Captain vs Captain  by littledancerxx
Captain vs Captain by Little Dancer Teen Fiction
Adding a head Cheerleader and a Football Captain together is bound to cause trouble
Legacy || Harry Hook Descendants by idkstan
Legacy || Harry Hook Descendants by ELI (EE-LYE) Fanfiction
•To live would be an awfully big adventure.• Primrose is the forgotten daughter of the infamous 'boy who never grew up'. She has lived on the Isle since a young age, goi...
Captain's Daughter//Peter Parker by alpaca_twin
Captain's Daughter//Peter Parker by alpaca_twin Fanfiction
In which a runaway meets her father, and grows close to the Avengers. Particularly close to the boy with a fetish of spiders. Written with @fnst1028
Slytherin Quidditch Captain by Tiffanywhat
Slytherin Quidditch Captain by Tiffany. Fanfiction
Rozpraszała mu drużynę i obserwowała go z trybun. Draco to typowy bad boy z nieśmiesznymi żartami. * Hermionie się to podoba. * *Tylko pod wpływem alkoholu.
Fooling Ourselves by Kelly_Al
Fooling Ourselves by Alyssa Romance
It was simple. He was my brother's ex-bestfriend and now enemy. I was supposed to stay away from him. I was supposed to be loyal to my brother and avoid him. I was suppo...
Save Me || Bucky Barnes by elle_ella14
Save Me || Bucky Barnes by Ella Fanfiction
Charlotte Rogers had always been close to her older brother, Steve, and his best friend, Bucky. But what will the two men do when Charlotte disappears right in front of...
ASCENDANCY | P. MAXIMOFF by ˗ˏˋ lil mika ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
❝such an ugly place for such a beautiful girl.❞ ❝such a pretty face for such a big mouth.❞ Anastazya Dmitriev had always been a freakshow, desperate to fit in, but when...
Broken Arrows ➳ BUCKY BARNES by -bernthal
Broken Arrows ➳ BUCKY BARNES by “HEDA” Fanfiction
"The scars will last forever. But nothing compares to the pain that put them there" He was ordered to kill her on sight ,but it didn't feel right. She seemed...
Avengers Imagines by shining_jewel
Avengers Imagines by On Hiatus 😩 Fanfiction
Just a collection of little random stories I happen to think about, majority reader inserts. - Part 2 is up!
Sparks  ▸  Sebastian Stan by relevances
Sparks ▸ Sebastian Stan by — zeyn Fanfiction
Ella Williams' life got a lot more complicated when she started to fall in love with her coworker Sebastian Stan who plays her love interest for her new movie, Captain A...
Remember Me? (Captain America love story) by eleutheromania99
Remember Me? (Captain America love... by eleutheromania99 Fanfiction
"I watched as the world turned. Life went on, of course...but I'm not sure how much of it I lived through. I had nothing left to live for anyway." (Book one)...
Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Needed by Kelsey Teen Fiction
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
Avenger Preferences/Scenarios by XXanimeseeker22XX
Avenger Preferences/Scenarios by XXanimeseekerXX Fanfiction
Steve Rogers(Captain America), Tony Stark(iron man), Bruce Banner(Hulk), Thor Odinson(Thor), Loki Laufeyson(Loki), Clint Barton(Hawkeye), James Barnes(Bucky) and Sam Wi...
Stone Cold ❃ Thor. by KarlTheAuthor
Stone Cold ❃ Thor. by ☆ミk a r l Fanfiction
Kirsten didn't expect Nick Fury to show up at her house at almost 4AM, but she couldn't say "no" to him either. She agrees to go with him after much co...
Abandoned by imakestories
Abandoned by imakestories Fanfiction
When Emma Swan was 16 she and her boyfriend Killian Jones (17) had gotten pregnant. Though when Killian found out he decided to finish High School in London and Abandon...
ANCHORED《HENRY TURNER》 by ⓐ ⓢ ⓣ ⓡ ⓘ ⓓ Fanfiction
❝ S O U N D E R- (n) the relization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own.❞ Caroline Foster, a young naive sailor, who yearns for freedom. All h...
To the stars (Harry Hook Love Story) by taradarkgem
To the stars (Harry Hook Love Stor... by taradarkgem Fanfiction
Haven is the Queen of hearts daughter and is friends with the VK's. Well that was before they left her to go to some preppy school. Now she is all alone and has no frien...
Back to the 1940s by esther2191999
Back to the 1940s by Esther Fiarfax Romance
Jennifer Kate was a history expert. To accomplish her history project, she needed to visit an old abandoned property in Germany. During the investigation, Jennifer was...
One of the Guys by unstoppablereasoning
One of the Guys by unstoppablereasoning Romance
Cecelia Anderson isn't just any girl. She's a quarterback and she's proud of it. Last years quarterback graduated and she's moving up. No more junior varsity, no more se...
The Sorceress (Avengers Fanfic) by thesecretavenger
The Sorceress (Avengers Fanfic) by ⓔⓛⓛⓐ Fanfiction
Rosie was only 10 years old when she got cursed by an evil sorceress. She gained the powers of a sorceress and was told that she would die on her 21st birthday if she do...