The Undeniable Risk by SapphicFeminine
The Undeniable Riskby ~Kaytlynn~
Barden teacher/Student AU Bechloe It's Beca's last year in highschool or what she would say prison.Beca is thinking to just drop out since it's only one year.That was al...
  • chloe
  • beale
  • teacherxstudent
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It's What Matters on the Inside | ✔️ (SS) by DipStick45
It's What Matters on the Inside | D҉I҉P҉P҉Y҉
Judging a book by its cover can mislead you to what it's really all about. Everyone saw Chloe as the class bully; the blond, rich, girl who always got what she wanted. T...
  • kcwritingcontest
  • contest
  • miraculous
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Call Me Crazy (A Bechloe Fanfiction) by bechloemygreys
Call Me Crazy (A Bechloe name twinning with anna
Chloe is a law student struggling with schizophrenia. When another schizophrenic episode lands her in the hospital, she thinks her future won't be the same. Until she me...
  • schizophrenia
  • bechloe
  • mentalillness
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BLS #7 : Breaking The Last by beyondlocks
BLS #7 : Breaking The Lastby Janice Martana
BLS #7 Kenneth Domanco Number one Billionare in America. People said he's a definition of perfect. Handsome face , smart ass , build body and don't forget that he's damn...
  • money
  • chicklit
  • lovestory
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Grupa MIRACULOUS -CHAT- ✔ by maiaren
Grupa MIRACULOUS -CHAT- ✔by Dramacz serc
Hefalump: Nath, jesteś moją spadającą gwiazdą. Ruda menda: Aw, dlaczego? Hefalump: Bo pierdolnąłeś mocno w ziemię. [...] Hepi konfa klasowa z mistrzynią ripost - M...
  • alix
  • noir
  • ladrien
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Watching miraculous ladybug by _queen_fanfic_
Watching miraculous ladybugby _Queen_fanfic_
What will happen if you stick the cast of miraculous ladybug and force them by yours truly to watch their program. As you will probably have guessed i do not own Miracul...
  • marinette
  • tikki
  • adrien
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Dance With Me: Miraculous Ladybug Breakdance AU by ladybugsanddemigods
Dance With Me: Miraculous The Author
The miraculous ladybug Breakdance au is one of the biggest trends right now, so ill be trying to write about it... More to be added later
  • chloe
  • mlwattyawards
  • nathanael
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Beauty and the Sexy Beast by JeLeSea
Beauty and the Sexy Beastby Jenny
A re[vamped] version of the classic tale. Chloe Chase has found herself trapped in a Gothic style manor with a soft spoken witch, a territorial wolf and, to top it all o...
  • samantha
  • chloe
  • chase
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Adopted by the Mafia King by CamryR5fan
Adopted by the Mafia Kingby CamryPaige
Completed on January 5, 2017 Chapters: 37 Available online: almost Chloe is a four year old, adorable little girl that is abandoned when her mother dies. Not actually kn...
  • italianmafialeader
  • alphonso
  • chloe
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The Player and the Princess by BluBellBlue
The Player and the Princessby ♡♛ ♡Princess ♡♕♡
What about the promise we made when he were kids, Mari,"He smiled. I felt shocked he remembered my nickname. That smile.. A sudden wave of realisation washed over m...
  • adrienagreste
  • badboy
  • miraculousladybug
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Love Is Blind, Well At Least My Mate Is by abbielynn222
Love Is Blind, Well At Least My Abbie
Chloe Patterson went blind due to a mysterious fire that started in her house. It is now a year later and after her parents were killed in a car accident a few months af...
  • fire
  • suicide
  • mate
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You Will Regret Rejecting Me by So-Much-To-Tell-Yoou
You Will Regret Rejecting Meby So-Much-To-Tell-Yoou
Hi, my name is Chloe Maka. I'm the daughter of Paea and Katherine Maka, Beta of the Moonstone Pack. I have a twin brother named Corey and a younger brother named Daniel...
  • youwillregrejectingme
  • co-written
  • rejecting
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I Dare You by taylorbryie
I Dare Youby ᴛᴀʏ
*this is not my work* it was easier for me to transfer this to wattpad than to read online. >> full credit to blacklightning1212 << ***ALSO there's a seque...
  • bechloe
  • pitch
  • perfect
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I Do. by BecaBeale
I Beca Beale
Third Installment to 'I Know' and 'It's Okay'
  • perfect
  • bechloe
  • beca
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The next Ladybug {Chat Noir X reader}  by Xchatnoir
The next Ladybug {Chat Noir X Josie Agreste
"Well.. of course! Every Chat Noir needs a ladybug" --------------------------- You and your father, a business man, have recently moved to Paris, France, afte...
  • catnoir
  • cat
  • adrian
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Best Friends With The Bad Boy by TypicalTimes
Best Friends With The Bad Boyby Chidubem💗
Chloe Woods loves her life. She has a great family, a great reputation, and a great childhood best-friend, John Allen. But she has to leave all that. John Allen love...
  • pranking-the-playboy
  • best-friend
  • romance
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Enemies With Benefits by Kurvpted
Enemies With Benefitsby Kurvpted
If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I hate Gabe Smith. I really do. I hate how cocky he is and I hate that stupid smirk he wears when he sees me, li...
  • gabe
  • enemies
  • chloe
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Stone Heart by MariFer_Ochoa
Stone Heartby Psst.
It's easy to love when you have a normal thumping heart, but it's harder to love when you have a Stone Heart. _______********______ Highest Ranking: #23 in Werewolf...
  • alpha
  • possessive
  • stoneheart
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The Surrogate ✏ by _creampuffs
The Surrogate ✏by Cherie🌷
Cover by: SueCupid. Will you go through any length just to have a splitting image of yourself? Even subscribing to an idea about someone being a surrogate mother. Did I...
  • âu
  • contract
  • romance
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When I met you in the summer  ||COMPLETED|| by Omqxbri
When I met you in the summer || Brianna Paige
Beca a normal girl wanting to become a DJ and Chloe a perky red head wanting to become in actress. The two meet in a small café in L.A.. Follow there journey as they slo...
  • bechloe
  • romance
  • sendrick
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