A Ascensão de Anabel [EM NOVEMBRO] by 1iurin
A Ascensão de Anabel [EM NOVEMBRO] by Iuri Ferreira Romance
Anabel vivia isolada no grande internato Marabel na imensa e velha Maslova. Ser respeitada por todos os outros internos não estava em seus planos, a timidez a impedia. ...
Osomatsu-san ~ One Shots! [Complete] by S-S-Sweets
Osomatsu-san ~ One Shots! [Complet... by Kitty Matsuno's Fanfiction
Osomatsu-san one shots! All six of your favourite brothers ;) ! Supposed female reader. I've tried to use non-sexually-bias pronouns , but I think I wrote "She"...
Team Mafia or Yakuza {Osomatsu-San X Reader} by neetsan
Team Mafia or Yakuza {Osomatsu-San... by Just a neet Short Story
Long ago the sextuplets had divided into war between three older and three younger of the Matsuno brothers. It all started by fighting over a girl... You were just a nor...
"Realization" (Yandere!Choromatsu x Reader) by itchymatsuu
"Realization" (Yandere!Choromatsu... by Mac!! Fanfiction
One year. It took you one year to realize it. Of course, not on your own. Something, well, someone helped you. -- This takes place after "Innocence". Read that...
Choromatsu fluff (x reader) by SaltForYourWounds
Choromatsu fluff (x reader) by Dev Fanfiction
its just some fluff... minus peanut butter... and bread.
Osomatsu-San Headcanons by SylphofDream
Osomatsu-San Headcanons by The one and only Fanfiction
Headcanons of Osomatsu-San from @trashimatsu and me~ We also take requests, so don't be shy to ask for anything ;)
1 ano de muita tristeza  by JuliaBalestrin
『Advanture Of Misfortune Reader』 by reader-bender
『Advanture Of Misfortune Reader』 by reader-bender Fanfiction
It's supposed to be like you insert into the video game world but somehow I change it into melancholy suzuki.. not a good writer but it is my first fan book from osoma...