Instagram Model by kota_n
Instagram Model by dakota ♡ Fanfiction
In which Lauren is an Instagram model and Camila decides to message her. 10/7/17 - #463 in Fanfiction 10/15/17 - #398 in Fanfiction 10/19/17 - #138 in Fanfiction!
Hidden love (Dinah/you) by Dinahado
Hidden love (Dinah/you) by Dinah*Mite💋💗 Fanfiction
Y/N Y/L/N has been obsessed with Dinah Jane for years but lost hope for her once you accepted the fact that Dinah would never notice you but would that all change when y...
only you » camila cabello by cubans
only you » camila cabello by cal Fanfiction
❝you can only hate someone whom you have the capacity to love.❞ in other words, you and camila hate each other.
Behind The Mask (A Camren Fanfic) by LauserCabello
Behind The Mask (A Camren Fanfic) by shah Fanfiction
Camila Cabello was just an average girl. One day, she ran into trouble, made by none other than the school's badass troublemaker Lauren Jauregui, which landed her in det...
Behind the Scenes (Camren) by dinahfantasy
Behind the Scenes (Camren) by Brook Fanfiction
Camila has terrible, terrible luck. The worst kind of luck you can have. Like win the lottery but die the next day kind of luck. Like never been on a cruise before and e...
If I were a boy (camren) by harrijayden1
If I were a boy (camren) by harrijayden1 Random
A camren story where Lauren is female to male and is on testosterone and had top surgery. He meets Camila at school and they fall in love He is called Lawrence
tease ⇸ camila/you by wontonsoupfrags
tease ⇸ camila/you by melanin ✨ Fanfiction
Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows. [[COVER BY WONTONSOUPFRAGS]]
Protection (Fifth Harmony Kidfic) by imm_a_mess
Protection (Fifth Harmony Kidfic) by nana✨ Fanfiction
Lauren and Normani had been wanting a child since before they were even engaged, but somehow things never worked out. But when things finally seem to be looking up, the...
Till There Was You ⇸ Camila/You by smolcabello
Till There Was You ⇸ Camila/You by baby. Fanfiction
Some people are saying that, "There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you're the one that changes their."...
weak ➸ camren by txrches
weak ➸ camren by lena Fanfiction
Trigger Warning - Talk of Eating Disorders ➸ "But Lauren knew. Camila needed someone to fight for her, and that’s what she intended on doing. If Camila came running...
Confused Feelings (Camren) by Cabellosliving
Confused Feelings (Camren) by Cabellosliving Fanfiction
Lauren and Camila have been friends for years, what happens when Lauren can't handle seeing Camila with her girlfriend any longer. To what extremes would Lauren go to ma...
What? (CAMREN TEXTS) by Izyshipcamren
What? (CAMREN TEXTS) by Isabella Fanfiction
Just some sweet ass texts between Camila and Lauren 😏😝 SNAPCHAT, INSTA, WHATSAPP,ETC.
Lauren Imagines  by HoldUpJack
Lauren Imagines by HoldUpJack Fanfiction
Fluff Triggers GxG
Camren OneShots by FuntasizeSerendipity
Camren OneShots by FuntasizeSerendipity Fanfiction
Camren one shots that I write when I'm bored Feel free to send me prompts/suggestions!
Fixes by YouAreMySecretCrush
Fixes by ✫✫ƒÜ℃к✫✫ Fanfiction
Lauren is a multimillionaire, running a worldwide shipping company. She avoids any sort of feelings by occupying herself with her family's business. Well, that's until s...
Camren Imagines (Dirty) by xxx_beth_xxx
Camren Imagines (Dirty) by Lesbian_Beth Fanfiction
Just a bunch of Camren one shots. Some may be explicit whereas some others are not. R rated Also some smut may be blocked so if you can't see it, follow me and you shoul...
Ariana Grande Imagines (GxG) by ArxanaG
Ariana Grande Imagines (GxG) by OsnapItzMe Fanfiction
A.G Imagines , Ariana X You , (GxG) ~ I apologize for all the first few chapters there so short !
motel havana » camila cabello by cubans
motel havana » camila cabello by cal Fanfiction
a broken heart and missed flight ended up putting camila cabello, a young successful writer, in more than one situation to figure out when she pulled up in an isolated m...
Insomniac [Camren] by clinicallydead
Insomniac [Camren] by woofle maker sr.™ Fanfiction
Camila wants to sleep. Sleeping is what she would be dreaming about; if she could, that is. Lauren wants to help. But is there anything she can actually do? [Cover by t...
My Secret Crush (Camren) by 1lindsay1
My Secret Crush (Camren) by 1lindsay1 Fanfiction
What happens when Lauren Jauregui, All-star high school basketball player, can't stop thinking about her teammate and Co-captain, Camila Cabello. Will she confront the g...