My Alpha Mate (Editing Process) by wolf_lover29
My Alpha Mate (Editing Process)by Bianca
Highest Rank: #34 in Werewolf Run! I keep running, trying to escape the wolves that are running after me. Run! Keep running, don't stop! My wolf tells me Samantha...
  • possessive
  • wolves
  • emotions
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Bad Girls Do It Well  by OceannBliss
Bad Girls Do It Well by Hazelle the Gazelle
Gang life isn't something you can just... leave. Tave Rossi knows this better than anyone, after being threatened, abused, shot at and her family killed all because o...
  • family
  • highschool
  • desire
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Me and My Five, Older, Protective Brothers by Amazilliaa
Me and My Five, Older, Amy
Their parents passed away 2 years ago when their plane crashed on their way back home, to England. Ever since then Adam, the oldest out of the five brothers and one sist...
  • brother
  • sister
  • overprotective
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Getting To Know Miss CEO  by MistyMe15
Getting To Know Miss CEO by MistyMe15
Meet Christy King CEO of King Industries, a powerful mutli billion dollar company. You might be thinking she is a woman and how can she be a CEO but let me tell you some...
  • ceo
  • gorgeous
  • gtkmceo
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The Gang Leader's Sunshine by toocuteforyou420
The Gang Leader's Sunshineby Tia
Skylar White She's a free spirit and loves to be spontaneous. Always stands for what she believes in, and doesn't let anyone boss her around. What happened when her pas...
  • badboy
  • action
  • brothers
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A Day in My Life by HarleyQuin3
A Day in My Lifeby HarleyQuin3
Dakota Hastings is a 16 year old girl that is tired of her life. Her over protective older brothers have annoyed her for years but now that she is a freshman in high sch...
  • dakota
  • olderbro
  • wattys2016
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Life of a little sister by Anna_kayy
Life of a little sisterby Anna_kayy
6 Brothers. 6 overprotective, annoying, ill tempered, pig headed, strong, caring, thoughtful brothers. It's not easy, but who's life is? They're a pain in the butt but w...
  • over-protective
  • siblings
  • alotofbrothers
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Penny For Your Thoughts? by EboniiOnWatt
Penny For Your Thoughts?by eboni with an 'I'
Penny Weaver is the 2nd youngest of 8 children, and this is the story all about how her life changed for the worse at the snap of her father's diamond ring studded fing...
  • protectivebrothers
  • brothers
  • college
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My Seven Brothers by _Sam-Winchester_
My Seven Brothersby Samantha
COMPLETED ; BEING EDITED Meet Isabella. She's a 16 year old girl. Isabella is your average normal girl. Except there's one thing different about her, she has 7 brother...
  • drama
  • fiction
  • teen
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//Outnumbered// by broadwaynewsies
//Outnumbered//by broadwaynewsies
Some say that a family is a group of people consisting of two parents and their children. But they're wrong. A family is a group of people who would do anything for each...
  • teenfiction
  • bigbrothers
  • littlesister
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My 10 over-protective brothers |Completed| by rosesareblue01
My 10 over-protective brothers | Cutie 💞
16 year old Amelia lives on her own with 10 over protective brothers. Her parents died, she never met her mother, and she got into an accident with her father whiched le...
  • memories
  • overprotectivebrothers
  • life
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Restarting Her Heart by midnightpainter
Restarting Her Heartby charlene
For Jemma, life couldn't be more perfect. Co-captain of the soccer team, an amazing best friend, and Tyler, her crush, is finally looking at her in the same way. On the...
  • kidnapping
  • youngadult
  • love
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Brothers, Smelly Socks and One House. Oh No... by MikeyPiatt
Brothers, Smelly Socks and One Mikey Piatt
My name is Dianna Cordelia Scott. Just call me Di, unless you want my highly devious brain doing highly devious things to you. This is my life...with NINE BOYS. Let me...
  • brothers
  • girl
  • overprotective
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The Dons Daughter by sentimaxo
The Dons Daughterby Sentima Mani🥀
Highest Rank #1 in Action Rose Regina is your average teenage girl struggling to make it through high school, not because she wasn't smart, she passed her classes with...
  • secrets
  • daughter
  • lies
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Snakes and Splinters by Jojo_B
Snakes and Splintersby Jojo B
SEQUEL TO [PUBLISHED] THE SEVEN DEADLY SIMPSON BROTHERS. The Simpson brothers are back and this time they're facing trouble from a bigger, badder gang threatening to ove...
  • gangs
  • london
  • badboy
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My Over Protective Brothers. | #Wattys 2016. by mayamoox
My Over Protective Brothers. | M
Aspen Anderson has eight over protective brothers. She falls for a bad boy ignoring her brothers warnings after an event that ruined Aspen. She deals with many problems...
  • overprotectivebrothers
  • sad
  • brothers
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The Leap [Completed ✔] by midnightpainter
The Leap [Completed ✔]by charlene
"You're on fire," Austin says. I turn to him confused."Excuse me?" Austin points and I follow his finger to see my marshmallow on fire, bu...
  • tradegdy
  • love
  • nerd
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The Bow Brothers by Charlotte21102015
The Bow Brothersby Charlotte21102015
My heart physically hurt "I don't know what you want from me" I whimpered and took another step back but he closed the space "I want you to understand t...
  • teenfiction
  • bully
  • kidnapping
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Fallen Behind: The Eighth Brother by MickeyIan_Gallavich
Fallen Behind: The Eighth Brotherby Hakuna Matata!
Being the youngest out of 8 boys is difficult. It seemed that the trail of good looks and talents and finished it course before it reached me. My brothers who are all go...
  • gxg
  • pizzarolls
  • nachos
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I Think I Love My Brother's Best Friend by katiebarakarth
I Think I Love My Brother's Best Katie
Meet Skye Barker. She pretty, smart, heartbroken, and Adam Barker's little sister. Meet Chace Matthews. He's cocky, gorgeous,a player, and Adam Barker's best friend. Cha...
  • morning
  • relationship
  • over
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