Wrong number ➳ Camren by beautifuldinah
Wrong number ➳ Camren by ♔ Fanfiction
unknown | 3:34 A.M. Can I please talk to you? Please. Cover credit to @slothtato x
Fuckgirl (camren texts) by waake-me-up_
Fuckgirl (camren texts) by Daddy Lern👅 Fanfiction
"Fuck off dude, I'm not interested." "First of all, I'm not a dude. Secondly, are you interested now?" *picture attached* "Shit."
Hopefully (Dinah/You) by Lolo_Cabello123
Hopefully (Dinah/You) by Finah.Jane 💋 Fanfiction
You: Yeah but hopefully I'll get over her Dinah: Hopefully? You: oh shoot wrong number (Sequel to Fuck Off) (Non-G!p) (GxG) (13+)
Lauren Imagines  by HoldUpJack
Lauren Imagines by HoldUpJack Fanfiction
Fluff Triggers GxG
LMS - (Camren/5H Fanfic) by clexylexy
LMS - (Camren/5H Fanfic) by Sarah Fanfiction
Social media posts from Ally, Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and Camila. (Sequel to HMU)
Mother's Love by LaurenMJauregui_96
Mother's Love by Lauren Jauregui Fanfiction
After a rocky relationship between your mother Lauren Jauregui and you, you try to reconnect with her. Will you let her into your life, or give up? Lauren/You
New Kind Of Love - Camren by Ondatbeat
New Kind Of Love - Camren by OnDatBeat Fanfiction
"You know the whole thing where every boy wants a good girl to be bad just for him? And every girl wants a bad boy to be good just for her? But we have two girls. L...
The Truth (Camren) by CchickenNnuggets
The Truth (Camren) by 00Nuggets Fanfiction
"Nobody knows the truth" --------- After Lauren is accused of almost murdering a teenage boy she is sent to juvie. When she is finally let out, an old friend...
Camren ~ Instagram by shawmila_loves
Camren ~ Instagram by shawmila_loves Random
This is an Instagram story based on the ship of Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui...
Speak (Camren) by camrenjelly
Speak (Camren) by camrenjelly Fanfiction
Camila was just a teenage girl with autism, that's all she was ever defined as. Until she met Lauren, the psychiatrist's daughter and star softball player of her highsch...
Impossible Desire ➵ Camren #Wattys2017 by Separately_Single
Impossible Desire ➵ Camren #Wattys... by Sofia's babygirl Fanfiction
Laurenwantsurn00ds: aye mama you got a nice ass Milaisarat🍌: not this again...
But, you're pretty fucking dope (camren) by yojauregui
But, you're pretty fucking dope (c... by yojauregui Fanfiction
"I mean, everyone always hears about my sexuality and then they stay away from me. So why don't you?" "Lauren do you realise how intriguing you are? You m...
Finding Home (Kid!Fic) by Drunk_Breadstick
Finding Home (Kid!Fic) by Alexa Fanfiction
Dinah wants Ally to be happy. Ally wants to let their family grow. Camila wants someone to play with. Normani wants to protect Lauren. And Lauren just doesn't understand...
Inferno by fawxhawk21
Inferno by Heda Jauregui Fanfiction
One Last Job - The sequel to Flicker I never thought I would write (Brace yourselves, this is gonna hurt) Cover by @SLOTHTATO
Same Mistakes (A Fifth Harmony/ You Story) by agbxharmony
Same Mistakes (A Fifth Harmony/ Yo... by sydney Fanfiction
basically, you're used by fifth harmony as a promotion stunt and after you find out shit goes down between you and the girls. read to find out more details. (GxG)
One Sided Love | Dinah/You by Dinahs_Hansen
One Sided Love | Dinah/You by ♛DinahJane Fanfiction
How can you find love if they don't answer?
Here For You (Dinah/you)  by LastThingIWant
Here For You (Dinah/you) by The Loving Fanfiction
She was always there for me when I needed her, even when I didn't need her, she was there. That's what made her so special
I'm Not A Monster -Lauren/You by majohn2017
I'm Not A Monster -Lauren/You by M.A. John Fanfiction
Y/N Evans was just the average teenage girl with the average lifestyle. Family of six. Good friends. But when she is has to tutor the 'badass' kid, strange things start...
Retried Love  by messynormani
Retried Love by ♡sarah♡ Fanfiction
Normani and Dinah Jane Hansen. They were now married and were mothers of a baby girl, Hali'a Kailani Hansen. They had moved to Los Angeles and Normani had gotten a job...