Beautiful Sin | Theo Raeken TW by mikkiandnackk
Beautiful Sin | Theo Raeken TW by isaac lahey Fanfiction
"Where there is love there is no sin... unless you're in love with Theo Raeken." Kendall Argent is reminded exactly why everyone runs from Beacon Hills as she...
cody christian / theo raeken imagines! by Jasarella
cody christian / theo raeken imagi... by Jas Fanfiction
Imagines of Cody Christian and his Teen Wolf character Theo Raeken 👀
The Born Chimera (Stiles Stilinski) by SammiGirl15
The Born Chimera (Stiles Stilinski) by Samantha01 Fanfiction
What if i told you that Theo Raeken wasn't the first chimera. What if i told you that the first was none other then Stiles Stilinski. He became a chimera when he was sti...
Anger >> Teen Wolf GIF Series by -McCallMe-
Anger >> Teen Wolf GIF Series by HIATUS Fanfiction
TEEN WOLF GIF SERIES "Scott, You're not a monster. You're a werewolf, like me." COVER MADE BY ME
eden » theo raeken by Jasarella
eden » theo raeken by Jas Fanfiction
eden roe has lived a somewhat normal life with her mom, and once her dad, before he died in the war - supposedly. suddenly one night changes everything. lies are uncover...
the little book of positivity by marfach
the little book of positivity by Áine Random
I love you cover by @ItsChanceLuv
A Thousand Thrones by writeon27
A Thousand Thrones by Ansley Fantasy
A game of Seven Minutes in Heaven turned into my personal Hell. I didn't know the first boy I'd kiss, I'd kill. But I couldn't help it. The feeling, the power it gave...
Little Lacey by AmandaJuneHagarty
Little Lacey by Amanda June Hagarty Fantasy
Lacey is a bat girl. Seven years ago, her mother wished at the well in the heart of the Wish Wood, transforming a young bat-ling into a human girl--mostly human. But Lac...
Broken Angel by Recklis
Broken Angel by Recklis Paranormal
NON-TEEN)* #3rd Place in the Iron and Lace Awards He's a tormented Vampire who's missing a huge chunk of his life before he was turned and she's the last Female Alpha...
Rekindled - Skulduggery Pleasant by marfach
Rekindled - Skulduggery Pleasant by Áine Fanfiction
❝we who have seen war never stop seeing it.❞ ❝may the gods have mercy on my enemies, because I won't.❞ "This is far from good," Marfach muttered, and those aro...
broken boy ❀ stiles stilinski by realnimrods
broken boy ❀ stiles stilinski by . Fanfiction
Stiles, an ADHD teenager who's life was turned upside down when his best friend Scott was turned into a werewolf and was then introduced to the supernatural world. He ha...
Monster ▶ [THEO RAEKEN] by k-kanima
Monster ▶ [THEO RAEKEN] by b[aka]el Fanfiction
"Soy un monstruo, Rachel." [Teen Wolf Season 5A]
Alpha Beta Omega (Slow Updates) by CharismaLatryce
Alpha Beta Omega (Slow Updates) by Charisma Jackson Fanfiction
I'm Stephanie Talbot, and my husband and mate is Brett Talbot. We have been married for a year with two beautiful babies, Seth and Allison, and it is our senior year. We...
Chimera BxB by Shifting2wolf
Chimera BxB by Too much inspiration Fantasy
Scottie is still trying to get out of his depression after his brother went missing. Three years of waiting and hoping hasn't done him any good but when one night of end...
Taken (Teen wolf~Dread Doctors) by werecoyote9653
Taken (Teen wolf~Dread Doctors) by Rachel Fanfiction
Echo has lived in Beacon Hills all her life. She never knew what was really going on when no one was looking. But when she's captured and experimented on by the Dread Do...
Teen Wolf - Camping Trip W/ Chimeras by Who_Knew_77
Teen Wolf - Camping Trip W/ Chimer... by Marshall Fanfiction
Scott needed a way to reunite his pack. Theo needed a way to prove he and his pack weren't the bad guys. So, after managing to speak to each other, they thought of a wa...
Hey, Dunbar  by -unicornpiggg
Hey, Dunbar by spaz Fanfiction
In which a pretty sarcastic huntress got into a fight with a short-tempered puppy. I mean, werewolf! all rights reserved 2017 @ -unicornpiggg
She Wants You Dead by exolstarlight124
She Wants You Dead by exolstarlight124 Fanfiction
Beacon hills has new threads. Dread doctors and more dangerous Theo Raeken, but for Stiles that's not the only problem. Can he tell the Pack ?. The Pack that is already...
Teen Wolf memes by MTS213
Teen Wolf memes by Sarcasticgirl101 Humor
Teen wolf is life Can't wait for 6th season!!! Also why waste your time on google when you can read memes her Also check out my other book Arrow memes❤️❤️