Fire 🔥 Awards🥇🥈🥉🏅🎖 by TheElementWielders
Fire 🔥 Awards🥇🥈🥉🏅🎖 by The Element Community Random
Here to help undiscovered authors spring and blossom Unofficial Awards Voting and judging All categories accepted
Welcome Our Little Red Riding Hood.VampireverseXReader by Hisayashi
Welcome Our Little Red Riding Hood... by > Fanfiction
'I'm Your Little Red Riding Hood!~ Hehehe!' 'Don't Worry I'm Just More Different Than That Little Red Riding Hood Story!~"
C's Photography Contest [OPEN] by Writer_Fisher
C's Photography Contest [OPEN] by Camomile Tea Random
This is a series of photography conests, held by me. Good luck!! Awesome cover by @s3cr3tss
The ABC Awards 2017 • Open by The_Ravenclaw_Girl
The ABC Awards 2017 • Open by 🦋🖤 Random
Fancy your chances at being recognised? Struggling with the competition of a huge amount of people? Look no further. The ABC Awards are certainly for you [OPEN]
The Jasmine Awards by The-Jasmine-Awards
The Jasmine Awards by The-Jasmine-Awards Random
The Jasmine Awards happen once a year!! These awards celebrate diversity and different stories, and the number of reads and votes DOESN'T MATTER. Apply to be a particip...
I'm Talking With A BOOK ||NAJ|| Goth xReaderx Nightmare by Hisayashi
I'm Talking With A BOOK ||NAJ|| Go... by > Fanfiction
"Sometimes Try Finding A Empty Book With Vacant Pages To Write on Then End Up Falling InLove " -Hisayashi//Author
| warriors | name generator by WarriorzFollowers
| warriors | name generator by warriorz Random
Name Generator. Want to know your warrior cat name? Out of names? Out of names for warrior cat fanfictions? Can't think of a creative or spoofy name for your book? Well...
Nightfall Awards by _Nightfall
Nightfall Awards by _Nightfall Random
Nightfall Awards include awards in different categories for writers who want to be recognized for their work. Enter today.
The Lightning Awards [FINALIZED] by TheLightningAwards
The Lightning Awards [FINALIZED] by ⚽ TLA ⚽ Random
Do you believe fanfiction is serious literature? Are you a serious fanfic writer who deserves more recognition? Tired that X Reader and Random books have mor...
Childhood Memories || Adrien Agreste x Reader by Hisayashi
Childhood Memories || Adrien Agres... by > Fanfiction
"At First I Thought She Was The One Who Left Me But Actually I Was The One Who Left Her" -Hisayashi.
Songs for every emotion or category by OceansInfinity
Crushy Crush | Jimi-Kare Nao x Reader by Hisayashi
Crushy Crush | Jimi-Kare Nao x Rea... by > Fanfiction
My Quiet Boyfriend!~ : Jimi Kare Nao Give Him Some Love Will ya ! ■SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!
Book Review by -reviewsandshit
Book Review by ━ d & s ━ Random
❝Where I review your books❞ Cover credits: @BonitaRouge
The Choice by hanostyles1521
The Choice by hanya mostafa Vampire
حسنا لنبدأ يوجد مصاص دماء و توجد فتاة بشرية، وسوف يقعان في الحب ولكن هذه الفتاة تشكل تهديدا على كل مصاصي الدماء فيضطر الفتى إلى تحويل حبيبته ليعيشوا حياة سعيدة إلى الأبد...
The Amazing Monthly Awards/ The Wattys 2017 by Tamiramichelle
The Amazing Monthly Awards/ The Wa... by Tamiramichelle Random
This a competition where you will have fun have awards just follow and you'll know!!!
The Jewel Awards (CLOSED) by thejewelawards
The Jewel Awards (CLOSED) by The Jewel Awards Random
All categories are open, and Mature stories are allowed. Prizes are given and the rules are inside! Go take a look and enter to win fabulous prizes and have fun while do...