DC Girls X Male Reader by TheDevilisaCretin
DC Girls X Male Reader by Kurt the Cretin Fanfiction
Dc images and gifs by stephanieonfire
Wilt II Jason Todd/ Arkham Knight/ Red Hood by HristiannaBiebs
Wilt II Jason Todd/ Arkham Knight... by Jason Peter Todd Fanfiction
[FREQUENT UPDATES] Daughter of the Bat meets the son of Willis Todd and with time they grow inseparable until the Clown Prince of Crime takes him away from her. Will th...
Gotham Imagines by FeirceAngel
Gotham Imagines by Loup Blanc Fanfiction
Just some awesome (hopefully) imagines with characters including, but not limited to, Jerome, Oswald, Edward, Jim, Harvey Dent, Harvey Bullock, Bruce, Selina, Alfre...
Two Sides of the Same Coin | Young Justice *UNDER EDITING! by alexaveil
Two Sides of the Same Coin | Young... by alexa Fanfiction
❝You've crossed too many lines.❞ ❝Then don't draw any.❞ ー If you lived in Gotham long enough you knew exactly who she was. People feared her. Criminals praised her. Hero...
Gotham Preferences by alicegradswe
Gotham Preferences by Alicee Fanfiction
Preferences for your favorite Gotham characters! Including: Jim Gordon Oswald Copplepot Edward Nigma Jerome Valeska Bruce Wayne Tabitha Galavan And more!
Too Late by Sibuna14
Too Late by Kellyann Fanfiction
Edward Nygma was always trying to get the attention of Kristen Kringle, with every try she pushed him away. He wanted to give up, until she came along. She was the only...
Philophobia [Dr. Jonathan Crane] by Evilvillains777
Philophobia [Dr. Jonathan Crane] by Villains Fanfiction
"Philophobia is the fear of emotional attachment; fear of being in, or falling in love." Two opposite sides of the same coin. Both joined by their love of fear...
Goodbye Sanity, Hello Headlines by mikaylapast
Goodbye Sanity, Hello Headlines by Mikayla Fanfiction
"Come on gorgeous, you didn't think I'd stay dead did you?" SEQUEL TO GOTHAM GAZETTE, DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THAT Turns out killing your dad land...
Victoria's Secret by LoveHenrietta
Victoria's Secret by Henrietta Romance
Sebastian Richard is a cold-hearted man. But when he sees a homeless kitten outside his house, his seemingly stoned heart melts into a puddle. He decides to adopt her an...
Batfamily Family Scenarios by 22shawm
Batfamily Family Scenarios by Pretty much a psychiatrist at... Fanfiction
A Story of what would happen if you , the reader, were born into the Batfamily. Before the first Robin , what if Batman and Catwoman had a child and she grew up with h...
Batfamily Boyfriend Scenarios by 22shawm
Batfamily Boyfriend Scenarios by Pretty much a psychiatrist at... Fanfiction
What the Title says. The boys are al different ages depending on the person. With Bruce : Dick = 13 Jason = 11 Tim = 9 Damian = 6 With Dick : ...
Intoxicated - Bruce Wayne by selinakyle1999
Intoxicated - Bruce Wayne by Selina Kyle Fanfiction
Eva King, considered just another rat in Gotham's slum, butted heads with the one and only, the Dark Knight, when she had to rob a bank with others by her side. She caug...
Dc memes and other by stephanieonfire
Dc memes and other by Stephanie Random
The title say it all and i dont own nothing
His Angel // A Joker Fanfic // by DCfanfic_chic
His Angel // A Joker Fanfic // by Damaged Little Sh!t Fanfiction
Maddison Dayslee, or otherwise known as Angel, is a well known assassin and a criminal of Gotham City. Joker is intrigued by her skills and decides that he can use h...
Beautifully Twisted - {A Jerome/Gotham Story} by Kaylakuy
Beautifully Twisted - {A Jerome/Go... by Be A Freak... ❤️ Fanfiction
Ana Wilson, a 17 year old girl living in Gotham, never thought that a trip to the circus would turn her whole life around.... A night of wonder ends in horror. The onl...
Falling for you, Joker by DanyellaCamarenaEich
Falling for you, Joker by danycam Fanfiction
Falling in love is one of the best feelings ever, right? Right after the Joker accidentally brutally murdered his love, Harley Quinn, he went back to his old time best...
Riddle Me This (Riddler Love Story) by harleyquinnxoxo
Riddle Me This (Riddler Love Story) by Aimee Fanfiction
Laura is just a normal girl with a terrible past. When she moves to Gotham and gets a job at Arkham Asylum, she thinks it's the start of her brand new, normal life. She...
Catwoman's Daughter by klcanime28
Catwoman's Daughter by klcanime28 Romance
A little baby girl left alone to rot in the streets of Gotham. Until Catwoman came along to save her from her death. What happens when this girl meets Nightwing one of B...
Daughters of Gotham //SLOW UPDATE// by otaku_pisces
Daughters of Gotham //SLOW UPDATE// by your average otaku Fanfiction
They thought I was a JOKE! They thought they could pull me down What they didn't know was kitty got claws... Have you ever thought that maybe just maybe Harley Quinn...