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"It's your shock and then your horror on which I feed. So can you tell me what exactly does freedom mean, if I'm not free to be as twisted as I wanna be..." - Disturbed ~ I'm a Content Moderator - @ambassadors & I work for @Wattpad as a Community Associate. I help run the official @lgbtq profile ♥ I'm also part of Wattpad's best kept secret society: @ParanormalCommunity ~ Check out my husband @Jyfrit I co-write with my girlfriend @Godhand under the name @GSLucent ~ ***Achievements*** - Lucius' Legacy: Horror#1 ♥ ♥ ♥ - They call him Lucius: Featured list (since Aug 2014) ♥ Horror#5; Thriller#9 - Insanity: Published in the extreme horror anthology Bad Neighborhood ~ "Ever mind the rule of three, Three times what thou gives returns to thee." ~ - I get my inspiration from my dreams & nightmares. - I've been into horror ever since I was little & I consider myself a horror addict. - My favourite writers are Stephen King & @HPLovecraft - I'm 27 & adulting is hard. I help develop vaccines & work for Wattpad. So if I upload slowly, it's because I can only write in my (close-to-non-existent) spare time. - Most of my covers depict a fractal of my own making. You can view all my fractal artwork here: - The girl in the profile picture is me; photography by my friend: I LOVE comments on my works ♥ I also take pride in reading every comment and replying to them ♥ ------------- ------------- ***NOTE*** Please do not post advertisements for your works on my profile or on my works. I'm currently closed for random read requests, sorry. Also, sorry but I am *not* interested in fan-translations of my works.
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Sometimes I bash the keyboard and words come out. Other sites: LJ: FP:
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Welcome To Hell! Spicy, the worshipper of gingersnaps, hunter of macarons and summoner of hazelnut coffee, shall be your guide today. Firstly, pay attention to the sign that heeds: 'No reading requests please.' Now behold, my everlasting collection of self-written blood contr―I mean, books. A Twisted Christmas | Krampus comes back to the North Pole after a century of exile and discovers what Santa does during his free time. Words | The trials of a young girl who was cursed to eat her written words. Plush Love | Elizabeth likes to cut up her toys, so they give her a present in return. 君に届け | A memoir for my beloved friend, Haruo. He was a great person and I wish his family all the best. ...and many more! Recommendations: @Helium- - Just Smile And Nod @TheCuppedCake - Baked Love Series @Claudia_Witter - everything :> [Tip: all of my covers are made by either @hxrmonize or @soundthealarm, except for A Twisted Christmas, which was made by @goatsaye and Words, which was made by @lidlesaun .]
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"Without losing a piece of me, how do I get to heaven?" About meh: - daydreamer - bookleech - troye sivan's - beebo's - human - deranged - half filipino, half rabbit - a teen - mac&cheese is life + churros p.s. u can drop me a message if u wanna talk :) I don't bite lol Anyway, thanks for reading my books :) Email:
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Vienely is a human. She only wishes she can live in her imagination. Part of
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Imma weird bean who likes to write about stuff nobody talks about anymore! Let's have some fun!~
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Obsessed with zombies. Watch YouTube and play games.
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im not psycho... i swear