Broken Mate by Clairethebomb
Broken Mate by Claire
Marilyn Bell has turned her back on love. Well, her human side has. Her wolf side keeps telling her to stay strong for him, the one who will save her from everything...
  • sexy
  • run
  • possessive
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Smart Guy. (Chase Davenport x Reader) by RandomFandoms821
Smart Guy. (Chase Davenport x Read... by Kat
You've been on the Bionic Island for the whole time it's been open. You were never on Krane's side. You had a form of mind bionics that kept you from it. On the island...
  • chasedavenport
  • rats
  • davenport
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The Charmer [COMPLETED] by bishitzchar
The Charmer [COMPLETED] by charlotte
Blossom Wills is the type of nerd who isn't very quiet when it comes to speaking up about the things she believes in. If you try to bring her down, she will stand up for...
  • cute
  • playboy
  • boyfriend
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Adam and Evie (To Be Published in 2018) by xWinterFallzx3
Adam and Evie (To Be Published in... by Riss✿
**Warning: This is the story's first rough draft, so it has not gone under any major editing. A much better revised version of Adam and Evie will be published on Februar...
  • fields
  • evie
  • best
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The Alpha Meets The Rogue by xXdemolitionloverXx
The Alpha Meets The Rogue by Olga Guevara
Leila lived with her pack all her life. It was until she was forced into an arranged marriage that she ran away from home. She turned into a rogue and while running away...
  • doctor
  • returning
  • cell
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Fierrochase Stuff by sunshineandcryin
Fierrochase Stuff by Roooosy
Oneshots, sh*tposts, headcanons and more! My ideal wattpad story is dank memes and fluff, so fierrochase is the best option. Requests always open!
  • magnus
  • chase
  • percyjackson
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Trespassing On Trouble by TheWonderWeirdo
Trespassing On Trouble by ...
Highest in Teen Fiction: #144(1st of July 2017) ~ ~ ~ When faced with a problem don't push it aside, go on a frickin' shopping spree and change your wardrobe and your p...
  • australia
  • lexi
  • cheating
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My Mate's Babies. by WildChilddd
My Mate's Babies. by WildChilddd
Sophia hasn't had the best life so far. In fact, that would be an understatement. However, it seems like rainbows and bunnies compared to what her alpha mate, Chase, doe...
  • rogues
  • sophia
  • twins
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As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdy by Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
  • airport
  • dare
  • race
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Agent 13 (Book 1) by Quidam13
Agent 13 (Book 1) by ~K~
"With all due respect sir, adding a new member to this team will only slow us down." "On the contrary, if anything your team will slow her down." ***...
  • romance
  • chase
  • guns
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Dealing with Mr Billionaire by MokshDa_xoxo
Dealing with Mr Billionaire by MokshDa_xoxo
I got into my Mercedes Benz and made my way out of the parking lot. I was driving while listening to some music when I caught sight of a blonde girl walking up the pavem...
  • hate
  • arrogant
  • love
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You Can't Change Your Mind by aperfectdreamer
You Can't Change Your Mind by a perfect dreamer
After Lexi's parents die, she's a loner. Her brother isn't there for her like he should be, she has no friends, no one even notices her. Until her future alpha finds out...
  • rejection
  • abuse
  • love
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Alaska | ✓ by supernovass
Alaska | ✓ by lotte
COMPLETED | A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY Alaska Morgan is a rogue. Having fled from her pack at the age of twelve, she has lived a life of peace and isolation from the pa...
  • myyouth
  • josh
  • wattys2017
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100 Short Scary Stories by Miss_Guided01
100 Short Scary Stories by Miss Guided
*Featured on the Wattpad fright profile!* Read these stories at your own risk. Some of them have gore and many are rituals you can perform. Others are tips and tricks t...
  • paranoia
  • spiders
  • blood
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Secrets | Percabeth AU  by Brainy_dolphin
Secrets | Percabeth AU by Flaine
[Completed] It all started in San Francisco, when these opposites met. Percy Jackson, who lives life as a superstar. Annabeth Chase lives the normal life that Percy has...
  • drama
  • fanfiction
  • percabethau
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People Meet Percabeth by ThaliaRedwood
People Meet Percabeth by Thalia Redwood
An overused plot, but amazing! This is about people meeting my OTP!
  • sally
  • chase
  • annabeth
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The Selection (Percy Jackson AU) by Booknerd987_
The Selection (Percy Jackson AU) by Ann
Olympus has a ruling Prince named Percy Jackson, who is hosting a selection to find his perfect girl. Annabeth Chase is a small town girl who loves to read and draw she...
  • jackson
  • love
  • selection
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Agent 57 (Book 2) by Quidam13
Agent 57 (Book 2) by ~K~
"She was my best friend. Someone I trusted far more than anyone else." "What was she like?" "She was worse than Devin if you can believe that.&q...
  • lily
  • bullets
  • wattys2017
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My Best Friend Is A Vampire And He Wants To Claim Me by BrittanyLeigh8
My Best Friend Is A Vampire And He... by Brittany
This a story about Ashlyn and her bestfriend Chase. Summer is over and now school is back in session and Ashlyn has not seen Chase all summer. Now on the first day back...
  • jealous
  • ashlyn
  • teenager
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Paw Patrol- High School by klovedance
Paw Patrol- High School by klovedance
This is how I would imagine the pups in high school! Enjoy! *Humans* Disclaimer: I do not own Paw Patrol
  • wattys2017
  • highschool
  • fanfiction
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