FNaF Sketchbook 2 by Dapper_Pearl
FNaF Sketchbook 2 by Trash Lord Random
I'm back at it again! Because apparently, all of my crappy Five Nights at Freddy's drawings could not be contained in one "amazing" book.
Human!Fnaf x shy!reader by redlaserartist
Human!Fnaf x shy!reader by Red Laser Romance
You work at the pizzeria as the guard AND waitress. You run into many problems, including lotsa animatronic humans falling for you :) Pictures, story, are mine, Fnaf i...
She came back (FNAF x female reader) by Cookierules12
She came back (FNAF x female reade... by Cats rule! Fanfiction
Since that fateful day she was banned from going to Freddy Fazbears pizza, (y/n) missed the animatronics and they missed her. Becoming the night guard brought them toget...
Freddy X Reader: How Could He? by FnafTale1
Freddy X Reader: How Could He? by THE GREAT PAPYRUS! Fanfiction
You loved Fredbear's Diner, when you were were younger, but ever since the bite, you hadn't been there since. A couple years later a new pizzeria opens, with a familiar...
Keep On Dancing (A human Bonnie x Reader) by Small_Raven
Keep On Dancing (A human Bonnie x... by Raven 😋 Romance
You're a teenager with the love of dancing. As a child, you competed in community dancing competitions with all your friends. Your mother and father supported your love...
Do you love me? golden freddy x reader by Endergirl136
Do you love me? golden freddy x re... by Endergirl136 Fanfiction
You where friends with the gang until one day.A strange person dressed in a Springbonnie costume leaden you and your friends in a strange backroom.You where the only one...
Ask or Dare Bonnie 2  by PurpleBonnieBunnie
Ask or Dare Bonnie 2 by Bonnie the Bunny Random
*gasp* Another book :0 Welp, let's continue, shall we? ^-^
FNAF Bonnie x Reader: Silent Laughter by LittleHeroes
FNAF Bonnie x Reader: Silent Laugh... by ☆@plisetskytrash☆ Fanfiction
"Help me get her out of here..." The moment she entered, she was in danger. (Y/N) has recently applied for the repair job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, and it...
Ask/Dare FNAF! by KayTehNerd
Ask/Dare FNAF! by Kay Fanfiction
Dare your most favorite (or least favorite) animatronics and night guards to do the most outrageous of things or ask them questions! The choice is up to you.
pretty bunny // fronnie [DISCONTINUED] by kawaiibonnie
pretty bunny // fronnie [DISCONTIN... by bonbon Random
Meet Bonnie, the adorable rabbit animatronic from the famous pizzeria 'Freddy Fazbear's pizza'. Wanna know something? She seems to have a fondly crush towards the outgoi...
Sweet End Bunny || FNAF Bonnie x Reader by stelyaria
Sweet End Bunny || FNAF Bonnie x R... by pure idiocy Fanfiction
(Y/n)'s troubles have been too much for her to handle. But when her mysterious friend drops a piece of paper by her house, a whole new adventure begins. A seemingly inn...
Five Nights At Freddy's (Andy Biersack X Reader) by MissProphet
Quiet Love (Sequel to - Keep On Dancing) by Small_Raven
Quiet Love (Sequel to - Keep On Da... by Raven 😋 Fanfiction
Two years have passed since (Y/n) (L/n) has been placed into the arms of her lover, Bonnie Bunny. The two have got along ever since the day he adopted her, and his frien...
After All This Time? (Human!Golden Freddy x Reader) *SLOW UPDATES* by Queen_Cassidia
After All This Time? (Human!Golden... by send help Fanfiction
(Y/N) is a 17 year old with no clue of what they want to do. After their father recommends the night watch at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, old and forgotten memories of old f...
Torn Heart- A Five Nights At Freddy's Foxy Fanfiction by randomreadings123
FNAF Bonnie x Reader 2: Silent Deaths by LittleHeroes
FNAF Bonnie x Reader 2: Silent Dea... by ☆@plisetskytrash☆ Fanfiction
They've lost her and they can't get her back. Bonnie goes mad after losing (Y/N), and to fix that, his friends, Chica, Freddy and Foxy send him away. Far enough from the...
Human Fnaf x reader oneshots  by jalxnnie
Human Fnaf x reader oneshots by Idk Fanfiction
Fnaf oneshots Characters: Freddy Bonnie Chica Toy Bonnie Golden freddy And foxy I'll do more later
It's Been So Long by HaleighClevinger
It's Been So Long by HaleighClevinger Mystery / Thriller
In the year of 1987, it was official the robots had gone mad. But why? They were always kid-friendly! Then that day, 1987. The bite... the bite of 87'.
The Bite by YahBoiJeremie
The Bite by Yah.boi.jeremie Short Story
A boy died because the bite of 87.
Steven Universe x FNAF { Crossover Book } by FreddyFredbear
Steven Universe x FNAF { Crossover... by Welcome To The Sin Train Random
"Woah! Hey Amethyst! There's a new restaurant here! Actually this is the first restaurant in Beach City!" "Oh snap! Steven! The sign reads Freddy Fazbear'...