The Daughter of Hecate (Percy Jackson/Harry Potter) by frostfire613
The Daughter of Hecate (Percy Jack... by frostfire613
After the war, Vitani (Fem!Harry) Potter finds out that she's the daughter of the Goddess of Witchcraft and Magic, Hecate. Hecate directs her to Camp Half-Blood where sh...
  • jackson
  • luke
  • percy
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Jackson, A Werewolf AU by cross13ctr
Jackson, A Werewolf AU by Christopher Ross
Percy Jackson was never a son of Poseidon, just his adopted son. Jackson was a born a werewolf when Lycaon raped his mother, Sally Jackson. When Poseidon saw that Lycaon...
  • werewolf
  • castellan
  • completed
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PERCY JACKSON: The Hero Returns by ThatGerlNamedTwat
PERCY JACKSON: The Hero Returns by ThatGerlNamedTwat
One man One tragic ending One army One impossible quest One hero Hundreds that betrayed, One hero Millions that will kill, One hero Billions will be served by, One hero ...
  • pjohoo
  • perzoe
  • castellan
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The Seven Demigods in Highschool by AnanyalovesPJO
The Seven Demigods in Highschool by Ananya Ramesh
What happens when the seven, Thalia and Nico, go to high school?
  • caleo
  • frazel
  • castellan
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Letters to Luke // Thaluke by rayleesrambles
Letters to Luke // Thaluke by Raylee Winters
Dear Luke, I know you broke your promise, and that hurts. But I still miss you. I know Annabeth does too. I want to see you again, at least just once. I want us to be l...
  • castellan
  • memories
  • grace
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Dead Boy Walking (Puke)(PercyxLuke) by blackbeltbek
Dead Boy Walking (Puke)(PercyxLuke) by Becky May
Luke is back and Percy wants to kill himself (Luke doesn't know, of course)
  • hoo
  • boyxboy
  • bxb
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The Hurtful Truth by zoedelfia
The Hurtful Truth by Bella Morte
Stella Grace is the younger sister of Thalia Grace and daughter of Zeus, God of all Gods. Luke Castellan is the love of her life. What happens when he betrays her and ev...
  • story
  • castellan
  • luke
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Ordinary (A Percy Jackson Story) by Greenninjagal
Ordinary (A Percy Jackson Story) by Sabrina Green
Being a demigod isn't easy. "Family Luke, you promised." It isn't fair. "If anything happens, give that to Nico." It gets dangerous. "There is n...
  • jackson
  • nancy
  • castellan
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Consejos de Hermes, los mejores para sus hijos! by SolRodriguez679
Consejos de Hermes, los mejores pa... by Sol. ♥
Son consejos obligatorios no reglas. Todo hijo orgulloso de Hermes los conoce, los usa y los hace complir.
  • travis
  • jackson
  • mestizo
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What if Luke Castellan Had Gone to Tartarus? by PercyJackson26070
What if Luke Castellan Had Gone to... by PercyJackson26070
Liz Colts is a new demigod in Camp Half-Blood, she came the summer just after Luke Castellan had died. She had heard what was all going on and was confused. Who is this...
  • percy
  • öf
  • leo
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torn ☤ apollo by ohmyolympus
torn ☤ apollo by ˗ˏˋ abigail ˊˎ˗
❝Stay safe, Cap,❞ Percy whispered to his best friend. ❝I'll . . . see you at the end of the line one day.❞ In which a relationship evolves between a handsome god and a d...
  • love
  • gods
  • percyjackson
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The lonely the unloved the betrayed by RamJet7272
The lonely the unloved the betrayed by Mrs.Vadlez_72
Reyna- everyone Reyna has ever loved has always left her alone in the world. She has been left out forgotten and replaced. She is the lonely. Leo- he his a joker a prank...
  • zoe
  • avila
  • percy
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Forbidden (A Luke Castellan Love Story) by WriterManiac1
Forbidden (A Luke Castellan Love S... by Breann
Avery Hawkins had been orphaned nearly her whole life. But when things started to look normal for her, everything takes a twist to strange. Her true nature as a demigod...
  • fiction
  • gods
  • demigods
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If Looks Could Kill *Percy Jackson and the Olympians* by Awkwardly_Beautiful
If Looks Could Kill *Percy Jackson... by Violet =)
Book One: Violet Wilde's world changes forever once her wheel-chair ridden best friend grows legs during a fight with a creature Violet had only read about in book unti...
  • percy
  • harries
  • finn
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Key to the Stars (A Percy Jackson and Fairy Tail Crossover) by FangirlFates
Key to the Stars (A Percy Jackson... by Twila, Sabrina, Jaz
Shining, Shimmering Stars. "Let the world honor you, my huntress." Silver and gold glittering key. "Live forever in the stars." Zoë Nightshade's dea...
  • ethan
  • ethanca
  • castellan
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The Lightning Thief (Perluke version)  by I_Am_The_Ship_Lord
The Lightning Thief (Perluke versi... by Bre
I know a lot of people out there ship Perluke. So I'm going to change Rick Riordan's story and make it into Perluke. So there will be drastic changes. Luke will be the s...
  • luke
  • underwood
  • gods
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Truth Be Told (Luke Castellan Love Story) by Amb3rWinchester
Truth Be Told (Luke Castellan Love... by Amb3rWinchester
Later in the story, the one person Isabel hates, she saves. His name is Luke, Luke Castellan. She dove in the water after him, to save him. Percy threw the Trident aroun...
  • dean
  • nico
  • percy
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Hunters & Demigods (PJO x SPN Crossover) by BeautifulPain14
Hunters & Demigods (PJO x SPN Cros... by 💀American Psycho💀
[Set In PJO: THE TITAN'S CURSE Set in SPN: Seasons 2-3] "The bane of Olympus shows the trail, Campers, Hunters, and Mortals combined prevail, The Titan's curse must...
  • fanfiction
  • crossover
  • thetitanscurse
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Hades' Daughter (A Luke Castellan Love Story) Book 2 by kingystories1999
Hades' Daughter (A Luke Castellan... by kingystories1999
This is the second book in the series and it is based on The Sea of Monsters.
  • pjo
  • book2
  • percyjackson
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Working Class Hero [Percy Jackson and the Olympians Fanfic] by eri_quin
Working Class Hero [Percy Jackson... by eri_quin
Percy's plagued by the usual ADHD and dyslexia…but he's also diagnosed with leukemia at a young age. Now Luke gets to learn what it means to be an older brother, and Per...
  • jackson
  • castellan
  • leukemia
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