Kaden's Bride by AlienatedPopulation
Kaden's Brideby •dysfunctional•
The Chase is an annual race. All the unmated female wolves, 18-25, have to run ten miles. All the unmated male wolves, 19-30, have to chase them. If a female wolf is ca...
  • beta
  • romance
  • werewolf
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The Charmer [COMPLETED] by bishitzchar
The Charmer [COMPLETED]by charlotte
Blossom Wills is the type of nerd who isn't very quiet when it comes to speaking up about the things she believes in. If you try to bring her down, she will stand up for...
  • possessive
  • youngadult
  • mature
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Rejected, Goodbye Forever. by shelbyhegglund
Rejected, Goodbye Shelby
Gracie Grey is a quiet girl, who does her best to stay hidden but being the sister to the Beta James, it proves to be difficult. Gracie is tortured at school but has le...
  • boys
  • chase
  • chace
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Agent 1 (Book 3) by Quidam13
Agent 1 (Book 3)by ~K~
"What makes you think we can trust this Agent 1 guy?" "I-uh, I knew him before he was an agent...he's an extent." "And I alread...
  • romance
  • chase
  • cody
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Fierrochase Stuff by sunshineandcryin
Fierrochase Stuffby hi welcome to chili's
Basically a (near) bottomless pit of fierrochase · dank memes, fluff and headcanons · Highest Rank: #367 in fanfiction
  • fierrochase
  • magnuschase
  • magnuschaseandthegodsofasgard
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As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdyby Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
  • highschool
  • leon
  • hurt
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Adam and Evie (To Be Published in 2018) by xWinterFallzx3
Adam and Evie (To Be Published Riss✿
**Warning: This is the story's first rough draft, written when I was around 15/16. A much better version will be published some time this year(: ** What happens when las...
  • chase
  • fields
  • friend
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Secrets | Percabeth AU  by Brainy_dolphin
Secrets | Percabeth AU by BrainyDolphin:)
[Completed] It all started in San Francisco, when these opposites met. Percy Jackson, who lives life as a superstar. Annabeth Chase lives the normal life that Percy has...
  • chase
  • romance
  • annabethchase
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The Selection (Percy Jackson AU) by Booknerd987_
The Selection (Percy Jackson AU)by Ann
Olympus has a ruling Prince named Percy Jackson, who is hosting a selection to find his perfect girl. Annabeth Chase is a small town girl who loves to read and draw she...
  • annabeth
  • chase
  • percabeth
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Theo's rules by Breesworld
Theo's rulesby Bręā 🌹💌
"Cora, whether you like it or not, you belong to me. You're mine! Do you understand that? I suggest you accept it because I won't allow you to decide otherwise. Yo...
  • highschool
  • love
  • rejected
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His Lovely Ward by greenwriter
His Lovely Wardby Janelle Ruiz
Angelica Dalton never took up running and she doesn't like it when she has to run on high heels to save her life. She hates it when her dress gets ruined after getting k...
  • trust
  • asset
  • death
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My Two Twin Mates by Juliannamr1212
My Two Twin Matesby juju
Abigail Aguilar is a 17 year old year old werewolf who still hasn't found her mates. she has been waiting for over a year and is losing hope. Till one day she goes to sc...
  • chase
  • chance
  • twins
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Into The Spotlight | ✓ by cheryl-is-not-here
Into The Spotlight | ✓by sheryl
Emmaline (Emma) Heywood resents being in the spotlight. It certainly doesn't help that her family is Hollywood royalty. Having carved a name for herself where she is an...
  • family
  • romance
  • actor
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Trespassing On Trouble by TheWonderWeirdo
Trespassing On Troubleby ...
Highest in Teen Fiction: #144(1st of July 2017) ~ ~ ~ When faced with a problem don't push it aside, go on a frickin' shopping spree and change your wardrobe and your p...
  • highschool
  • shopping
  • school
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People Meet Percabeth by ThaliaRedwood
People Meet Percabethby Thalia Redwood
An overused plot, but amazing! This is about people meeting my OTP!
  • hazel
  • annabeth
  • chase
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Beauty and the Sexy Beast by JeLeSea
Beauty and the Sexy Beastby Jenny
A re[vamped] version of the classic tale. Chloe Chase has found herself trapped in a Gothic style manor with a soft spoken witch, a territorial wolf and, to top it all o...
  • vampireromance
  • samantha
  • beautyandthebeast
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The Library Agreement by rowlings
The Library Agreementby s.l.
I guess you could say it all started with the Library Agreement. She came in every day, each time walking up to my desk and meeting my eyes with a sort of forced smile...
  • love
  • learning
  • librarian
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Mercy by XBeautyBrainsX
Mercyby Stephanie
(COMPLETED) BOOK TRAILER IN 1ST CHAP.! ~~ He had a beautiful Italian accent that sang into my ears every word he said. I stood up correctly and looked at him as he cont...
  • done
  • escape
  • romance
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Forbidden Percabeth by MissEmmaRose
Forbidden Percabethby Emma Rose
Annabeth Chase has had a decent life-until she met Percy Jackson. The irritating yet handsome demigod grabs her heart from the start. But Annabeth's mother, Athena, does...
  • percabeth
  • pjo
  • jackson
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Mr. & Mrs. Impossible! by tauralicious
Mr. & Mrs. Impossible!by 0_o
Be careful who you sleep with... because sometimes your life can totally change when you wake up the next morning... Specially when you don't expect to find yourself in...
  • brandon
  • casino
  • arianna
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