Essence of my life by DeepikaJV
Essence of my life by Deepika JV Romance
Caitlyn Mackarren is a 27 year old, strong and bold woman. She had nothing she was afraid to say and was straight forward. She did her things perfectly and left room for...
Father by kc1tubbol
Father by Kelsey Turcotte Horror
Father has forty children, but they aren't his children. They are his prisoners. They must call him father. VIvien Love has been prisoner here for two years now and want...
Caitlyn's Cousin ⌲ Allen by winchasster
Caitlyn's Cousin ⌲ Allen by нαу∂єи ☕️ Fanfiction
In which Barry Allen meets the girl of his dreams ...or the time Caitlyn's cousin moved to town. {Barry Allen Fan fiction}
Phoenix, Wrong or Right? - A Flash  Fanfiction by MorwennaGreenleaf
Phoenix, Wrong or Right? - A Flash... by MorwennaGreenleaf Fanfiction
"Well, it's not my fault we're in here, is it, Phoenix?" "Well it's not my fault either. That frosty bitch attacked us first." I pull at my hair, loo...
Crossing Arrows (Arrow/Flash fanfic) by caler_jo_hyden
Crossing Arrows (Arrow/Flash fanfi... by Caler Jo Hyden Fanfiction
Allison Allen is best friends with Oliver Queen since they were teenagers. She was on that island with Oliver for five years as well, so their friendship grew even stron...
Scared by mountainbiker234
Scared by Kenzie Romance
15 year old Caitlyn Burns has a rough life. Her father abuses her both mentally and physically, her mother's given up, and all she has left is her older brother Luke. Sh...
When Lightning Struck Nature by I-Can-Write
When Lightning Struck Nature by Lux Lune Fanfiction
"The media have taken to calling her Snow White, as she matched in description the fairy tale princess, and onlookers says she was able to encase the robber's arms...
Supergirl & Flash meets Glee by GleeStories93
Supergirl & Flash meets Glee by Glee Stories Fanfiction
As the title says The Red Blur, Flash "Barry Allen" and The Girl of Steel, Supergirl "Kara Zor-El" meets The Glee Club. Some surprises are coming Th...
The Flash Imagines by ashleyolveraaa
The Flash Imagines by Ashhh Fanfiction
! Requests are open ! ! The gender is gender neutral !
Reyton Family (Book 2) by ILoveReytonAndRucas
Reyton Family (Book 2) by ILoveGMW Fanfiction
Sequel to Reyton I Love You.
Sentimientos [League Of Legends] by Marinagamer27
Sentimientos [League Of Legends] by Marina27 Fanfiction
Nadie toma en cuenta a los campeones, nadie toma en cuenta sus vidas dentro de lo que nosotros conocemos como un juego, nadie conoce en realidad sus emociones interiores...
RAVAGED CROWN | GAME OF THRONES ||... by ✧ COLA ✧ Fanfiction
❝there are secrets that ravage you, others that make you stronger,❞ GAME OF THRONES - SEASON 1 - ? LAYOUT BY; @stxrmborn COVER BY;...
A Seer's Mate by Cait_wallace
A Seer's Mate by Caitlyn Wallace Teen Fiction
Hi. My name is Caitlyn Wallace and this is the story of how I found my mate. A/N: Not a true story and please excuse any misspelled words and improper use of phrases.
Adopted by Kendall Jenner » Kardashian [ON HOLD] by -kardasshian
Adopted by Kendall Jenner » Kardas... by kate Fanfiction
13 year old Sabrina has lived with her dad for her life after her mom died when she was 3. After her dad gets a job where he has to move to Japan, he sends Sabrina to a...
The 7th Kardashian by kjosie
The 7th Kardashian by kjosie Fanfiction
What would you do if Kris Jenner knocked on your door asking for you to come live with her? What would you do if you were Kris Jenner's long lost daughter? Kate is 15 y...
Stealing Your Girl  by -Kalilah-
Stealing Your Girl by -Kalilah- Romance
Una historia Caitlyn x Vi, del videojuego League of Legends. Si no te gustan las historias lésbicas, te recomiendo que no la leas :)
Fire and Ice ⚡️ Cisco Ramon ⚡️ by Holland101
Fire and Ice ⚡️ Cisco Ramon ⚡️ by SimplyLydia Fanfiction
"I don't even know who I am anymore. I've changed so much and I don't know if I love it or despise it. And I want to change back to where everything was so easy but...
The Flash one-shots (REQUESTS OPEN) by TechGrl1
The Flash one-shots (REQUESTS OPEN) by Tik Tak the Techie Fanfiction
These aren't all gonna be one shots, some of them are gonna be small prompts, and yes requests are open~!
Big Time Camp // Big Time Rush by crazylittleotaku
Big Time Camp // Big Time Rush by crazylittleotaku Fanfiction
While Big Time Rush are on a concert tour, Gustavo is planning for an event where BTR can get an insentive and can be more popular. Gustavo didn't tell the boys about th...
In Love With A Cute Nerd (Cisco Ramon X OC) by TheUltimateWaifu0619
In Love With A Cute Nerd (Cisco Ra... by TheUltimateWaifu0619 Fanfiction
When the Particle Accelerator exploded and turned Barry into Flash, his sister also turned metahuman. Now, Barry and Zennie work side by side to keep Central City safe...