the moons of jupiter » cameron dallas by neutralsoul
the moons of jupiter » cameron dal... by . Fanfiction
Welcome to "The moons of Jupiter", where you will meet a story about the Jupiter and the Venus that I know.
Saving Miss Abused  by HarliLawson6
Saving Miss Abused by Harli Lawson Fanfiction
This is a Jared Cameron love story. Enjoy.
Missing Child | e.d by fanficstoread
Missing Child | e.d by B Fanfiction
On 11th October 2005, a 5 year old boy is taken from his twin brother in New Jersey. "Stop thinking he will ever come back. He is dead, Ethan. Grayson is dead! Gon...
FAMOUS IN LOVE ✧ SHORT STORY by --thomasdoherty
FAMOUS IN LOVE ✧ SHORT STORY by ` mj, the dancing clown Short Story
in which a girl falls for a guy, not knowing he's a famous celebrity. (yes, she's that stupid, leave my bby alone.) C A S T ; • thomas doherty - marco • dove cameron - m...
the space between >> cameron boyce by boycesnarries
the space between >> cameron boyce by ry Fanfiction
"you're apart of me so you can find me in the space between.." *sequel to ever since new york*
Dreams come true by vrbovskakristina
Dreams come true by -Kristin- Fanfiction
Nikdy som neverila že sa to stane....... V tomto príbehu sa objavujú: Hlavné postavy: Kristen Clowerfield - Dievča ktoré si ide za svojim snom a nezastaví sa:D Shawn Men...
💋⬛Diva's Fakegram 2⬛💋 by Soy_DoveCameron
💋⬛Diva's Fakegram 2⬛💋 by ❤Srta.Cameron❤ Humor
El nuevo y mejorado Fakegram! Pero la misma modelo xD , entra!
UNEXPECTED by camerons_shoot
UNEXPECTED by Fanfiction
What happens when Malaeca gets into a relation for the first time with a famous YouTuber, model, singer and a Viner Cameron Dallas? Read to find out :)
Abusive love (john x Cameron) by venusandluc
Abusive love (john x Cameron) by venusandluc Romance
I had been role playing, and during that I came up with these two characters and fell love with them.. and there ship... this is probably cringey as shit
SIX FEET UNDER [F. GUTIERREZ] by hiatus! Fanfiction
❝our love is six feet under i can't help but wonder if our grave was watered by the rain would roses bloom? could roses bloom again?❞ ( social media )
Zoo Cage- Jared Cameron  by j-Chip23
Zoo Cage- Jared Cameron by j-Chip23 Werewolf
Betty Blue has always lived in La Push and she has always loved animals. Betty works at La Push zoo as one of the tour guides. She has always gone to the same school as...
The mende brothers by miss_beautyunknown
The mende brothers by Miss_beautyunknown Fanfiction
Shawn mendes and Cameron mendes are criminal most wanted. What happens when Noelle accidentally bumps into bothes of them?
L.A. - Onde os sonhos se realizam | OLD MAGCON by jessisalless
L.A. - Onde os sonhos se realizam... by Jess Fanfiction
Alguns membros da OLD MAGCON estão de volta e com isso o grupo de amigas, Jéssica, Beatriz, Thayná, Laysa, Isabele, Blenda, Mara, Giovana, Josi e Bruna, apenas com o din...
Summer '17 • Ethan Dolan by onedancedolan
Summer '17 • Ethan Dolan by T Fanfiction
"You ruined my summer, you know?" "What do you mean?" "I never wanted to fall in love." |onedancedolan2017|
exchange student | dolan twins by newhopedolan
exchange student | dolan twins by newhopedolan Fanfiction
"whatever you do, don't get attached," in which a teenage girl goes on a three month exchange to the united states.
Beautiful mess [Shawn Mendes] by Mandy_Oliver
Beautiful mess [Shawn Mendes] by Mandy Fanfiction
Nem sempre a vida nos dá escolhas, e Faye se sentiu sem saída quando Shawn cruzou seu caminho. O garoto enigma claramente não quer ser desvendado, mas Faye não está disp...
Healing  by cameronboycequeen
Healing by -Cameronboycequeen Fanfiction
Short Cameron Boyce Story : book 1 ( exist is not include in the series .) Based off of spoken poetry that I absolutely adore .
The witchs' by jayevie102
The witchs' by jayevie102 Fanfiction
Descendants 2 and every witch way
The One by Conrod21
The One by Conor Rowe Romance
Cameron is a 19-year-old male roaring for his first day of university. A bonus was that he was starting there with his girlfriend, Sonya, also 19 years old. Will his lif...
I am the Wolf Girl ~Jared Cameron~ by valieriarappatoni
I am the Wolf Girl ~Jared Cameron~ by Valieria Fanfiction
Some people would prefer to have their nightmares with open eyes, but not Cristina Swan. She would much rather live a dream, even if for just a day, but everyone forgot...