Cloaks (A Naruto Various x Reader fanfic) by Animu_Natura
Cloaks (A Naruto Various x Reader... by Ephidi and Fujo
In the outside, she was cold, mean, and harsh. In the inside, she was adorable, nice, and caring. She always wore the same cloak to hide her true personality... She does...
  • kiba
  • ninja
  • shikamaru
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The Wolf Inside - A Naruto Fanfic - Watty Award Winner 2013 by BlueNinetails
The Wolf Inside - A Naruto Fanfic... by Blue
****Winner of the Most Popular Naruto Fanfic Watty Award 2013/14**** Ashley Minami was found by Leaf Ninja just outside of their Village. The Hokage allows the mysteriou...
  • kiba
  • chakra
  • inuzuka
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The Story of Hagami III [Naruto Fanfic | Uchiha] [Slow Updates] by silentnature
The Story of Hagami III [Naruto Fa... by silent
"Bear the scar of endurance, Possess the loyalty of a shinobi." --- Plot line, pictures, and characters [except my OC's/customized plot lines] belong to origin...
  • chakra
  • madara
  • clan
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The Jinchuuriki Alliance (Naruto Fanfic) by DarkWolf991
The Jinchuuriki Alliance (Naruto F... by Lily
Uzumaki Naruto found out everything. But what if once he talked to the Kyuubi, he decided to seek out the only other people who were like him, the other Jinchuuriki; Gaa...
  • utakata
  • kyuubi
  • fox
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Wait, I'm In the Naruto World?!!! {Editing} by Uchiha9TailedFox
Wait, I'm In the Naruto World... by @U9TF
A 12 year-old girl named Christie Pasichien watches Naruto everyday. In fact, it's her favourite anime. She absolutely loves it, and has fading feelings toward a raven...
  • naruto
  • dragons
  • jutsu
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ASL'S New Member (Partial Naruto Crossover) EDITING* by The_Little_Badger
ASL'S New Member (Partial Naruto C... by Jillian "Rosie" Reyes
Garp comes back to Foosha village to drop off yet another 'Grand kid'. This one a girl. Luffy and She get along quite well while She and Ace get of on a some what rocky...
  • childhoodfriends
  • romance
  • ninjas
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Changes: Naruto by DrakeMercer
Changes: Naruto by Styyx Uchiha
What if Naruto were a year older? What if he'd had a twin sister and a younger sister? What if the nine tails hadn't been sealed into Naruto but into his younger sister...
  • naruto
  • family
  • ninja
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Naruto Unbreakable Bonds by DrakeMercer
Naruto Unbreakable Bonds by Styyx Uchiha
What if Danzo had kept one Uzumaki alive? One of the strongest Uzumaki ever, son of the late Uzukage... What if he escaped? How pissed off would he be at Naruto's treatm...
  • naruto
  • chakra
  • ninja
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Aki (A Naruto/HxH Crossover Fan Fiction) by YoshiXx03
Aki (A Naruto/HxH Crossover Fan Fi... by Akira Shinikage
"If you had another name, would you be a different person?" Aki has amnesia. Waking up in a forest with no memories has left her confused and slightly vulnerab...
  • leorio
  • freecs
  • phantomtroupe
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The Blind Prodigy - A Naruto Fan Fiction by chaelielovesanime
The Blind Prodigy - A Naruto Fan F... by Chaelie_the_Hufflepuff
What if Naruto was blinded at a young age? Will being 'brothers' with Kakashi, best friends with a demon, knowing his family origins, secret ANBU and as smart as a Nara...
  • blind
  • ninja
  • kyuubi
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The Neglected One: Naruto of Fairy Tail by Animenin117
The Neglected One: Naruto of Fairy... by Sup yall?
Book 1 I can see every tear you've cried like an ocean in your eyes All the pain and the scars have left you cold I can see all the fears you face through a storm that n...
  • erza
  • jutsu
  • shinobi
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Hatake Kakashi: Fascination by DirectionOfTime
Hatake Kakashi: Fascination by DirectionOfTime
Kakashi thinks he's in for a nice break, free from students, after Naruto's recent departure with Jiraiya, but he hadn't counted on a beautiful stranger turning up in Ko...
  • bath
  • second
  • kakashi
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The Story of Hagami [Naruto Fanfic | Uchiha] [Completed] by silentnature
The Story of Hagami [Naruto Fanfic... by silent
"Bear the shield of the guardian, Possess the heart of the truth." --- Sequel: "The Story of Hagami II [Naruto Fanfic | Uchiha] [Slow Updates]" --- P...
  • anbu
  • chakra
  • hokage
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Beautiful Imperfections - An Uchiha Madara Love Story [On Hold] by Midnight_Lilac
Beautiful Imperfections - An Uchih... by Midnight_Lilac
"There is no such thing as 'perfection'. The world is not perfect - that's what makes it beautiful." A delicate blind girl. A ruthless powerful shinobi. An inn...
  • hashirama
  • clans
  • love
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Far Away From Home by nixySenju012
Far Away From Home by NIX
They thought that the Avatar's role is keeping balance in both of the spiritual and physical world, but they are wrong all this time. There are a lot of worlds out there...
  • chakra
  • sasuke
  • bending
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Eyes Of The Storm (Naruto Fanfic) ON HOLD by Melody_Lee_Fangirl
Eyes Of The Storm (Naruto Fanfic)... by Melody Lee (Local Fangirl)
Uki Song, former citizen of the Sound village, had 4 demons sealed inside of her at the age of 3 years old. She watched her parents get murdered in front of her eyes. Wi...
  • uki
  • chakra
  • naruto
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Silent But Deadly (Naruto x Ao no Exorcist) by dreamscape_illusion
Silent But Deadly (Naruto x Ao no... by Weirdmageddon
Satsuki Chiruka is an 11 year old mute girl. Satsuki's parents beat her everyday. her father even goes as far as raping her. The only escape Satsuki has from the real wo...
  • demons
  • akatsuki
  • mutegirl
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Naruto Sayian Descendent[Redo!] by ZachUzumaki
Naruto Sayian Descendent[Redo!] by Zachery Uzumaki
Naruto finds out he has a strange power. what it could be is for you to find out. (redo on this)
  • chakra
  • sayian
  • uzumaki
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Naruto (Reader x Various) by NekoZiggy
Naruto (Reader x Various) by Kat
Everyone thinks you are a normal ninja. They don't know how wrong they are. "Your heartbeat was so faint that it was as if it were not even beating. You had broken...
  • sakura
  • shinobi
  • ninetailedfox
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Guardian Demon by NagisaShiota11
Guardian Demon by Nagisa Shiota
No one loved him. How could they? He was a freak, an outcast, and a demon. How could someone love him? No human could every love him. That's where the demon comes in... ...
  • kyuubi
  • konoha
  • malekyuubi
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