WILDSIDE ▹ TOM HOLLAND by samikhediras
WILDSIDE ▹ TOM HOLLAND by ˗ˏˋdixie ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
rileymuller: andrew garfield was a better spiderman than tom holland ever will be js tomholland2013: i hope your team loses tomorrow js rileymuller: OH I...
Beastly || Andy Biersack by LlamaMBiersack
Beastly || Andy Biersack by Madison Paranormal
"You only care about yourself." I snapped. His face softened. "That's not true." Such a lie. He had no shame in lying to my face, nor did he have sha...
Emo Band Imagines by lovelyJudge
Emo Band Imagines by sudi Fanfiction
Bands like: - Twenty One Pilots - Panic! At The Disco - My Chemical Romance - Fall Out Boy New bands I added: - Bring Me The Horizon - Pierce The Veil - Black Veil Brid...
Unraveling What We Want by Leslie_writes
Unraveling What We Want by Leslie Medina Teen Fiction
Follow Emery and Gracen on their rollercoaster of love after high school. Gracen is given a big opportunity, but is it worth it if it means life without Emery? Will the...
Football Groupchat  by boreussadortmund
Football Groupchat by boreussadortmund Fanfiction
in which professional football players act like a bunch of teenagers or that time Geri got that fantastic idea to unite the football clubs in one huge, chaotic groupchat
adopted ❂ andy biersack by sharptrip
adopted ❂ andy biersack by sharptrip Fanfiction
they deserve everything because they gave me everything. © 2013/14, sharptrip all rights reserved. ((09/10/14 - I can't emphasize enough how bad my spelling is i...
Yes Andy? by PalayeBrides
Yes Andy? by Hailey Fanfiction
My parents signed a contract when I was first born that stated I'd be sold as a vampire slave when I turned 18. They never told me about this. I had to figure that out o...
Andy Biersack • Fakty by LonesomeGhost0690
Andy Biersack • Fakty by LonesomeGhost Random
Fakty o Andy'm Biersacku, wokaliście z zespołu Black Veil Brides. Znany również z solowego projektu "Andy BLACK". 12.08.17r. - #583 W LOSOWO
Stepbrothers  by youme_at666
Stepbrothers by Little L Teen Fiction
"I know this is gonna be hard for you, but trust me. I've met his kids and they are all angels." my mom says pinching my chin as we drive far from our old home...
Stepbrother by BlackVeilStories
Stepbrother by BlackVeilStories Fanfiction
Carter Victoria is an only child and a 17 year old Junior in high school. As the school year is coming to an end, her mother announces that she will be getting married...
our new outcast - black veil brides  by heartshapedbiersack
our new outcast - black veil bride... by adrio Fanfiction
" up until now I have sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness " ♡ - in 2012, alex didn't even know if she'd be alive a few months later. she barely c...
dear violet ❁ andy biersack by bluelitany
dear violet ❁ andy biersack by BLUE Fanfiction
❝ two wrongs won't make a right, you know. but when i dared you to kiss me, i didn't dare you to do the right thing. doing the right thing is just way too easy these da...
Einmal [Marco Reus] by Floraly89
Einmal [Marco Reus] by Mercy Florys Fanfiction
Wenn's schon schiefgeht, dann gleich richtig. Erst wird Stella von ihrem Freund betrogen, dann lässt sie sich frustriert auf eine Nacht mit einem ihr fremden Mann ein. ...
number one fanboy ✧ andley by jamescassexual
number one fanboy ✧ andley by ☾bridi☽ Fanfiction
❝u-um my name is andy biersack.❞ ❝i already know that babe.❞ -or- where andy biersack is an obsessive fan for the band black veil brides, and it just so happens one day...
Red Stained Love by BlackStainedRoses
Red Stained Love by Jenn ✌ Fanfiction
How does Andy Biersack relieve stress? How does he deal with his anger problems and everyday emotional struggles? Performing on stage? Right? Wrong. But it's ok, no ones...
Pierce The Veil Adopted Me?! by ItsAMexicanUnicorn
Pierce The Veil Adopted Me?! by Mia Fanfiction
16 year old Blade Emerson is bullied, and abused but when her dad dies she has to go to the orphanage.. What happens when she gets adopted by PTV and goes on warped tour...
Tainted Love [Black Veil Brides] by Dying_Ashes
Tainted Love [Black Veil Brides] by J. Fanfiction
Rose Lane idolises Black Veil Brides, she loves their lyrics and their message. One night at a concert changes her life forever as she finds herself battling not only he...
Silence Can Be Broken (BVB) [COMPLETED] by heyit_sjay
Silence Can Be Broken (BVB) [COMPL... by Jade Fanfiction
Kylie Sanchez has sworn that she wouldn't talk when her best friend Andy Biersack left for LA after graduated to form a band. After 6 years she kept the promise to herse...
MIW BVB PTV preferences  by quenn_of_bands
MIW BVB PTV preferences by quenn_of_bands Fanfiction
This is only motionless in white black veil brides and pierce the veil preferences 🖤
settle down // marco reus by marcinhoe
settle down // marco reus by aria reus ☀ Fanfiction
"sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time." © marcinhoe completed 2/10/15