The Nanny (EDITING) by loveme1819
The Nanny (EDITING) by Lyfe Storiez
Za'Rayah (Zuh-Ray-Uh) Parker is from East Garfield Park in Chicago. The rough city raised her to take nothing and be remorseful. The pain of her mother's death really hu...
  • tyla
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Phat Girl | The Game & Chris Brown by breezyswife05
Phat Girl | The Game & Chris Brown by Shardaé
Lauren is a shy girl that has just moved to Atlanta for college. Being bullied throughout high school has left her depressed, self conscious and feeling worthless. Hopef...
  • august
  • love
  • alsina
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Bloom Again /James Potter/  ❁book 2❁ by InspirationExists
Bloom Again /James Potter/ ❁book... by rachel
Trying to be herself again, Bea faces the hard trials of her life in her best attempt of forcing herself to become who she was, but she realises soon enough that flowers...
  • remuslupin
  • maraudersera
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My Room [Jyatt] by BleachGulper
My Room [Jyatt] by Queen Bitch
Jaedens mom has to go cross country for a few months, so she asks her best friend to watch over Jaeden til she gets back. But what if her best friend was Wyatt's mom? W...
  • stcast
  • jaeden
  • jyatt
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Runaway Life // FILLIE by ST_Fillie
Runaway Life // FILLIE by Stranger Person
{sequel to Contemporary Life} After what happened in the small town with big problems, it was time to escape before everything got worse.. way worse. In that short perio...
  • runaway
  • brown
  • fillie
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Hola, Bonnie. by -soy_antonella
Hola, Bonnie. by ❝antonella❞
Bonnie Brianna Brown, ¿les suena?
  • frank
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DAWG by CreativelySOCIAL
Zayne Sanchez isn't the average "lady's man", he classifies himself as the most honest of them all: a DAWG. He keeps his view on women and his way of life real...
  • chris
  • romance
  • drama
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Rise Up (Editing) by JakeiraHurst
Rise Up (Editing) by Jakeira Hurst
Aubree had a tough life growing up, being in and out of foster home, her brother dying when she was little, her mother shutting her out, feeling that she wasn't loved. A...
  • fanfiction
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Steve Harrington Smut Imagines by UGottaLoveDraco
Steve Harrington Smut Imagines by UGottaLoveDraco
Steve Harrington? Joe Keery? Smut? Mmm, yes please. ;)
  • millie
  • marazzo
  • harrington
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room mates [stranger things cast, reader x Finn Wolfhard a.u] by wyxttsoleff
room mates [stranger things cast... by B
y/n is new to Seattle. Desperately in need for a place to stay, she stumbles upon an ad on twitter, a group in need of one more roommate! two girls, four guys. What coul...
  • caleb
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  • schnapp
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(COMPLETED) Above It All (Love and Abuse Novel) by chocolate_dimplez
The Carter's  by thus_cutie
The Carter's by Tegan Lane
Sequel to In love with my daughter.
  • breezy
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  • lilwayne
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Facade {Fillie} by velvetbluue
Facade {Fillie} by A N G E L A ✨
- "you can't tell anyone i told you this brown, capishe? it would totally ruin my reputation." finn's voice is once again cocky and his face is holding a smir...
  • wolfhard
  • bobby
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Ride the Waves | Chris Brown by BlvckDivmond
Ride the Waves | Chris Brown by CreateLove
Ride the waves; It's a surfing term. Surfers paddle out to catch waves. They wait for a really good, high, strong wave, then they surf it into shore. When you ride a wav...
  • fanfiction
  • love
  • tears
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16 and... by Jcoleisbae
16 and... by Jcoleisbae
Sixteen year old Lauren is a junior in HighSchool with pretty much an average life, except the fact that she is already a mother and the father of her child wants nothin...
  • instagramfamous
  • wattys2015
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The Bad Boy Calls Me Babydoll ✔ by book_worm_anna
The Bad Boy Calls Me Babydoll ✔ by Anna🤷🤤
"Bye", I said running my hands through my hair. "Bye", Jace said walking away. "How are you gonna get home", I asked him leaning agains...
  • badboy
  • teamjace
  • lovesick
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Poseidon's Girl by weedly
Poseidon's Girl by weedly
[Highest Rank: #43 in Romance] "Tell me to kiss you," he whispered so quiet and husk I wouldn't have heard if he wasn't my main focus of attention. "...
  • romance
  • alice
  • interesting
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Delicate by LifetimeInADaydream
Delicate by Tay
I've been a liar, been a thief, Been a lover, been a cheat. All my sins need holy water, Feel it washing over me. Oh, little one, I don't want to admit to something If a...
  • breezy
  • chris
  • love
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millie's crush ;; fillie by losereggos
millie's crush ;; fillie by samsung corexd
Donde Millie tiene un crush con un chico y Finn no quiere aceptarlo. Aclaraciones: Los chicos tendrán sus edades actuales. Son personas normales, no son famosos ni nada...
  • brown
  • stranger
  • milliebobbybrown
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Cell 118 | Chris Brown by breezyswife05
Cell 118 | Chris Brown by Shardaé
Chris is a gaurd at a female prison. He has been the top gaurd for the past two years...that is until he meets an inmate that he cant seem to stay away from. Copyright ©...
  • alsina
  • cocainelorraine
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