Freshman  by dolanfxnfic
Freshman by dolanfxnfic
little Grayson gets picked on by the popular senior, Ethan Grant. [they aren't related in this] Ages - Ethan; 17 Gray; 14
  • twins
  • ethandolan
  • highschool
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Home Is Where The Heart Is by spaceshadow2
Home Is Where The Heart Isby spaceshadow2
What will Marinette do when she founds out the kitty she loves is the same man who is most bullied at school and turns out to be homeless? An AU fic where Chloe likes Ma...
  • ladynoir
  • evilchloe
  • identityreveal
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A Heart of Gold (Lookism x Reader) by -Kiwi_Kat-
A Heart of Gold (Lookism x Reader)by -Kiwi_Kat-
People always say your personality speaks who you really are and for Y/N, she was kind. She was always looking out for others and stopping bullies, even if she ended up...
  • various
  • reverseharem
  • lookism
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Blue&Red //TomTord// (High School au) Complete♡ by KatCanRead
Blue&Red //TomTord// (High School...by KatCanRead
"I hate you!" "No, no you don't" ~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~×~✏ Tom is your average high schooler, has anxiety, depression, little friends, gets B's...
  • tom
  • ewmatt
  • matt
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Number 7 (Yaoi) (BxB) by aonpayne
Number 7 (Yaoi) (BxB)by HIATUS
no description! just story and have fun. :) btw, bagi kalian yang umurnya di bawah 20 tahun, tolong jadilah reader yang baik, jangan ditiru setiap adegan yang ada dalam...
  • perbudakan
  • arogant
  • bullying
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I'm fine (Jamilton) by Lams_Honeyyyyy
I'm fine (Jamilton)by ✨InsertNameHere✨
"I'm fine" he says, but behind those glass like eyes, you can see all the pain inside. "I'm fine" I say, but news flash I'm not fine and my family's...
  • hamilton
  • bullying
  • manyships
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I'm fine by creator1910
I'm fineby Zaina Azhar
'I'm fine' - a phrase which in today's world has lost its meaning.It is most often used to express the opposite feeling. Today, Letting others know of your problems is c...
  • selfharm
  • depression
  • teenfiction
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Masking Amaya Frazer (Worth It, #4) by juliannav135
Masking Amaya Frazer (Worth It, #4)by Julianna
AMAYA FRAZER decides to go away for college in another state to leave behind the potent people in her life. Despite Clark Weller University costing over sixty grand per...
  • bullying
  • mask
  • suicide
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Disabled Love (boyxboy) by ThatTransGuyAlex
Disabled Love (boyxboy)by ThatTransGuyAlex
16 year old Yong Min is a disabled victim of bullying. When he's assigned a project with the most popular guy in school, panic ensues. Sorry I'm bad at descriptions, th...
  • highschool
  • bullying
  • wheelchair
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Double Trouble by Jadeaux11
Double Troubleby Dobre Twins ♥️
Hi my name is addy. I'm moving to Maryland after living in Greece most of my life. I moved to Maryland and went to my Junior year of high school. I got bullied by the tw...
  • nice
  • dobretwins
  • marcusdobre
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Promoted (ManXMan) by Gaywannabe29
Promoted (ManXMan)by Gaywannabe29
Warning! This is a ManXMan story if it's not your thing please do not read and leave hate comments. A little violence, strong language and sexual harassment. Wrong gram...
  • gay
  • lgbt
  • manxman
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Jerika high school  by A_fan_of_jogan
Jerika high school by A_fan_of_jogan
Do u ship them well this is the story for u *warnhing includes Smith;)*
  • paul
  • costel
  • jerika
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Love Story by Anonymoussks
Love Storyby CrazyJuliet
|| Kane Parker and Thea Smith || They feel that attraction. They love each other. They kissed. They crossed their limits. But they never confessed. They are jealous. The...
  • drama
  • romance
  • bullying
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My Wonderful Bully - Wyatt Oleff  x Reader by Finnsmydaddy15
My Wonderful Bully - Wyatt Oleff...by Leila Holmes
Wyatt oleff is your high school bully, but your pretty popular. No one knows your huge ass secrets and sooner or later they'll find out.....
  • stcast
  • wyattoleff
  • depression
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Behind a Wall(TomTord) by Miss_Mercy
Behind a Wall(TomTord)by Mercy~
Tom, a boy who isn't really known in school but loves music, was just in a music room playing the guitar... started singing. Someone heard him and walked in. Tom ran int...
  • highschoolau
  • violince
  • eddsworld
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skinny [grethan] by niceyetspice
skinny [grethan]by niceyetspice
"you truly are disgusting."
  • stretchmarks
  • graylex
  • jackdail
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Deep Poetry  by XX_Youknownotto_XX
Deep Poetry by I'm all about food
Pain is not always physical, Scars so deep, They become abysmal. Staying silent, yet wanting to scream, Pain can be deadly, if no one's in your team.
  • help
  • poetry
  • love
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Let me help you(finn wolfhard x reader)  by MariaBasinska
Let me help you(finn wolfhard x re...by Maria Basinska
hi, my name is y/n and i have a shit life. everything and everyone hates me...thats until i meet Finn..Finn Wolfhard
  • suicide
  • strangerthings
  • bullying
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Horrible Kids by amethystdarkwolf
Horrible Kidsby Max
Everyone has a secret that they hide from even their closest friends, but some secrets that are kept hidden, are the same as the secrets the one you are hiding it from...
  • humanau
  • self-harm
  • tw
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Random Thoughts by Animez1_3_2
Random Thoughtsby cat 🌙
Ok this is basically a book about the random Shiz I think about at like 12pm to 4am This is gonna get prETTY FUCK WEIRD MA BOIZ
  • meme
  • demmemes
  • sendhelp
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