We're Dallas They're Dolan by Teen_Dolan
We're Dallas They're Dolan by Dallas Dolan
Nessa Dallas is Cameron Dallas Little sister. She is as famous as Cameron. She always has her brother and her best friends the Dolan Twins by her side. Read the story to...
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50 Shades Of Birlem; jmb by geazybirlem
50 Shades Of Birlem; jmb by 🍒✨
"Princess" "Yes Daddy"
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  • camerondallas
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Stay ≫ Jack Gilinsky by fxckgilinsky
Stay ≫ Jack Gilinsky by tash
its funny how sometimes the thing that we love the most can be the thing that kills us
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Hired // Shawn mendes by queen_of_muffins
Hired // Shawn mendes by Queen of muffins
" your haired . But that doesn't mean I like you " he said
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Wrong Number || Magcon by sahra7x
Wrong Number || Magcon by 🥀
{COMPLETED} "555-567-7324 has added you into a GroupChat!"
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Sugar Daddy ☾ Jack Glinsky  by xxDaddyGxxxx
Sugar Daddy ☾ Jack Glinsky by MysticalChelsea:)
"As long as I'm paying you, I can do whatever I want baby girl" - - ©2017 - y/n some how found her self being a sugar baby;)
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Best Mistake | E. D.  by dreamyxdolans
Best Mistake | E. D. by dolan af
Living in an abusive relationship isn't as easy as it seems. For 16 year old Elena Pierce, life is dreadful for her with her current boyfriend treating her cruelly. But...
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Hayes Grier Interracial Imagines ✔ by BlaxkGirl_Magic
Hayes Grier Interracial Imagines ✔ by Aryonna Arreaga
Read the title💓💜 This book is filled with all the things you could ever imagine doing with Hayes.(don't think dirty😂😂) And you don't have to be African American to r...
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Instagram S.M by katpeterraul
Instagram S.M by katpeterraul
just read it lmao....
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Naked and Kidnapped [ONGOING MAJOR EDITING] by Lord_Raccoon
Naked and Kidnapped [ONGOING MAJOR... by Mahi
*Wattpad Featured Novel* #1 in HUMOR GOING TO BECOME A MOVIE...Soon. I hope so. Imagine this: You are taking a nice and warm bubble bath with lavender bath bomb. Suddenl...
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Publicity Stunt/C.D (Editing) by QueenOVO
Publicity Stunt/C.D (Editing) by Queen
Veronica Dolan is an 18 year old beauty guru. She has 19 year old twin brothers named Ethan and Grayson. They were all famous. What is her relationship like between her...
  • jackandjack
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Tough (a Cameron Dallas fan fiction) by mason_lee13
Tough (a Cameron Dallas fan fictio... by M✖️S✖️N
Because of a horrific past back in Tennessee, Sam, her mom, and her brother, Drew, had to move all the way to California. Sam isn't one to try and make friends, so she k...
  • teenfiction
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Babygirl; h.g by alyssaxtaylor
Babygirl; h.g by Alyssa🌿
"What are you d-doing?" "I'm touching you, babygirl."
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Kidnapped by magcon | Wattys2017 by seliwn
Kidnapped by magcon | Wattys2017 by seliwn |-/
"I want to go home." "Sorry kitten, but you can't. We will always find you." ♡☆♡☆ young teen Selina Mars was...
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Bad boy meets bad girl || Shawn Mendes  by bellacartlinn
Bad boy meets bad girl || Shawn Me... by WTF IS UP KYLE
Sydney the new girl with good grades but a bad attitude. Shawn the bad boy with good grades but a bad attitude When these two meet they instantly dislike each other t...
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Instagram| C.D by slutbizzle
Instagram| C.D by ?
Cameron Dallas Fanfiction 💞. (2017)
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Stepbrother//h.r by basicallyhbr
Stepbrother//h.r by Hanna the hoe
"I hope you choke on air Hunter" "I hope you choke on my dick Kat" What happens when your dad marries a women with a bunch of fuckboy sons? A book w...
  • wattys2017
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Cameron Dallas's Sex Slave by Flyingpuppy2000_
Cameron Dallas's Sex Slave by Flyingpuppy2000_
Christina was kidnapped by a famous youtuber by the name of Cameron Dallas. He turns Chrissy(Christina) into his sex slave.
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Cameron Dallas Imagines by turntdallas
Cameron Dallas Imagines by turntdallas
He has brown hair and brown eyes. I didn't say a name, but he popped into your head didn't he?
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Masturbation addict + Jacob by jacobsdiary
Masturbation addict + Jacob by Jacob’s fanfic world
High rank #jacobsartorius; 1 October 20- December 30!!! High rank fanfiction #75~ December 8- ? "Fuck babygirl I been wanting you" - In which a girl is sexual...
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