High School Series : New Generation by namjin-sope-vminkook
High School Series : New Generationby namjin-sope-vminkook
The gang's new generation has all grown up. Now with a new gang, and of course, new Drama..
  • guanlin
  • doyeon
  • chaeyeon
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Mean To Be by chiielicious
Mean To Beby cil
No matter how impossible, unattainable, or unimaginable something may seem, if it's mean to be, it will be. meant to be. destined to exist. fated to be somet...
  • nctu
  • ioi
  • nct
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ELITE  by pskrle
Idol High is separated into two buildings. One for the regular students and one for the elite students. There are only 12 students in the elite. Due to an accident that...
  • bts
  • ioi
  • wekimeki
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Pluviophile; Jaehyun Chaeyeon ✔ by peachlouds
Pluviophile; Jaehyun Chaeyeon ✔by rara🐙
"if you love someone, let them go. If they returns, they were always be yours." © bleakpearl 2017 #141 in short story 29-4-17
  • nct
  • jungkook
  • mingyu
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Summer in  winter by minhyunbinn
Summer in winterby minhyunbinn
cuaca dingin, salju yang turun perlahan dari langit dan segelas coklat hangat mengingatkanku pada gadis itu ... Seperti coklat hangat di musim salju Summer in winter Sep...
  • minhyun
  • hwangminhyun
  • ioi
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[LD1] Maps-jcy;jjh by taralanda
[LD1] Maps-jcy;jjhby firda hantara
#1 Love Discover Series Selama enam tahun belakangan ini, Jung Chaeyeon benar-benar merapatkan tekadnya untuk tidak menyukai seorang lelaki. Baginya, kaum adam itu menyu...
  • chaeyeon
  • eunwoo
  • younghoon
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My Enemy is My Husband//Jung Jinyoung ✔️ by auraamartha
My Enemy is My Husband//Jung @yeojakpopBANA2218
What?//nikah..?sama musuh SMA.?//masa iya?//moga ini cuma mimpi CAST Jung Jinyoung✔️ Jung Chaeyeon✔️ Jung Ho Seok✔️ Jung Eunji✔️ WARNING❗️🚫 ➖FF ini bahasa nya kasar [se...
  • kpop
  • jinyoung
  • eunji
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I.O.I Next Door by rthbrave
I.O.I Next Doorby rthbrave
Living in a neighborhood while having some beagles as neighbors.
  • fanfiction
  • ioi
  • ioinextdoor
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Who Owns Jeon Somi's Heart by RedLocksmith
Who Owns Jeon Somi's Heartby MobileLegendsAnyone?
Jeon Somi. A simple high schooler who dorms with her 11 unnies. Im Nayoung, Kim Chungha, Joo Kyulkyung, Jung Chaeyeon, Kim Sejeong, Kang Mina, Kim Sohye, Kim Doyeon, Cho...
  • yoojung
  • gxg
  • nayoing
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Heart Gravity ; jaehyun&chaeyeon by mizugita
Heart Gravity ; jaehyun&chaeyeonby geeta
Koleksi cerita cinta manis antara Jung Jaehyun dan Jung Chaeyeon. Oneshot collection!
  • nctu
  • idol
  • jaehyun
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Where It All Started by yoonsoeun
Where It All Startedby yoonsoeun
Have you ever wondered what happened before the "drama" starring Kim Min Gyu and Kim So Hye in Star Show 360? ♥ Let us turn back time to their first meeting ♥ ...
  • kimsohye
  • kimmingyu
  • ioi
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FXCK IT ; ChaeKyul [PRIVATE] by Pikasquirtle
FXCK IT ; ChaeKyul [PRIVATE]by Her Hera
NC18+ OneShoot; ChaeKyul GS!Chaeyeon Sub!Kyulkyung /Jieqiong Pikasquirtle
  • genderswitch
  • gschae
  • dia
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twice one-shots (Request Open) by parkjihyooooo
twice one-shots (Request Open)by parkjihyoo
twice x twice Twice otp couples my bias is jihyo so i might do alot of her but you can request storys read to learn more about how to request
  • sana
  • chaeyeon
  • mina
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 I.O.I (아이오아이) by LemonadeSunshine
I.O.I (아이오아이)by Happy Vitamin Pill
I.O.I (Hangul: 아이오아이; also known as IOI) is a South Korean girl group formed by CJ E&M through the 2016 reality show Produce 101 on Mnet. The group is composed of eleven...
  • ioi
  • nayoung
  • chaeyeon
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❝ 11 DAYS | IOI ❝ by -fromis
❝ 11 DAYS | IOI ❝by -fromis
  • produce101
  • yeonjung
  • ioi
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I.O.I x Pickup Lines by -hiddenheart
I.O.I x Pickup Linesby multifandom af
ioi and pickup lines cause why not? - an au where ioi lasts forever.
  • chaeyeon
  • ioi
  • doyeon
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Love Lies | Jaehyun by SS_7201
Love Lies | Jaehyunby SS_7201
💌 In which two people lied to each other about loving one another 💌 "I love you," •170828• START •171221• END
  • nct
  • jcy
  • jung
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LOVE SICK by jaeyuju
LOVE SICKby jaeyuju
Kisah perjalanan cinta yang dipilih Yuju... Cast: - Yuju Gfriend - Jaehyun NCT - Taeyong NCT - Chaeyeon DIA - Jessica Jung - Jung Haein - Jung Eunbi
  • taeyong
  • yuju
  • eunha
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it's easy to get someone like jeon jeongguk when you're kim yerim.
  • jaeyeon
  • sugardaddy
  • jungri
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[ I.O.I ] ( I.O.I Couples ) Life by KMSDKS
[ I.O.I ] ( I.O.I Couples ) Lifeby Quỳnh Như
안녕하세요 Fic này mình viết về couple SeMi là chủ yếu :))) còn các couple khác thì mình vẫn viết nhưng sẽ ít :))
  • yoojung
  • chaeqiong
  • nachung
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