The Bad Boy's Smile by ChelleAugustine
The Bad Boy's Smile by Chelle Teen Fiction
"Look, I've been nothing but nice to you, at least acknowledge it." I seethed through gritted teeth. "Maybe it's best I actually stay away." I added...
Protect Me, If You Can by TheUltimate1225
Protect Me, If You Can by Jay Mystery / Thriller
Celeste Walker, the most average of 17-year-olds, looked forward to going to college. Not only had she been accepted in the school of her choice, but she was able to att...
Cloaked Beauty by caramelapplee
Cloaked Beauty by Emily Romance
Lorendian, a small country north of Russia, is under attack by Radeskian, a neighboring country with which Lorendian coexists peacefully only by immense effort. Radeskia...
ARTIST by India_6211
ARTIST by Mrs.Allen💍 Fanfiction
Just read it I know you want to
Blind to Beauty by Somethingtrue
Blind to Beauty by Kaila Teen Fiction
"What is beautiful anyways? Is it the color of someone's skin or eyes? Their height? The way they dress? What is it?" I asked, not really expecting an answer. ...
A Dyspraxic's artbook [2] by Erratik-L4ugh
A Dyspraxic's artbook [2] by MiSLEADiNG Random
Hellllo,buenos Dias! And bonjour! Here is my new,crappy and stupid artbook! There is Almost only CandleCove stuffs I guess xD!
Reflected Light by ashhhliehhh
Reflected Light by Ashleigh Teen Fiction
Sol was always the prettier, smarter, friendlier twin. She had the most friends, a long line of admirers, and great grades. Luna, however, was a completely different st...
Vainglory life scenarios and one-shots by ItsYaSpacePrimordial
Vainglory life scenarios and one-s... by Avery Chaos-Esther Fanfiction
Well saw that there are plenty of Vainglory one-shots & scenarios so thought "why not?" Prepare for riddikulus stuff, and Harry situations(get the HP reference...
Fangirl : There is Always Hope {A for KING & COUNTRY fanfiction} by forKINGandCOUNTRY26
Fangirl : There is Always Hope {A... by fK&C26 Fanfiction
For Celeste, a for KING & COUNTRY fan girl, nothing ever goes right. But even for people whose lives are terrible, things can work out. This story shows that no matter w...
Imagine That! (Hetalia x Reader) by Kirkland_
Imagine That! (Hetalia x Reader) by ☆celeste☆™️ Fanfiction
Soo you guys wanted another story to my last two stories, and I wanted to do that for you all, BUT there's no way I can think of to continue it, so please enjoy this oth...
The New Love (Zanemau) by SeptiplierWillLiveOn
The New Love (Zanemau) by ❤Kayla💚 Fanfiction
Aphmau loved her town, it was fun and was wild at times. Other than Garroth and Laurence trying to date her, Aphmau and her best friend Kawaii~Chan and Katelyn lived in...
Goddess of Death by GreeneyedAngel2014
Goddess of Death by Ashley Fantasy
It's not easy being the daughter of two of the most despised Gods of the universe. Meet Celeste, whose mom is Kali and father is Hades. She has never been enticed to kil...
My Bad Boy by difficult-love15
My Bad Boy by Affection Teen Fiction
Celeste is an ordinary girl who moves from California to San Antonio Texas. Little does she know who she will meet... her bad boy. Will they become a couple? Read and fi...
If America Wasn't Selected: A Selection Fanfic by clairebecca
If America Wasn't Selected: A Sele... by Claire Fanfiction
Think. All of Kiera Cass's Selection books are magical, beautiful, and so utterly and completely romantic. And all this magic, beauty, and romance relies on one teeny...
Forbidden Love (Student/Teacher) by gizness
Forbidden Love (Student/Teacher) by BabieeVee Romance
Celeste Kingsley has the whole world at the tip of her fingers. Thanks to her multi -billionaire father, she is living the highlife. She's student body present at Oak W...
The Cursed by wings-and-steles
The Cursed by Find me @theaugureystrikes Science Fiction
Celeste Atherton wasn't doing anything wrong. It was by chance that she tripped and fell in the forest. It was by chance that she was kidnapped by a scientist with exper...
The Selection (Where the King is Nice) by kimpa11173789
The Selection (Where the King is N... by Tris Fanfiction
As I was reading The Selection series, I was thinking to myself, why is the king so discriminating toward the castes? It annoyed me so much that I decided to write a The...
The Selection Fanfiction (Editing) by Constellattions
The Selection Fanfiction (Editing) by Mars Fanfiction
"Just leave me alone." I say, pushing him away. "Why?" He pressed me. He wouldn't understand. You see, I'm only one in thirty five. He won't love m...
Being The Only Girl In An All Boys School. . . Enough Said by horses654
Being The Only Girl In An All Boys... by Clair Teen Fiction
Ashley Pesler has been a bad girl ever since her ex-boyfriend Ian broke her heart two years ago. Ever since then Ash has been unable to hold down a school, in fact, shes...
Vainglory (Storm Queen Saga) by KenjiKurasaki
Vainglory (Storm Queen Saga) by Man Bunkers Action
Tell the stories of The Storm Queen Saga.