cameron by mydadaviatorgaming
cameron by mooses sister
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Cameron by RonnieJDMarshall
Cameron by Ronnie Marshall
A too powerful of an imagination never dies. What comes with it is the question. A brand new fantasy-based body is placed into this world that begins to terrorise 5 frie...
  • cameron
  • fantasy
  • gothic
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Overprotective - Grayson Dolan Fanfic by lolololelelel
Overprotective - Grayson Dolan Fan... by lolololelelel
"Oh my gosh, Grayson! You sound like my brothers! Stop!" Rena Murrays is a 17 y/o girl from New Zealand, who recently moved to New Jersey with her family of 6...
  • grayson
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The why parts  by sweetheart2112
The why parts by sweetheart2112
Why must my friends not trust my judgement. I under what they have to stay but they don't understand what I have to say. @
  • cameron
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  • love
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Bunter💕 by Bunterfrorever15
Bunter💕 by Bunterfrorever15
This is a bunter with other people tho but there gonna be on tour and hunter and blake aren't dating but one of them like the other one❣
  • aaron
  • loren
  • blake
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Safe Keeping • {Cameron Monaghan} by jaceherondales
Safe Keeping • {Cameron Monaghan} by •b r i t t a n y•
In which they try their best to teach each other how to love again.
  • cameron
  • shameless
  • emmyrossum
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Rebellious Serpent Princess  by adommybearforever
Rebellious Serpent Princess by Adommybear
I will do anything to protect my families because they mean the world to me ~Cameron POV~ I may be sassy tough and a bad girl but I will also be protected of my families...
  • cameron
  • adam
  • jughead
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The Gang leaders little  by horrorlover63
The Gang leaders little by Screamqueen63
When 16 year old Anastasia Cassidy moves to New York she gets kidnapped by one of the most dangerous gang leaders ever. (Not edited I will edit once I'm done with it so...
  • agegap
  • daddykink
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Lost In The Secrecy {Shawn Mendes} by Allison_Agent10304
Lost In The Secrecy {Shawn Mendes} by Allison10304
This is my first book ever. I hope you all like it. This book has curse words in it so sorry to you lil kiddos out there. This is a Shawn Mendes Fanfiction book. It is a...
  • nash
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The Wolfs Imprint by justcallmenikki7
The Wolfs Imprint by Nikki Bish
Lucy Swan is the babysister to Bella Swan. After an accident that occurred, Lucy is forced to move to Forks with her dad Charlie so she could get a "fresh new start...
  • cameron
  • quilateara
  • werewolf
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My Mind... Its Disturbed by bruhhhhh_its_ryleigh
My Mind... Its Disturbed by Ryleigh
Hello. My name is Ryleigh Foxall. Welcome to the story of my life. My sister Hayleigh Foxall knows what's wrong with me. I'm in deep depression. I have a pretty stable l...
  • blaze
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COUNT ME IN❤✌ by solsi_descendants
COUNT ME IN❤✌ by Solsi_chloedescendants
Okay,so this is a fanfic. I wrote some of the most signficatives dove's songs for me and i wrote wjat i think about that song. I hope you like it so much. See you❤
  • songs
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Douchebag Cam by anyamallik
Douchebag Cam by anyamallik
- Какого хрена, - процедил Фишер, не отрываясь от экрана. Это что, розыгрыш? «Воу, чувак, ты можешь поверить, что они все еще делают фанарт с нами. Чертовски захватываю...
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House M.D. Script Edition by HarleyJamieson
House M.D. Script Edition by Harley Jamieson
Every single episode script right here in this book. Updates: Daily
  • foreman
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dear happy by _saratrinidad
dear happy by sara
- a story in which two people have troubles loving and falling out of it
  • troye
  • eliza
  • lgbtq
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Meeting You Again (Cameron Dallas Fanfic) by amberjean470
Meeting You Again (Cameron Dallas... by A.j.b
They were high school sweethearts, people got in the way of there love, collage came around and they went there own ways, but when they meet again years later will they...
  • fanfiction
  • dallas
  • cameron
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Broken Pieces  (Boyce/Stewart AU) by dolansauce
Broken Pieces (Boyce/Stewart AU) by Kacey and Morgyn
after tragedy strikes, 6 year old Isabelle runs away and eventually finds herself adopted into the Boyce family-- years later, more tragedy strikes, but Booboo Stewart i...
  • alternateuniverse
  • booboostewartfanfiction
  • tragedy
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"What Now?" by tababy0910
"What Now?" by Taylor D.
A desprate and depressed Teen tries to find her way back to happiness, while trying to cope with the death of her best friend. Through out the story she finds new friend...
  • losingsomeone
  • cameron
  • pain
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Pics by girl-got-issues
Pics by girl-got-issues
He sent me the pic I answered, I fell in love, he didn't . He hates me I don't. We are opposites with the same pics. C.D. First book so don't judge
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