Short Horror Stories by Azba_Noor
Short Horror Storiesby Azba Noor
Prepare to indulge in your nightmares. Updated weekly. |Copyright.
  • twist
  • death
  • horror
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The Torture Chamber by Kileadth
The Torture Chamberby Kileadth
Amilla is a sixteen year old girl, abandoned by her parents. All alone she is until she finds a place to stay. At least that's what she thinks until the clock strike nin...
  • paranormal
  • murder
  • thriller
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Sin (Wattys 2016 Winner) by ShaunAllan
Sin (Wattys 2016 Winner)by Shaun Allan
WATTY WINNER! Dead, dead, dead. Say it enough times and it becomes just another word. What would you do? Could you kill a killer? Does the death of one appease the deat...
  • badboy
  • death
  • urban
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Low Ways by GlynnJames
Low Waysby Glynn James
They say that accidents can change your life. It did mine. But not in the way any sane person would think. Imagine this... ...waking up and finding that you could see al...
  • fear
  • suspense
  • silent
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Jack by ShaunAllan
Jackby Shaun Allan
Do you know Jack? The Ripper? Saucy Jack? Leather Apron? The most infamous serial killer in history has long been fodder for the imagination of authors and artists alike...
  • chiller
  • thriller
  • serial
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Freck & Wishes in search of the Whistlin' Salamander by BillRuesch
Freck & Wishes in search of the William Crawford
Nobody knows what is really happening in the Howlin' Woods, but almost every new moon terrible screams, shrieks, and ghastly noises are heard by the whole town of Burns...
  • keepers-of-knowledge
  • scary
  • ya
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Anna The Doll✔️ by Ajania
Anna The Doll✔️by Horror Fanatic
What Will Happen When A little Girl Finds Out That Her Doll Is Actually ALIVE?
  • chiller
  • horror-thriller
  • spooky
To Kill a King by ShaunAllan
To Kill a Kingby Shaun Allan
He's your hero. Your idol. And he's retiring. But there's a competition to meet him. To discover his secrets. To learn from the Master of Horror, Stephen King himsel...
  • featured
  • halloween
  • scary
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Rose by ShaunAllan
Roseby Shaun Allan
Three children, a cabin in the woods, a witch and a big bad wolf... Have you heard stories like this before? No, you haven't... When Sarah and her brothers, Adam an...
  • witch
  • hansel
  • horror
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Bonsai by NateDBurleigh
Bonsaiby Nate D Burleigh
Tim and his family meet a new friend while they're on vacation. He teaches them all about the art of bonsai. But these bonsai aren't exactly made from trees.
  • terror
  • short-horror-story
  • thriller
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Short Horror Stories by tobiyolo_
Short Horror Storiesby tiara
Original short horror stories for my lovely fans who love a little thrill. Enjoy! (Cover picture by Mad Hatter on pleaseno from Pinterest)
  • thrilling
  • shortstory
  • chill
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Johnathan by NateDBurleigh
Johnathanby Nate D Burleigh
Convinced a stranger he met on a bus is after him, an agoraphobic man will do anything within his abilities to keep safe, even commit a horrific crime.
  • thriller
  • terrifying
  • tnt
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The Pink Ones Taste Best by Eren_Jeager_Brat
The Pink Ones Taste Bestby Eren_Jeager
a horror story it is not mine read at your own risk from what hides in your vents one shot I do not own this all rights go to the writer of this story
  • fright
  • chiller
  • scarystory
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Just Jack by ShaunAllan
Just Jackby Shaun Allan
Hidden away in a dusty old attic is a box. And a legacy. Searching for something, he slipped and fell. His accident uncovered a box hidden away for decades - and revea...
  • murder
  • horror
  • dark
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Burn by lilmissyOPbeast
Burnby lilmissyOPbeast
This is a sort of fan fiction of twilight about the immortal children and how the voltori killed them all. If you havent seen the twilight series i strongly suggest it a...
  • love
  • over500wordsalways
  • fire
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Tales Of A Thousand Tongues by ReluctantDarkness
Tales Of A Thousand Tonguesby TheLastWord
*3rd Place Mystery/Thriller Winner Of The Purple Apple Awards* In this nameless town there stands a Bridge that has been there for generations. Each nameless victim th...
  • ultimatecontest
  • thewolfyyawardsjs17
  • gothic
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