with God (Book One) by TEAM JESUS
I go to EAST I go to WEST I found so many Good things But God is the Best
  • honesty
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Evolution Vs. Creation by dream-is-reality
Evolution Vs. Creation by Jenny
Questions About the Origins of the Universe Answered. Have you ever wondered, which is correct, Evolution or Creation? Or why some Christians insist on believing in Crea...
  • apologetics
  • creation
  • evidence
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Live Like We're Dying by Kallie_Foxxe1
Live Like We're Dying by Kallie Foxxe
This is a story that I have been working on (in pencil) for a very long time. Just so you know, this is most likely the darkest story that I will write. This contains se...
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