Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Babyby Cristina
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
  • goodbye
  • peeved
  • whispering
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Bloody Mess |Creepypastas X  !Wolf! Reader SLOW UPDATES by TemmiToons
Bloody Mess |Creepypastas X !Wolf...by Depressed 2.0
New description: your name is (y/n), you've been bullied and abused for most of your life. But one night you decided that you have had enough and killed your parents. Fo...
  • bullshit
  • lol
  • sushirocks
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More Than Friends? || Vkook❤ by pepperoni_cupcake316
More Than Friends? || Vkook❤by pepperoni_cupcake316
The clumsy and socially awkward jungkook falls for the popular boy who has the perfect life, Taehyung.
  • bullshit
  • bullystory
  • namjoon
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Randomness by funnilyenough
Randomnessby ❤️Late Replier❤️
Heyy! You already know me from my bio (if you have bothered to read it, wouldn't blame you if you didn't, its fucking long ?) so this book is for random bullshit like fa...
  • swearing
  • fun
  • glorious
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Everything Has Changed. [Larry Stylinson] {Completed} by larrywanks
Everything Has Changed. [Larry Sty...by queen
"Maybe I should just leave the band, eh?" "That's what I've been telling you all along you dickhead. What's keeping you here?" "A fucking contra...
  • one
  • direction
  • stylinson
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Brandon Rogers Quotes by ReigningQuotesQueen
Brandon Rogers Quotesby ON HIATUS ||●○
A book full of offensive, sarcastic and funny bullshit.
  • brandon
  • bullshit
  • offensive
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Under the Cover. {Larry Stylinson AU} [Completed] by larrywanks
Under the Cover. {Larry Stylinson...by queen
"But we all know I can make anyone fall in love with me." "Anyone huh?" Louis nodded. "Well let's make this interesting with a bet. I bet you th...
  • styles
  • direction
  • one
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Fucked Up Honesty by TheScarletSinner
Fucked Up Honestyby Kalipedia
You know how people always say they want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Honesty out of this world? No lying, no sugarcoating, no bullshit? They d...
  • rants
  • bullshit
  • honesty
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starboy [stories three] by Iewis-
starboy [stories three]by lew
hopefully a lot better writing and a lot less bullshit
  • stopmeplease
  • lew
  • lewis
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The nerd and the bad boy by DestinyCarter689
The nerd and the bad boyby Destiny Drew Carter
Crimson Lucifer Jay Black 17 years old and still in highschool she's a senior she might seem like your everyday girl that has all the friends and gets all the guys well...
  • bullshit
  • badboy
  • drama
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Eclipse ||Nba youngboy by tayebaby033
Eclipse ||Nba youngboyby FamousAssTai💋💍
read n find out
  • indiawestbrooks
  • cheater
  • damn
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craving ; yandere vampire boys x reader by -sueshi
craving ; yandere vampire boys x r...by try me
❝you were their only source of 'ecstasy', and they were craving you❞ [mature content] [gore scenes ¡you will be warned before the chapter begins!] [intense cussing] [NO...
  • yandereboyxreader
  • nightclass
  • xreader
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The girl no one knew by madyr_dance
The girl no one knewby Dancer.05
Meet Adelyn. She has it hard, she lives by herself, she has a lot of anxiety and she also has depression. Adelyn, sh doesn't want live any longer with the torment rackin...
  • cutting
  • hard
  • depression
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Pearly 3: The Direct-To-Video Sequel by SeasideFerrisWheel
Pearly 3: The Direct-To-Video Sequ...by Reality is a lovely place, bu...
More of my bullshit. Lots of complaining about Pokespe BW.
  • homestuck
  • ranting
  • pokemon
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Sunny Nights and Rosy Mornings (coming soon) by AllaboutGays3690
Sunny Nights and Rosy Mornings (co...by Sagittarius❤
Avery Carmen is a new kid in West Virginia High School and he's immediately becoming popular. He just moved to Virginia from New York. He's been openly gay his whole lif...
  • drama
  • gay
  • bullshit
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_-Roleplay book-_ by Diamondbeeloxwrites
_-Roleplay book-_by _-*Little Kitsune*-_
sans roleplay books and stuff
  • roleplay
  • random
  • afterdeath
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A Zayn Malik Love Story by Welcome_tomyworld
A Zayn Malik Love Storyby Faye
Zayn Malik get's promoted a new job in New York by a girl named Faye Simpson. They are only collogues but they become close friends, and maybe even lovers.
  • niall
  • styles
  • marriage
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How to become a real Proxy (Really works!) by ShitFuckDamn
How to become a real Proxy (Really...by The FuCK
This is dead lmao
  • bullshit
  • creepypasta
My Diaper Punishment by grc2005
My Diaper Punishmentby grc2005
When daddy Quinn finds out you wet the bed again he puts you back in diapers
  • pussies
  • bullshit
  • gayness
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