A Season of Firsts by TaneHannah
A Season of Firstsby Tane
Aiden is searching without really knowing what he's looking for, but gets closer with every step. Emma is hurt and hides a dark secret from everyone, but wonders if she'...
  • faith
  • change
  • drama
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BIBLE JOURNEY by PatrickMills925
This is 15 weeks (105 days) of our favorite bible verses coming to us day by day, then after which we will start the preach/teach the word journey from a bible verse for...
  • journey
  • good
  • christianity
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A Message From The Lord by BananaPieLove
A Message From The Lordby AbbyNotAbigail
"You need to write down what God says to you or else Satan will come and steal those words from you." × These are just some talks I have with God or that I hav...
  • conversations
  • salvation
  • encouragement
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everlasting // a walk with God by violaeades
everlasting // a walk with Godby mariah
pieces taken out of my Bible study journal --- encouraging Bible verses, devotions, and quotes to help me and all of you fix our eyes on the One that made us and saved u...
  • god
  • bible
  • forgiveness
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Arielle Jackson is a young African-American church girl who wants nothing but happiness and success in her life. She loves the lord, her family and friends as she feels...
  • heartbreak
  • relationship
  • blacklove
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Loving Vince (SEAL Love Book 2)  by NadiaStrydom
Loving Vince (SEAL Love Book 2) by Nadia Strydom
Book 2 (Dear Justin sequel) {Unedited} Vince met Mia when he first moved to Colorado with Danielle. After building friendship with Mia he starts to realise that he li...
  • love
  • spiritual
  • christian
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My Prayer Book  by MrsSkylerTailia
My Prayer Book by Mrs & Mrs De La Cruz
The 12 Archangels of heaven and what they stand for, also their pray for each Archangels . A collection of different pray for you , for every different occasions and si...
  • prayer
  • jesus
  • family-prayers
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The Pi Sisters at St Clare's by the_pi_sisters
The Pi Sisters at St Clare'sby the_pi_sisters
Still smarting from their expulsion from Malory towers, the Pi Sisters decide to give boarding school a second chance - St Clare's! Join them in their exploits at sneaki...
  • amazing
  • boarding
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Jesus' Shared Wisdom by A_Challenger_Arrives
Jesus' Shared Wisdomby Arkada
Edit: 6k reads?!?! Thank you my fellow readers! I wanted to share with everyone some lessons I've learned from Jesus. These teachings have changed my way of thinking and...
  • christianity
  • jesuschrist
  • spiritual
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Interview with a Muslim Jinn (Completed) by HisanaShajahan
Interview with a Muslim Jinn ( hisuza small artist
this is the true story i am writing here as always i do . This is the interviw with a Muslim jinn . Their are many things we have to know about Allahs creation so here...
  • teachings
  • scary
  • islam
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God's Promises by dendale123
God's Promisesby Denise Dale
Do you believe in God and the miracles that he has done? Dont you know that Jesus suffered because of our sins? If you dont know God, its time for you to read the bible...
  • friends
  • religion
  • god
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Fatal Flaw by SapphireWolf201
Fatal Flawby SapphireWolf201
On the night the Opera Populaire was consumed by fire, Erik rode into the wilderness on horseback, discovering an expansive castle that... Belonged to him? He lived th...
  • fatalflaw
  • feels
  • christianity
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The Atheist and The Christian by Denetjie
The Atheist and The Christianby Đənətjiə
Have you ever dated someone that has different beliefs than you? What's it like dating a Christian? What's it like dating an Atheist? A story about a boy and a girl who...
  • christianity
  • wattys2017
  • god
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My Daughter Is a Sinner by sweetgabriel
My Daughter Is a Sinnerby Gabriel Sweet
The day that this Christian mother discovers that her daughter is a lesbian her world falls apart. Will she be able to save her from hell or will she have a change of he...
  • god
  • satire
  • youngadult
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Danny & Steve [Completed] by MHolland234
Danny & Steve [Completed]by Michaela Holland
Danny Freeman has a thing for his college roommate, Steve. Steve is warm, friendly, and dynamic, everything shy Danny isn't. Steve is out, he's proud, and he's got not...
  • lgbtromance
  • christianity
  • boyxboyromance
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Book of Poetry 2 by clublukehemmings
Book of Poetry 2by Me, Up Past Bedtime
You are my blood, & if you leave, I'll have no choice but to bleed. Notice: This book contains mature themes. Much of my poetry is unfiltered. It is important for me to...
  • fun
  • romance
  • freeverse
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Lyric Of Christian Songs  by Ronahits
Lyric Of Christian Songs by RONAHITS
Lyrics of Christian Songs . Comment and Suggest a song about God only. Maybe message me some trending Christian songs. Vote also. You can sing along . Enjoy , and God B...
  • bible
  • christiansongs
  • jesuschrist
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The Christian Guide To: Highschool by jilnysoto
The Christian Guide To: Highschoolby j i l n y ❤
Hi there! I'm your everyday, crazy, wierd, and short Christian Girl. In this book, I write about the struggles I face, and that's almost EVERYDAY. Highschool. It's scary...
  • bible
  • highschool
  • christian
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Beauty and Thorns by lightofthelast
Beauty and Thornsby Kayleyana M.
Poetry flows through a shaking pen, grasped by fingers bearing emotions too strong they leak into words and phrases - put together to tell the story of the writer. - A c...
  • love
  • life
  • apathy
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I Am Joseph by Btmj02
I Am Josephby Byron McIntyre
There's a storm coming. That storm is Christ. Christ is soon to return to save his people and destroy the wicked. He's coming like a thief in the night. No one knows...
  • mindbodyandsoulelevation
  • destruction
  • warfare
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