Star Celeste by lunacat2002
Star Celesteby Lunar-cat
It is Star eighteenth birthday. She soon moves into a small apartment her grandma bought for her, but rent is on her own. She soon finds out her best friend has waited a...
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{••CandleCove oneshots,I guess••} by PorkErraking
{••CandleCove oneshots,I guess••}by ERRatik
{first description got deleted,but still,its be rare that i write any Boy x Boy or Girl x Girl. probably going to be okay if requested by friends or if i ever want to tr...
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a goddess love by goddess_nahikya
a goddess loveby goddess nahikya
"I saved your life once before. I'll do it again" tears streamed down her face as jacks hand reached up to touch her face. blood spilled slowly out of his mout...
  • romance
  • goddess
  • nymph
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Drakon by rjlxpin
Drakonby ruby j. lupin
One distrustful street thief with a heart of gold. One grouchy scholar with a love of violence and inventions. One not so worldly duchess with an affinity for all thin...
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Art Book by AyanaRukhsar
Art Bookby VoidOfDeath
Hey guys, this book has my drawings and sketches. Hope you like them. Enjoy!
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Flat out love (Not Complete)  by Katniss7322
Flat out love (Not Complete) by Katniss7322
Flat-Out Love is a warm and witty novel of family love and dysfunction, deep heartache and raw vulnerability, with a bit of mystery and one whopping, knock-you-to-your-k...
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Celeste&Lauren by Queen-BESTIES
Celeste&Laurenby ~ Cᴇʟᴇsᴛᴇ ᴀɴᴅ Lᴀᴜʀᴇɴ ~
"When you cry, I cry. Even if i don't know why we're crying."
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Celeste by Samantha_Leann
Celesteby Nicho;
"Liam is a threat, Anthony is a promise.." ~-~ Alpha Anthony gets his ways with pain, suffering, and torcher. His somewhat nice side to Celeste goes unnoticed...
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april showers bring may flowers by rubyjcseph
april showers bring may flowersby RυႦყ
social media
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Happy School Day Memories by TheMoonKid01
Happy School Day Memoriesby TheMoonKid
*SPOILERS* Makoto got the chance to be the lucky student of Hope's Peak, there he will have the time of his life! What happened during that time before he had forgotten...
  • hina
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The Thief : Osiris by Kirkland_
The Thief : Osirisby ☆celeste☆™️
"I was initially proud of my father for being placed on the case to catch the thief that had begun terrorizing the northern half of the state. He was capable and sa...
  • hero
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La chaqueta by denise_moyaf
La chaquetaby denise_moyaf
Celeste es una chica fuerte, con una valentía adorable, su pasión por la batería hace que sus sentimientos mas desesperantes no salgan al publico, estudia filosofía con...
  • lachaqueta
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Reflected Light by guitargirlwriter02
Reflected Lightby Ashleigh
COMPLETED ----- You be the sun I'll be the moon Just let your light Come shining through And when night comes Just like the moon I'll shine the light Right back to you...
  • oliver
  • twins
  • accident
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Warriors #2: The Hidden Prophecy (Warriors: The Coming Darkness) by CatQuest
Warriors #2: The Hidden Prophecy (...by 🐱ᑕᗴᒪᗴᔕTᗴ🐱
Things are not going well in ThunderClan. With cats disappearing, and her sister growing more power-hungry, Lavapaw, an apprentice in ThunderClan, starts to grow fearful...
  • firestar
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  • riverclan
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The Girl Under the Tree by caityek
The Girl Under the Treeby Caitlyn K
When Celeste Mills was a little girl, she never understood what the growing ball of color inside of her was. She saw it as beautiful, yet unsettling. Her mother and fat...
  • celeste
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  • fantasy
Warriors #6: Light And Darkness (Warriors: The Coming Darkness) by CatQuest
Warriors #6: Light And Darkness (W...by 🐱ᑕᗴᒪᗴᔕTᗴ🐱
Book 6 of The Coming Darkness
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Below Cherry Blossom by awerecoyote
Below Cherry Blossomby awerecoyote
Céleste est une fille introvertie, qui a du mal à accorder sa confiance aux autres, sauf à ses amies Malia, Danaë et Ezra. Pourtant, quand à sa rentrée des classes elle...
  • anthony
  • liam
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Celeste  by CyanIdiot
Celeste by Celeste
Kicked out. Adopted by her aunt. Broken leg. Amazing brain. Her computer skills are amazing! She will survive. I hope.
  • genius
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