အ​ေစခံသက္​သက္​ by chanyeollie_baby
အ​ေစခံသက္​သက္​by ☆ Hae Young ☆
ChanYeol+BaekHyun=ChanBaek By-chanyeollie_baby
  • baekhyun
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  • baekyeol
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unimaginable [SEQUEL TO UNEXPECTED] by lulu5857
unimaginable [SEQUEL TO UNEXPECTED]by lulu5857
  • ds
  • jm
  • drama
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Chris Brown Imagines by AyooZii
Chris Brown Imaginesby AyooZii
For the breezy fans of course. Just sit back and Imagine. (Some are short, some are long.)
  • fanfiction
  • humor
  • romance
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AGAIN by EuropaYooSulHan
AGAINby 한유설 (Eℓy)
Will You Be Mine Again....
  • cb
  • han
  • európa
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Fifty Shades : The Darkness  by EuropaYooSulHan
Fifty Shades : The Darkness by 한유설 (Eℓy)
Your shades are dead into my darkness... (Book 2 of Fifty Shades of Byun BaekHyun).
  • han
  • yoo
  • cb
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Who would have thought?! by Amour_keialah
Who would have thought?!by Amour_keialah
19 year old Mya's one night stand turned out to be more than she bargained for. Now she's 21 with a beautiful 2 year old daughter name Kamya. Her own store called Mya's...
  • odell
  • thuglove
  • onenightstand
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Forbidden | A Chris Brown Fan Fiction  by 1LoveMagic
Forbidden | A Chris Brown Fan Fict...by 1LoveMagic
Forbidden- not allowed; banned @WorldOfAlyssa
  • christophermauricebrown
  • privacy
  • breezy
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Лабиринт моей жизни by riyarutherford
Лабиринт моей жизниby Принцесса Консуэла Банана
Начать жить с чистого листа - как многие об этом мечтают? Но что делать, если вы в один момент действительно лишитесь прошлой жизни? Стася проснулась утром, не помня себ...
  • любовь
  • жизнь
  • смерть
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hannie ft.chicken girls by user82675970
hannie ft.chicken girlsby Jamilla Rein
read to find out!.
  • brookie
  • cb
  • maden
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DREAM by EuropaYooSulHan
DREAMby 한유설 (Eℓy)
Have You ever been in dream and meet your destiny?
  • cb
  • baek
  • chan
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My Heart (Completed ) by XingKham
My Heart (Completed )by Xing Kham
Kray (Yaoi)
  • kray
  • hh
  • dika
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Love Fighting (20+) by ohluhunhan
Love Fighting (20+)by ohluhunhan
Hunhan & Chanbaek Rated-M Yaoi fic😄😅😅😅
  • baekyeol
  • hunhanchanbaek
  • hunhan
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အသံုးေတာ္ခံ(အပ်ိဳေတာ္) 20+ by OhjijiSehunnie
အသံုးေတာ္ခံ(အပ်ိဳေတာ္) 20+by OhJiJiSehunnie
ChanBaek ဘုရင္တစ္ေယာက္ရဲ႕ အသံုးေတာ္ခံ အပ်ိဳေတာ္ဘဝကေန မိဖုရားေနရာကိုမက္ေနတ့ဲ သူေတြထဲက်မ မပါဘူး...........
  • cb
  • jiji
【 櫻 さくら】‧˚❀ Cherry Blossoms | Cell Phone Novel  by Gyaruu
【 櫻 さくら】‧˚❀ Cherry Blossoms | Cell...by 「♕」ルル♡̷̷˚⁺◌⑅
【 C P N 】 ❝ cellphone novel ❞ ❀携帯電話小説❀ ‧˚❀「 Will you be my cherry blossom if I said that 'I loved you'? 」‧˚❀ • 意志君はされますじぶんの櫻; さくらと私は言いましたそのI好きだった? • ❝ The boy to everyth...
  • cb
  • schoollife
  • highschool
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Common Denominator by treasvres
Common Denominatorby ♡
Knowing he's no good, knowing he can't be trusted, she still finds it in her to love him. Started - 08.29.17 Ended - 00.00.00
  • chris
  • kt
  • kae
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Amber Alert by AyooZii
Amber Alertby AyooZii
A good deed, gone wrong.
  • teambreezy
  • youtubers
  • breezy
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My Attention by Cute04_BBH
My Attentionby Baekhyunee cute
သူက ကြ်န္ေတာ္႔အေသြးအသားတို႔နွင္႔ ပံုေဖာ္ထုဆစ္ထားတဲ႔သူပါ
  • cb
  • kaisoo
  • exofanbaekhyunee
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°LONG TIME° ~Quavo~ [EN PAUSE] by DaeDaeNigga
°LONG TIME° ~Quavo~ [EN PAUSE]by SL💪🏾
•Donner nous beaucoup de temps pour que ont apprend à se connaître .• •LONG TIME• ~Quavo~ 8/12/16 à 20 h 51 .
  • wattys2017
  • gang
  • cb
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Till I Die - Chris Brown  by kitathewriter_
Till I Die - Chris Brown by Lady M ❤
Love story with Chris Brown and Kiana Lede.
  • music
  • love
  • kianaledé
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Our Bullies // BTS FanFic by xinajon
Our Bullies // BTS FanFicby Julianna Sinajon
This story was always been requested by my classmate, she keeps on telling me to make stories with our so called "enemies". You'll get it soon tho...
  • jk
  • ds
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