Just Like An Angel by shawmilaforever67
Just Like An Angelby shawmilaforever67
When cocky, popular, team captain of the basket ball team Shawn Mendes, lays his eye on Camila Cabello; he and his Bestfriend make a bet that he can get her to have sex...
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Andy Biersack x Fem Reader by Smol-Bean-Dean
Andy Biersack x Fem Readerby N
**By popular request** Y/n and Andy were childhood friends but after Andy's band Black Veil Brides got popular they lost touch. Y/n is now the lead singer of the band Se...
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fuckboy Birlem// j.m.b by Birlems_best
fuckboy Birlem// j.m.bby Morgan💕
Cora Christy is a girl who moved from Glasgow to North Carolina,what's happens when she falls for someone she didn't expect? Read about her struggles and successes This...
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Adopted By Black Veil Brides by BambiiAmrii
Adopted By Black Veil Bridesby ur mum.
Meet Jacklyn Mae. She's 13 and she lives in an adoption Centre. She used to live with her Alcoholic Mother and her Abusive Father until her Mother sends her to an adopti...
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Ashley Purdy Imagines: Book 4 by BeckyBear
Ashley Purdy Imagines: Book 4by BeckyBear
The others have got so full so quickly with how much I love to write. But with this one there may be slow updates! I will also label the 18+ as smut so you can skip thos...
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The Play (MaxPres - Camp Camp) by shortflowerboy
The Play (MaxPres - Camp Camp)by isaak ミ☆
max and preston? what opposites. || lowercase intended. || updates whenever.
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Let You Down (Sequel to Lost It All) [COMPLETED] by heyit_sjay
Let You Down (Sequel to Lost It Al...by Jade
It's been 12 years since Snowflake passed away. She left behind 2 children, Ariel, now 17, and Dean, only 13 years old. She also left behind a husband, Tony Colt. After...
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Warlock's Bittersweet Lie | Code Geass  by Arimist07
Warlock's Bittersweet Lie | Code G...by Arimist07
She remembered it clearly. CC is living in the countryside, far away from the imperial city. Nunnally knows she is still alive. Ever since the death of the demon empero...
  • action
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Adopted by Black Veil Brides by GreenBlack22
Adopted by Black Veil Bridesby GreenBlack22
When a 15 year old girl is in the orphanage because a lot of bad things has happens in the past, she gets adopted by her favorite band
  • jake
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  • ashley
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Crossing The Chasm - Shieks of Ahalamin - Book Two by LyndaCoker
Crossing The Chasm - Shieks of Aha...by Lynda Coker
A botched abduction by a local terrorist group at a Middle East airport leaves Jessica imprisoned in a sweltering desert camp awaiting execution. She needs a miracle--bu...
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Adopted by Andy Biersack by GreenBlack22
Adopted by Andy Biersackby GreenBlack22
Hazel a 17 year old gets adopted by Andy Biersack her favorite singer.
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Black Is All That I See (Ben Bruce) by Andysbbygirl1990
Black Is All That I See (Ben Bruce)by xoZoexo
I was a good student, I had straight A's, never broke a rule and I always did what parents told me to. But that all changed when I met Ben Bruce.
  • ashleypurdy
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Lost It All (Sequel To Saviour) [COMPLETED] by heyit_sjay
Lost It All (Sequel To Saviour) [C...by Jade
One word. One word ruined my family. One word ruined my career. One word ruined my life. All it took was one word to ruin everything.
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Instagram | sm + cc by ccmendes97
Instagram | sm + ccby DarlingsDark
"It's really hard to forget a face like yours" * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * A model and a singer interacting on a social media app
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Life Of A Young Woman by RavenBloodmoon32
Life Of A Young Womanby RavenBloodmoon32
Ashlynn has a secret
  • friendship
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Happy(Maxpres) by lagearlightupshoes
Happy(Maxpres)by God
-high school au -maxpres -they're all aged up btw -they're like around 15 years old -(I have no idea where this is going I'm just bored so I decided to write)
  • campcamphighschool
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I'm Skip Coma, CC's sister by skullgirl17
I'm Skip Coma, CC's sisterby skullgirl17
Skip coma is Christian Comas little sister. She has never met Black Veil Brides because she lived in new york as a tattoo artist. CC decides he is going to bring her wit...
  • jakepitts
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  • saviours
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CC And His Sister by KaitlinShelton1
CC And His Sisterby Kaitlin Shelton
CC has a twin sister who is just like him. He never told anyone about her. Then she wants to move in with him and meet his band. How will the band take the news? Will so...
  • jake
  • ashley
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Famous love 💓 ( a hannie story ) COMPLETED by hanniefanficss
Famous love 💓 ( a hannie story )...by hannie fanfics
L.A? Big opportunities? Love life? Hannie?
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Adopted by Austin Carlile by ashesbvb
Adopted by Austin Carlileby Serenity
Jinxx Winters has never believed in miracles, until that one day when she is adopted by Austin Carlile from OM&M. How will her life turn out? Will she finally find her h...
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