golden days; chris halliwell by irradiated
golden days; chris halliwellby this is stupid
"i found a pile of polaroids in the crates of a record shop they were sexy, sexy looking back from a night that time forgot, hmm boy he was something debonair in 19...
  • phoebe
  • leo
  • perry
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Peter Parker Smut Imagines by UGottaLoveDraco
Peter Parker Smut Imaginesby UGottaLoveDraco
A little book for your big fantasies. ;) Cover created by the talented, @DalvieCurtis! REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED.
  • erotica
  • war
  • captain
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Alpha's Second Chance (Completed) by thecandygir34
Alpha's Second Chance (Completed)by CandaceJ
(I'm freaking out. My highest rank is #242 in the werewolf category. Do you know how many people write werewolf books. Ive never been ranked before. This is so cool?) Br...
  • mate
  • wwbm
  • love
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Not A Fairytale  by carnajah16
Not A Fairytale by carnajah16
Brianna is in a abusive relationship till her friend gets her out. While at the club she meets August they don't hit it off right away...... Read
  • chris
  • bernice
  • liragalora
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After Until Dawn (Matt x reader) by Queen_Warrior186
After Until Dawn (Matt x reader)by Queen_Warrior186
Everyone is coming back for another annual Blackwood winter getaway after the accident of Hannah and Beth Washington missing last year hosted by Josh Washington but y/n...
  • matt
  • psychopath
  • mattxreader
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Devil Beside You by risitya
Devil Beside Youby risitya
"Are you still virgin?" "It's okay, just do it." Ian mengarahkan kejantanannya ke vagina El yang sudah basah. Gadis itu pasrah, membiarkan Ian seoran...
  • él
  • love
  • comedy
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youth → sebastian stan [1] by starkwalker
youth → sebastian stan [1]by jos
in which an actress falls for someone else on set that isn't her actual on screen love interest and sets the internet on fire. WINNER OF MARVEL FANFIC AWARDS 2016 FOR ...
  • marvel
  • wars
  • starwars
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 jealousy game [STAN] by spiderIing
jealousy game [STAN]by melia
"congratulations asshole, you've officially broken my heart, again." [SEBASTIAN STAN] [COMPLETE] [HIGHEST #16]
  • chrishemsworth
  • socialmedia
  • buckybarnes
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To (znowu) on! by Delanle
To (znowu) on!by иανα
sequel do "Tylko (nie) on!" NIE CZYTAJ, JEŚLI NIE ZNASZ PIERWSZEJ CZĘŚCI! Amber White po pół roku obudziła się ze śpiączki z amnezją. Przez kilka lat stopniow...
  • black
  • amber
  • white
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Blind Attraction [one] by steffy_t
Blind Attraction [one]by steff
A car accident leaves Marley Lebeau with temporary blindness. For four weeks, she's stuck in hospital trying to learn how to eat, walk, and move without her eyes. Making...
  • bailey
  • bandage
  • blind
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I'm Not the Only One by 87604q
I'm Not the Only Oneby 87604q
Rosalie has been married to Chris for a few years now, and is hopelessly in love with him. But she also knows he's been cheating on her. Will she leave him and look for...
  • cheater
  • strongwoman
  • husband
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Cell 118 | Chris Brown by breezyswife05
Cell 118 | Chris Brownby Shardaé
Chris is a gaurd at a female prison. He has been the top gaurd for the past two years...that is until he meets an inmate that he cant seem to stay away from. Copyright ©...
  • alsina
  • cocainelorraine
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parenthood | c. evans [✓] by -onyourleft
parenthood | c. evans [✓]by ❝jaehyun enthusiast❞
❝You need to be calm, you're carrying my child.❞ ❝And who's fault is that?❞ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ chris evans fan fiction [SOCIAL MEDIA]
  • babydaddy
  • parenthood
  • pregnancy
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16 and... by Jcoleisbae
16 Jcoleisbae
Sixteen year old Lauren is a junior in HighSchool with pretty much an average life, except the fact that she is already a mother and the father of her child wants nothin...
  • love
  • instagramfamous
  • hood
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God of Thunder | Thor: Ragnarok by Cavelnimicum
God of Thunder | Thor: Ragnarokby Cavelnimicum
Mary Greene has been on the run for years when she meets a strange doctor with magical powers. He takes her in, providing shelter and protection until one day, a large m...
  • marvel
  • chrishemsworth
  • brucebanner
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Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes/ Plus more Imagines, One shots and Preferences by StarryMNA
Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes/ MaryBeth Stan
Nothing too specific. Just random story ideas from the one and only Sebastian Stan... and of course his characters! Requests are open! Caution- umm FLUFF! Includes: Seb...
  • winter
  • soldier
  • stan
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SINNER'S PRAYER | The Avengers by buckiplier
SINNER'S PRAYER | The Avengersby it's complicated
Hear my sinner's prayer, I am what I am. Lydia is visited by an unlikely friend and they cause quite some trouble. BOOK FOUR BUCKIPLIER © 2016
  • captain
  • evans
  • stark
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Enamorado De Mi Hermano |JoErick|❤ by NaniXJoerickCPX
Enamorado De Mi Hermano |JoErick|❤by Nicol 👑
Ellos amigos desde la infancia, pero hay un secreto que los une desde su nacimiento. Joel se enamora de Erick pero cree que no es lo correcto y se aleja pero Erick sufre...
  • richard
  • cnco
  • joerick
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SBM Imagines by taylor_writer5
SBM Imaginesby taylorrr
Stand By Me Imagines & Preferences Mostly written when I'm procrastinating with school because who cares about grades anyway?? If you like Billy at all DO NOT read this...
  • chris
  • eyeballchambers
  • eyeball
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DIVE [CHRIS EVANS] by luminite
  • lizzieolsen
  • anthonymackie
  • rdj
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