Is this Really You? // Christian Delgrosso fanfic by underthesehazeleyes
Is this Really You? // Christian D... by underthesehazeleyes Fanfiction
My name is Alexis Meyer. I'm 16 years old and I attend Montgomery High. Well until I got kidnapped by Christian Delgrosso. He seemed like a very nice person on Vine but...
Vine. It's Where Miracles Happen. << Christian DelGrosso X Reader >>  by ImTheOnlyEmma
Vine. It's Where Miracles Happen... by ImTheOnlyEmma Fanfiction
Your friend Lele Pons had invited you to a meet-and-greet with other Viners. You had never heard of Christian DelGrosso before, and you meet him there and find he's a ve...
magcon imagines+preferences by verityyxx
magcon imagines+preferences by vez Fanfiction
couple scenarios n shit x
Magcon Preferences (New Magcon) by autumnamy3
Magcon Preferences (New Magcon) by TheWorldOfAutumn Fanfiction
Includes 1. Camoran Dallas 2. Carter Reynolds 3. Taylor Caniff 4. Aaron Carpenter 5. Jacob Sartorius 6. Daniel Skye 7. Willie Jones 8. Mark Thomas 9. Hunter Rowland 10...
Since Day One 2 by dsm_gleek1721
Since Day One 2 by Gleek Fanfiction
Nicole and Jacob are spending time together at Magcon during the Summer. Everything starts off fine, then after a few shows, everything goes down and their relationship...
Mistreated. by bieberfan420
Mistreated. by Orla Fanfiction
"the remarks turned into death threats the shoves turned into actual punching and thats when my ex best friend, became my worst nightmere. "
My crush on Christian Delgrosso  by jrperryla
My crush on Christian Delgrosso by jrperryla Fanfiction
When Bridget first saw vine, she didn't care. But when Bridget saw Christian Delgrosso, she cared. Bridget started to fall in love with Christian by knowing him only by...
lightning  [ christian delgrosso ] by lxrdle
lightning [ christian delgrosso ] by lxrdle Fanfiction
Anna Meadow is an eighteen year old girl who goes to LA to visit her best friend Kayla and to attend to Los Angeles university. What Anna doesn't know is that Kayla woul...
The Love Of My Life? [One Direction & Two Yourubers Fanfic ] Mpreg by BIG_PAPA_97
The Love Of My Life? [One Directio... by Big Papa Fanfiction
Moans, thats all Harry heard from his and Louis' bedroom. To mention that Harry and Louis are married? OR Where Louis cheats on Harry with Liam - one of the band mates...
Best Friends Benefit by Ya_Lyin_Matt
Best Friends Benefit by We're all mad here sweetie Fanfiction
"I've been thinking and if we are gonna keep doing this we could just be best friends with benefits"
Christian Delgrosso  by chasersgirl
Christian Delgrosso by ItsMalloryBro Fanfiction
This is first my first book so no hate. Kasey just moved tho a new school and she finds .......
Adopted by Christian Delgrosso  by Laurexfan
Adopted by Christian Delgrosso by chara undertale Fanfiction
this story is just 1 girl named Khris her parents died when someone broke in she was able to get out through the window then she was put in a adoption home there she mak...