~•~Loser~•~ by Dear_Breeze
~•~Loser~•~ by 🌸 Fanfiction
​အျမဲတမ္​းကိုယ္​့ကိုယ္​ကို အ႐ႈံးသမားတစ္​​ေယာက္​လို သ​ေဘာမထားပါန႔ဲ.... ဘာပဲျဖစ္​ျဖစ္​ကြၽန္​​ေတာ္​အ႐ႈံးသမား တစ္​​ေယာက္​ပါပဲ.... ​ေက်းဇူးျပဳၿပီးကိုယ္​့ကိုယုံၾကည္​့​ေပးပါလား...
အ​ေစခံသက္​သက္​ by chanyeollie_baby
အ​ေစခံသက္​သက္​ by ★☆ Hae Young ☆★ Fanfiction
ChanYeol+BaekHyun=ChanBaek By-chanyeollie_baby
Forbidden | A Chris Brown Fan Fiction  by 1LoveMagic
AGAIN by EuropaYooSulHan
AGAIN by 한유설 Teen Fiction
Will You Be Mine Again....
Fifty Shades : The Darkness  by EuropaYooSulHan
Fifty Shades : The Darkness by 한유설 Fanfiction
Your shades are dead into my darkness... (Book 2 of Fifty Shades of Byun BaekHyun).
OMG, Anthon Edwards by CamillaViborg
OMG, Anthon Edwards by CamillaViborg Fanfiction
Det handler om en d/n, der lige er startet på gymnasiet og det kan hun meget godt lide. d/n har en god veninde i klassen, som hedder Mia. Mia og d/n er begge fan af Cit...
sleepover; daniel seavey by janielseaveryy
sleepover; daniel seavey by m Fanfiction
"ugh, leave me alone. i never wanted a nanny. whom i have to live with!" "don't think of me as a nanny, think of this as a sleepover."
Paano Nga Bang Sumuko? by Quiinof_Kookie
Paano Nga Bang Sumuko? by FatimaShamira_S@N0R1@ Teen Fiction
Paano nga bang sumuko sa mga bagay na alam mong kahit anong gawin mo ay wala ng pagasa?
Babbymama(YnXChris BrownXRoc Royal Story) by ChichiBreezi
Babbymama(YnXChris BrownXRoc Royal... by «Anonymous girl » Fanfiction
Yn and Chresanto have a complicated relationship,it might be you typical babymama relationship or not. 22 year old yn and 25 year old chresanto met at one of the well k...
brothers bestfriend; jonah marais by janielseaveryy
brothers bestfriend; jonah marais by m Fanfiction
"you're corbyn's little sis, i can't-" "i don't want to be just corbyn's little sister, you know..."
Love Fighting (20+) by ohluhunhan
Love Fighting (20+) by ohluhunhan Romance
Hunhan & Chanbaek Rated-M Yaoi fic😄😅😅😅
Memory by funiquess
Memory by mrs.oh Fanfiction
An heir to a multibillionaire company lost his memory through a plane crash. Will he remember himself? Or will he be forgotten?
Carte Blanche Drabbles by desolatethinker
Carte Blanche Drabbles by Milo Random
Where I talk about Carte Blanche and answer questions that have been asked.
Who would have thought?! by Amour_keialah
Who would have thought?! by Amour_keialah Teen Fiction
19 year old Mya's one night stand turned out to be more than she bargained for. Now she's 21 with a beautiful 2 year old daughter name Kamya. Her own store called Mya's...
Do you mind ? [ Chris Brown ]  by Breezygng
Do you mind ? [ Chris Brown ] by Kbaby Fanfiction
Il était question de nous une nuit et ça s'est transformé pour toute la vie et maintenant qu'est ce qu'on fait ? #littlestory #ChrisBrown
The Kidnaper by Infinity_FireLight
The Kidnaper by ChanBaek Ocean Teen Fiction
Story Line and Written By - EuropaYooSulHan
|WHY DON'T WE IMAGINES AND PREFERE... by simply.lily78 Fanfiction
All in the title. • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED •
Start from PARIS by Infinity_FireLight
Start from PARIS by ChanBaek Ocean Romance
Story Line and Written By "EuropaYooSulHan"
DREAM by EuropaYooSulHan
DREAM by 한유설 Teen Fiction
Have You ever been in dream and meet your destiny?
Busker by riskitallcon
Busker by Elle Fanfiction
When a video of Brad goes viral on the internet his life changed forever. So why is it that his only focus is to find the person behind the camera? Tradley fic