I Never Got To Tell You [ASTRO Eunwoo FanFic] by XoXoXiuMimi
I Never Got To Tell You [ASTRO Eun... by чαnαѕє míчukí-ѕαmα
Description: Park Haesung (You) recently tranferred to another school during midterm due to your parents divorce. The reason for that was... You could see the dead. At s...
  • tragedy
  • dongmin
  • chaeunwoo
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(NBin) unWRITTEN by darkskyez
(NBin) unWRITTEN by darkSkyeZ
He thought he was the only one who knows about his own past and memories. He thought he was able to hide it from the world. He thought that he was the only one who rem...
  • ot6
  • fantasy
  • hakyeon
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(LeoN/NEO) If You... by darkskyez
(LeoN/NEO) If You... by darkSkyeZ
"Huh? Where am I? What is this place? Hmm? Who are you? Why do you look so... sad? Why are you crying? Don't cry, don't look at me like that. Please don't cry."...
  • leon
  • trilogy
  • hakyeon
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PINOY HORROR STORIES by CharlotteMonroy5
PINOY HORROR STORIES by Charlotte Monroy
Mga kwentong kababalaghan. Mga kwentong di ko makakalimutan . Mga kwentong di ko kayang tagalan. Ma kwentong nagpanginig ng aking katawan pati na ng aking kalamnan Ako s...
  • ghost
  • bangungot
  • lola
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do you miss me ; astro binu by -SEOKJINNED
do you miss me ; astro binu by sky
- eunwoo answers the same question with the same lie. a short fanfiction. completed.
  • cha
  • astro
  • eunwoo
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Aroha Anthem by ArohaNoona
Aroha Anthem by 아로하 누나 💜
Lyrics from Arohas all over the world for Astro's 2nd Year Anniversary ^^
  • arohaanthem
  • arohafanproject
  • minhyuk
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Getting Played by HelloIvy_
Getting Played by Ivy E. 😘
Angel had the perfect realationship with Romeo. They've been together for 3 years and she gave it her all. Sadly it wasnt enough, she found out she was getting played.Sh...
  • teen
  • urban
  • dolls
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is this love?☽ cha eunwoo by seoultori
is this love?☽ cha eunwoo by tori
svtease: i cant say this has been the best year by far svtease: bc you put me through hell minion0330: yeah, ik. im sorry. svtease: but you want to know something? minio...
  • woo
  • dong
  • astro
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Overprotective Big Brother {K.J ~ P.M} by WeirdHumanHere
Overprotective Big Brother {K.J ~... by Mack
The famous G-Dragon has a little sister that is 17 who has a secret she keeps from him, she was expelled from school. She manages to balance out her schedule to make sur...
  • jin
  • sanha
  • bigbang
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Panic & Madness / Neo / VIXX. by AriMinds
Panic & Madness / Neo / VIXX. by {AriMinds}
No podían arriesgarse a creer que empezaban a desconfiar los unos de los otros, que cualquiera podría ser el culpable de todo aquello y que quizá, si no lograban aclarar...
  • lee
  • misterio
  • amor
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Dreams are Powerful by Channie-Chan
Dreams are Powerful by VBiased
Four players, a reality show, one goal and one dream. This is Dreams are Powerful. 4 teenagers aiming to be a global sensation with their individual talents. Cha Dongm...
  • dreams
  • ying
  • sm
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I Have Questions (RaStro) by maegan_duh
I Have Questions (RaStro) by Szy Belmonte
Why did you leave me here to burn?
I'm way too young to be this hurt
I feel doomed in hotel rooms
Staring straight up at the wall
Counting wounds and I...
  • jathea
  • whiwhi
  • rastro
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Cảm Giác Khi Bên Cha by Hoasu97
Cảm Giác Khi Bên Cha by Nàng Hoa Sứ
Có cha là một điều hạnh phúc nhất trên đời này
  • giac
  • ben
  • canh
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VIXX réactions by LarmesRistord8
VIXX réactions by Larmes Ristord
Comme pour mes réaction avec le groupe BTS mais cette fois ci avec le groupe VIXX vus qu'il n'y quasiment pas de réaction avec eux et que je les aime beaucoup je vous fa...
  • leo
  • réaction
  • hakyeon
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Beautiful Killer » Ravken by vixx_unloyal_stan
Beautiful Killer » Ravken by Anne
In which a boy meets a serial killer on a dark night. Began: 13/08/2017 Finished: #993 - 250817 #998 - 270817 #957 - 280817 #979 - 240917
  • vixx
  • hongbin
  • ravi
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Forever // Neo by vixx4lyfe
Forever // Neo by ♡ E L I ♡
This is the sequel to "Together" I highly recommend you guys check that out before reading this!!! "I can't believe out debut was already 3 years ago...
  • cha
  • vixxn
  • leon
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The Book of Cha|| A Bible for Chaism by MuggieTheGoldfish18
The Book of Cha|| A Bible for Chai... by MuggieTheGoldfish
This is a bible for the most amazing religion, Chaism. Chaism worships Cha(rainbowbarfer21) Enjoy!
  • random
  • theworldsbestreligion
  • rainbowbarfer21
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? Sakura Haruno ? by cha-sakura
? Sakura Haruno ? by Sakura
Instagram of Sakura Haruno ?
  • sakura
  • shannaro
  • haruno
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Cha the Incredible Amazing Cha by MuggieTheGoldfish18
Cha the Incredible Amazing Cha by MuggieTheGoldfish
This is a story for one of my friends Cha(rainbowbarfer 21) she asked me to make a book about her so here it is. This will just be a collection of stories of things that...
  • cha
  • rainbowbarfer21
  • random