Gang leader  by nawaiwai
Gang leader by nawaiwai
  • maggielindemann
  • camerondallas
  • graysondolan
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internet lovers (Shameron) (gay/bxb) by cheese_ball_04
internet lovers (Shameron) (gay/ JESUS
better version of social media. it will be different social medias and realitys. it will have many characters including shawn mendes cameron dallas original magcon boys...
  • bxb
  • dallas
  • snapchat
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Insta by WeMetInNeverland
Instaby WeMetInNeverland
Another Instagram series full of drama
  • mikeybarone
  • brycehall
  • drama
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Cameron Dallas My Old Friend by SarahHolland1
Cameron Dallas My Old Friendby Sarah Belcher
Sarah Belcher was friends with Cameron Dallas until he went to MagCon and everything changed. Sarah now became a popular kid in school and Cameron hasn't been talking to...
  • oldfriends
  • cameron
  • dallas
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The Friends by Kaylee_DaKoala
The Friendsby Kaylee_DaKoala
This is a story about me and my friends and we are really stupid and crazy so yeah! 😂😜🤪
  • fanfiction
  • dolantwins
  • fanfic
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Instagram/ D.t , Magcon, Ect. Pt.2 by world_upsidedown_
Instagram/ D.t , Magcon, Ect. Pt.2by upsidedown life
Its an Instagram story with the Dolan twins, some boys from the original Magcon, and other well known social media influencers
  • bruitszach
  • madisonbeer
  • badzach
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Camp by WeMetInNeverland
Campby WeMetInNeverland
In which a girl goes to an overnight camp with her friends for two whole months
  • lorenbeech
  • babyariel
  • markthomas
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Baby Daddy Mendes by maddie_grace_xoxo
Baby Daddy Mendesby Maddie Grace
"Again Lily! One two three PUSH!" The nurse placed a hand on Lily's arm while she let out a scream and pushed. Sweat dripped down the side of her face as sh...
  • mendesarmy
  • mendes
  • shawn
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5 giorni fuori by gangsta_61
5 giorni fuoriby Lollina 02
Ormai stanca di tutto, Kira, prova più volte il suicidio. Scoperta tre volte da familiari viene mandata ad un centro di riabilitazione e nel reparto psicologia non sarà...
  • normanator
  • jacenorman
  • bastaashtag
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Instagram- C.D. by FiftyShadesOfLattes
Instagram- All The Little Lights
About a girl who's instagram catches a celebrity's eye; what happens next is totally unintentional. Is it love or infatuation?
  • camerondallas
  • instagram
  • magcon
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Look who's here by leah_your_bae
Look who's hereby Leah
Leah's back, Cameron's got a girlfriend, the twins are 3. Leah's stronger, more beautiful, and still has her personality Cameron, he's changed. He now has his own CEO, r...
  • nashgrier
  • friendsandfamily
  • magcon
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MagCon Imagines by SarahHolland1
MagCon Imaginesby Sarah Belcher
Here is Some MagCon Imagines. I might do alot of Matthew Espinosa ones but don't worry I will have the others also because that wouldn't be fair to all the other boys th...
  • nashgrier
  • thegriers
  • carterreynolds
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Instagram  by lunaxloren
Instagram by lunaxloren
lunablaise posted a photo
  • lorengray
  • fanfiction
  • jordynjones
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//:GONE:\\ by _medii_
//:GONE:\\by Vee Medina
Who would've known that after one normal day...Lauren's life would change forever. First minute she's home. Next. She's on a mysterious island that's really sketchy. Wil...
  • camilacabello
  • unexpected
  • adventurous
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Irresistible (CAMERON DALLAS FANFICTION) by destinymcgheex
Irresistible (CAMERON DALLAS Destiny McGhee 💗
Scarlett Cooper grew up in England, London. She lived in a small house in central London with her mother and father. On her 17th birthday they told her they would be goi...
  • madison
  • camerondallas
  • new
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A broken heart hurts// Zach Herron by wdw_zach_and_jonah
A broken heart hurts// Zach Herronby WDW is life
Sequel to Love at first follow!!! Broken hearts hurt, and I know it because my heart was crushed by a guy who I loved. But what happen if I start loving again after some...
  • taylorcaniff
  • aaroncarpenter
  • whydontwe
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Don't Leave▹ h.g. (+ r.b.) by gaywithpeaches
Don't Leave▹ h.g. (+ r.b.)by ❝Jitter Jinx❞
A persistance boy falls for a strong minded girl who has convinced herself that love is a trick and that life will let her down. It seems like she might never give him...
  • camerondallas
  • hayesgrierxrowanblanchard
  • shawnmendes
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Chris Miles Facts by guccichris
Chris Miles Factsby guccichris
Facts you might not find on Wikipedia. I have some great stuff to share with yall. I don't even know why I know these things lmao.
  • rapper
  • facts
  • realchrismiles
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Instagram by duckmurderer
Instagramby Babe_XOXO
There is no I in team, no but there is one in bullshit - jack Whitehall
  • love
  • camerondallas
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Messages; C.D by -NaomiFanfics
Messages; C.Dby Naomi x
They said never talk to strangers. But if she didn't talk to strangers, she would've never met her soulmate - A Cameron Dallas FanFiction
  • camerondallas
  • fanfiction
  • kelseyknight