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I love Russian men
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Christie / 17
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I love to read and write obviously! All my stories will most likely involve children!!! I try to update as much as I can! That's basically me on wattpad! I also am obsessed with tvd! I have a woman crush on nina dobrev so she will probably be the main character in all of my stories! #bluelivesmatter #alllivesmatter Xoxo, Rosie
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Let My Story to be Your Portal to Your Imagination. *Sometimes, writing something can make you go to the another world and i want to take you into one of my world.* ------------------- Slow/minor romance ------------------ Cerita bersambung : Tamat 1. Dinginnya Sang Hati 2. Sendiri 3. Queen Grimhilde 4. EBI Cerita pendek : Tamat 1. Putri Kecilku 2. M.A.R.I.A 3. Kehidupan 'Kecil' di Dunia Besar ini 4. Vi_roez 5. Penantian Adikku 6. Darah Muda 7. Kau dan Aku 8. Carly Fleischmann Autisme 9. Sang Penjaga Waktu 10. Kamar no.02 : Sang Waktu 11. Lemari 12. Si Tuan Badut Historical : On_Going 1. Handsome Lord and The Scar Lady 2. Hati di Masa Lalu 3. My Duke is A Vampire (@HAI) On-Hold 1. 30 (Broken) Love 2. Zona Hening 3. Kata indonesia yang sering salah dieja Visual Story Telling: On-Hold 1. Our Lives in a Letter Children Story: Tamat 1. Sekolah Kecil Kami 2. Sang Panda Kecil Just Corat-Coret: 1. HAI 2. Wattpad News 3. Kumpulan Puisi by Vi_roez 4. Vi_roez Writing Grouppie 5. 7 hari camp tulis (FAILED) 6. A moment to remember Line : @vi_roez Instagram : @vi_roez
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Hello, Gorgeous, I am Jeze. Welcome to my page. Enjoy, Love. Bit About Author: I am a Christian and have been devoted to God for about nine years. I Love my family more than my life. I have chosen to become an OB/GYN as a career choice. I love to sing. FAQ: What order do I read your books in? None, all my stories will have a similar time period and linking plot but there is not an order I had intended at all. If you like one read that one, if you like them all read them all! Its your life and your Wattpad, go do what you feel is right. Order of the Packs in Size (NOT order to read in!): 1-The White Sky (The Luna); Alpha Matthew Winchester and Luna Percy Willamms 2-Sanguinary (An Alpha's Possession); Alpha Henry Marques and Luna Adrasteia Manta 3-Royal Rosalie (An Alpha's Mate); Alpha Jonathan Bradley and Luna Lizabeth Hernandez 4- Bastille (The Innocence of An Alpha's Mate); Alpha Liam Saunders and Luna Jessie Campbell 5-Full Blue Moon (The Alpha's Protected Mate); Alpha Mason Tyson and Luna Cassandra Edison
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*Featured Author* *Engagement Ambassador* Do you not know who I am? Seriously? You must be from a different planet. I'm the very definition of awesome. You may call me "Your Awesomeness." It's okay if you bow as you say it but you don't have to. :) I strive to be a good father and husband. There's nothing more important to me. Writing is something I do for fun and to inspire my daughter to love reading. I've always enjoyed books, and I try to share my passion with her. I post here to receive your feedback as I work, so what you see may not be the exact final draft. I'm always seeking out beta-readers and critiques. I'm an honest person that believes in being straightforward. If you're looking for constructive criticism, I'm your guy. But remember, don't ask me if you look fat in a dress if you don't want the truth. -------------------- Past and present projects, to name a few. Co-captain of @TheCRYPTIC_ Participant in the Wattpad Block Party. Judge for @Ooorah sci-fi smackdowns located here @LayethTheSmackDown Second place in @FANTASCI's Chosen One competition. Member of @Theeditingclub Guest judge for both @scikick and @FANTASCI -------------------- Highest rankings: Locked Up- #3 ( #1 in completed works) Deadly Book Reviews- #3 Released- #152 (Before it was turned into a duology) Toy Love- #412 ------------------- Follow me on Twitter to see updates, giveaways and my writing shenanigans: -------------------- prowritingaid pixabay
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Well it's...just...Harry...really... 'All my favourite conversations, always made in the A.M.' No really, I'm in Australia and everyone I talk to is on the other side of the world, and it's A.M. when I do... Twitter @_HarrysHighNote Some works are private so to read those you have to be following me...
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-----██----- Put this on your Wall --█████---If you're not -----██----- Embarrassed -----██----- To tell others That you Believe in God❤ Radish Writer ~ JAE_Flores Finished Radish Books: That Night On-Going Radish Books: One Night with the Alpha Finished Wattpad Books: The Alpha's Abused Cancer, My Old Friend
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I've been writing off and on for several years mainly sword and sorcery type fantasy. My current project (the one posted on this site) centers around a lesbian main and secondary character. It's difficult to find strong lesbian main characters in sword and sorcery novels. If anyone out there knows of any, please drop me a line, I'd love to read other writers' character structures and analysis. I'm open to doing critiques, long or short, just let me know what you need. I'm willing to do some sentence structure and grammar correction but it's not my favorite thing. I'm more willing to critique overall story line, character structure, and plot development. I don't have many favorite fantasy writers. Some people find this odd, since I write fantasy but,as I said above, not many people have strong female lesbian main characters. The majority of the fantasy books I've glanced at have a male counterpart that, sooner or later, sweeps in and saves the day. If I had to have a favorite fantasy author, it would be Jennifer Roberson's SwordDancer series. Both the male and female main characters are independent of each other while still being together, forming a fascinating, well-developed twosome that makes for an awesome read. I enjoy cooking, playing video games (FallOut, Oblivion,Black Ops,Borderlands), running,hiking, walking around town as much as possible with cowdogs in tow. I identify as asexual, which lends an interesting perspective to my writing (though it doesn't curtail any of the mature themes) and if asexuality is something you've wondered about just out of curiosity or as a possible identification of your sexuality, head over to The people and the forums there are great and can answer any questions you might possibly have. Looking forward to meeting new people and reading some interesting,well-written work.
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I'm just me. I'm Bree. 18, female, Virgo. Indianaian (Indiana). Big sister. My life is pretty boring. Music is my life, and writing. I love to shop, eat, listen to music, travel(whenever I can), write stories, and daydream. States I've been to so far: New York, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Illinois, Missouri. I love Michael Jackson, the Jackson 5, the Temptations (R.I.P David, Paul, Eddie, and Melvin), some of the singers from the 70s-80s. I'm a 90s baby, and I grew up around the real true music. I try to live a happy life, but my past always haunts me. Don't exactly have anything really to brag about, except the fact that knowing that I survived through so much has made me stronger.