His Personal Secretary | very slowly editing by Sunlene
His Personal Secretary | very slow... by Sunlene
Cali Wilson desperately needs money. She had her father's gigantic gambling debt and 4 months overdue rent to pay. When she saw a job opening that offered a place to sta...
  • ceo
  • money
  • safelove
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● Curvy By Nature●#Wattys2016 by Cherokee_Monroe
● Curvy By Nature●#Wattys2016 by Cherokee_Monroe
Chey, is the girl who usually is the topic of all bullying at her high school, dealing with her weight and the difference between her and the other takes a toll on her...
  • losangeles
  • khleothomas
  • thug
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Good Things Fall Apart (Being Edited) by SoSadityy
Good Things Fall Apart (Being Edit... by CareFreeBlackGirl✨
After being taken away from her drug addicted mother at only 13 Journey "JoJo" Simmons goes to live with her Grandparents in LA, California. Now 6 years later...
  • atlanta
  • loyalty
  • journey
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Forgotten Love (Lonzo ball story) by ThEReAlZ___-
Forgotten Love (Lonzo ball story) by trillxvanity
Imogen Curry was the daughter of the one and only Stephen Curry. She lived in Chino Hills California all her life. You would think it was boring there but it wasn't for...
  • chinohills
  • stephencurry
  • liangeloball
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I Love My Thug by slaaay123
I Love My Thug by TrvpBANDO
Kilo Sloan known around school as killer k she is a popular girl from California . She goes to Santiago high , all the boys want her but she don't want them . A new boy...
  • cali
  • love
  • rico
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My brother lover ×jacob sartorius× by AlabamaMartin12
My brother lover ×jacob sartorius× by AlabamaMartin12
Alabama lives with her dad. Her dad wont's to start a new relationship and family. Alabama does not agree with him. Her dads girlfriend and her son moved in with them. J...
  • cali
  • loving
  • dirty
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Grier-Dallas by InternallyInvisible
Grier-Dallas by InternallyInvisible
In which Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier are married and have 2 kids. 1 from a past relationship. 1 adopted.
  • gaymarriage
  • fanfiction
  • gayfanfic
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Selfish by Michix3012
Selfish by MichixdaGoat
○°NEW°○ LiAngelo Ball is the shy basketball player, most people know him as the "lost Ball brother" Elizabeth Dunne is also shy but when it comes to sports she...
  • liangelo
  • eli
  • volleyball
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The Last Wish by coolious
The Last Wish by coolious
Charlotte is a fun, flirty, 18 year old teenager. The only thing getting in the way of her enthusiastic free spirit is her terminal cancer. Charlotte has Lymphoma which...
  • surfer
  • family
  • freedom
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Someone Like Ar'mon by Chandeline-Janelle
Someone Like Ar'mon by chandy janelle 💅🏾
A Lot Like Love Series. Book 1 of 2 Tori McNeil is a beautiful and optimistic student from East Wood Senior High School. Her life isn't going as planned until she meets...
  • fiction
  • love
  • teen
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Hidden Behind Walls by PoetWanderess
Hidden Behind Walls by Wandering
Raven Bordeaux never liked dealing with people. She liked being encased in her drama free bubble with her few close-knit friends. Though that changed when Clayton Sorens...
  • ptsd
  • jock
  • romance
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Save Me by victoria22star
Save Me by Victoria Star
(Editing) I watched as the blood slipped down my arm to land in a small puddle on the floor. Will I ever be saved from this? I finished the bottle, before lighting a joi...
  • save
  • hard
  • romantic
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Surviving Life with the Carson Boys by short4liffee
Surviving Life with the Carson Boys by short4liffee
Caitlyn Walker is 17 year old high school student. She has long, blonde hair and piercing light blue eyes. Her family was pretty wealthy. She's a dancer, gymnast, cheerl...
  • boys
  • brothers
  • cali
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Nigga im from Bompton.. by LordPrettyFlacko
Nigga im from Bompton.. by HarlemWorldNyc...
Everything started off good for leah when she was with her dad back in Georgia he treated her right he had her in a nice home took care of her until he met this stuck up...
  • thugs
  • cali
  • love
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Love Affair.  (GirlXGirl) by pimpcessnani
Love Affair. (GirlXGirl) by 👸🏽💋
{Copyright © 2017️ All Rights Reserved} - Tionne and Normani were with the same guy without knowing about each other. After they fight, their forced to see each other e...
  • lgbtq
  • player
  • bisexual
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Destined *Stiles Stilinski* Book 3 by texasforever6
Destined *Stiles Stilinski* Book 3 by Southern Bae
Summer came and went for Devin and the gang. Now school is starting back, but that also brings back the start of supernatural drama. On top of the alpha pack and the Dru...
  • stilinkski
  • love
  • mccall
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Hoop 4 You by Lilcubefalife
Hoop 4 You by Lilcubefalife
Kleo and Kyrie had known each other since highschool and loved each other from jump and the one other thing they had in common besides their love for each other was bask...
  • abuse
  • betrayal
  • cali
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La Familia // Derek Luh by supremehayes
La Familia // Derek Luh by #teamslayes
"Yeah, it's true. I have a wife and a 2 year old son. It's hard, but we get through it. I'm so blessed to have an amazing woman like her by my side." -- starte...
  • ogoc
  • derekluh
  • natemaloley
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The New Life (sequel to The New Boy) by __kailey__
The New Life (sequel to The New Bo... by __kailey__
Home sweet home Or home not so sweet home
  • hayes
  • magcon
  • reunited
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Counting Stars // Wyatt Oleff by SimplyKatMalfoy
Counting Stars // Wyatt Oleff by Simply Kat
All her life, Kylie Lorraine Acosta has dreamed of a life where she was known. She always wanted to be a star; she wanted a life like something out of a movie. So when s...
  • countingstarswyattoleff
  • star
  • cali
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