Lauren Imagines  by HoldUpJack
Lauren Imagines by HoldUpJack Fanfiction
Fluff Triggers GxG
Impossible Desire ➵ Camren #Wattys2017 by Separately_Single
Impossible Desire ➵ Camren #Wattys... by Sofia's babygirl Fanfiction
Laurenwantsurn00ds: aye mama you got a nice ass Milaisarat🍌: not this again...
Confused Feelings (Camren) by Cabellosliving
Confused Feelings (Camren) by Cabellosliving Fanfiction
Lauren and Camila have been friends for years, what happens when Lauren can't handle seeing Camila with her girlfriend any longer. To what extremes would Lauren go to ma...
Damn™ by ZaddyAvocado
motel havana » camila/you by cubans
motel havana » camila/you by ralph Fanfiction
a broken heart and missed flight ended up putting camila cabello, a young successful writer, in more than one situation to figure out when she pulled up in an isolated m...
Mi Fotógrafa (Lauren/You) by WhileATeen
Mi Fotógrafa (Lauren/You) by sienali Fanfiction
"So that's the name you're giving me?" Y/N asked with a intriguing look in her eyes. Her arms were crossed and her chin faced up as she stares into the green e...
Jauregui's Secret by GeorgiaHolly
Jauregui's Secret by Queen of Sass👑 Fanfiction
Maybe Y/N Jauregui isn't really who she is told she is suppose to be.
Lauren Jauregui Imagines by breharmony
Protection (Fifth Harmony Kidfic) by imm_a_mess
Protection (Fifth Harmony Kidfic) by nana✨ Fanfiction
Lauren and Normani had been wanting a child since before they were even engaged, but somehow things never worked out. But when things finally seem to be looking up, the...
My Secret Crush (Camren) by 1lindsay1
My Secret Crush (Camren) by 1lindsay1 Fanfiction
What happens when Lauren Jauregui, All-star high school basketball player, can't stop thinking about her teammate and Co-captain, Camila Cabello. Will she confront the g...
yellow ➸ camren by txrches
yellow ➸ camren by lena Fanfiction
FIRST BOOK IN THE YELLOW SERIES Lauren Jauregui hated Camila Cabello, plain and simple. Of course, who could blame her? Camila had been the one who read Lauren's private...
Between love and time {Adaptación Camren} by StolenBlueMoon
Between love and time {Adaptación... by May Fanfiction
Hace más de 300 años atrás. Devonshire, Inglaterra. William Cavendish, segundo duque de Devonshire, era respetado por el pueblo. En 1683 adoptaron a una...
Lauren Jauregui/You imagines  by itsCamrenYo1975
Camila and the Nerd (Camren) by camrenversion
Camila and the Nerd (Camren) by camren version Fanfiction
Camila's school work is the last priority on her long list of things to worry about. Since her parent's divorce, her mom's boutique-their only source of income-is about...
Trials and Tribulations by myshipperheartt
Trials and Tribulations by Camren Fanfiction
"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor."
Till There Was You ⇸ Camila/You by smolcabello
Till There Was You ⇸ Camila/You by Love Only. Fanfiction
Some people are saying that, "There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you're the one that changes their."...
Sold  by n182332
Sold by n182332 Romance
〰Sold〰 〰prologue 〰 Tinashe and Camila both live with ther "loving mother" or whatever you want to call her. The girls both had a younger brother that deefintly...
segundas oportunidades; camren by UsuallyWriteCS
segundas oportunidades; camren by -X. Fanfiction
Después de un par de años sin ver a esa persona que siempre sentiste más de lo que podías mostrar, te la vuelves a encontrar y esto pasa en una nueva ciudad.., quizá se...
Do I Wanna Know by myshipperheartt
Do I Wanna Know by Camren Fanfiction
This story is not mine. I do not own anything. All credits goes to the brilliant author of this story, Jazmin (@moviegeek120). You can also read this story on 5hfanficti...
prerequisite ➸ camren  by MissKarlaCCabello
prerequisite ➸ camren by lydia from havana Fanfiction
"When you need me, but no longer want me, then I will stay. If you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go," -Emma Thompson as Nanny McPhee. prerequi...