To Close For Comfort (Yandere Brother x Reader) by xKoolKatsx
To Close For Comfort (Yandere No Yanderes Here
When your big brother told you he loved you, did you expect it to be like this? You often find yourself experiencing the worst possible scenarios a highschool student co...
  • cute
  • brotherxreader
  • love
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My Brother My Mate by Writer016
My Brother My Mateby Werewolf Lover
"I set a alarm for a twelve o'clock so I could be the first one tell you happy birthday... happy birthday." I'm seventeen now. I turned the complete opposite...
  • brother
  • mate
  • drama
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Godbrother // Grayson Dolan by DolanTwins1999
Godbrother // Grayson Dolanby III I XV
"Promise me that you will marry me when i'll grow up." "I promise you princess. Now go to sleep." "You will right?" "Yes."
  • dolantwins
  • twins
  • love
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His Mate by Hazzastessa
His Mateby me, myself & I
Could completely different people attract? Violet McFarlane, sweet naive innocent girl, doesn't know anything about the outer world due to being homeschooled almost her...
  • pack
  • innocence
  • adorable
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The Head Girl by yuktsakaria
The Head Girlby yuktsakaria
A story about a rich girl who gets anything she wants, but she isn't snobby as most rich people are. She's friendly, when she wants to be. She, also is the head girl of...
  • bromance
  • truth
  • brother
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In Love with my Brother by natashamcnairrr
In Love with my Brotherby ScottishWriter
School leaver Melissa, 18 who is in love with her 20 year old brother, Michael are on a cruise ship which will bring the two together in more ways than siblings bonding...
  • family
  • brothersister
  • incestuous
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The Alpha's Daughter by krazykatgurl
The Alpha's Daughterby krazykatgurl
"I, Cole Greystone, reject you, Morgan Mayor, as my mate." As soon as those words left his mouth, I felt my whole world, shatter into a million pieces. He lef...
  • 17
  • party
  • daughter
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Supernatural Brother/Sister Moments by omnisimmunduspirtus
Supernatural Brother/Sister Momentsby Nunya Business Bitch
Most of these will be in an age range from newborn to around fifteen, because I like imagines that feature a baby Winchester sister with the boys, so yeah. Enjoy. I will...
  • sam
  • jack
  • andkisses
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My Brothers Gangleader Boss by tibob619
My Brothers Gangleader Bossby tibob619
Arrow Woodell is a smart breathtaking girl with one of the worlds kindness hearts but one of the worlds most sarcastic and feisty mouths. What happens when this 17-year...
  • gangs
  • sister
  • badboy
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The Nerd Is Back by Rowena_Bluehill
The Nerd Is Backby Rowena_Bluehill
Bullied her whole life, Lilly Chasen has always been looked down upon. Always not good enough, always over looked. But that all changes when she 'dies' and gets recruite...
  • sister
  • freak
  • boy
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Oh Brothers by honestotter
Oh Brothersby honestotter
"Something you want to ask me?" he asks, amused. "Nope," I pop the 'p' sound and don't even spare him a glance. My eyes are transfixed on the city l...
  • trust
  • fun
  • friendship
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Falling For My Best Friends Brother by sshaylenee
Falling For My Best Friends Brotherby sshaylenee
It all started when Riley Allister was dared to kiss her best friends ass of an older brother. But soon, she finds herself falling in love- hard. Story idea credit goes...
  • football
  • love
  • school
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My Step-brother is My Mate by katnic_bughead
My Step-brother is My Mateby Cole Sprouse
"You just changed into a giant wolf!" I scream in fright as I backed away from my brother. "Lee, calm down." Mason says holding his hands up to show...
  • stepsiblings
  • mate
  • love
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The Family Game ✔︎ by lazycupcake
The Family Game ✔︎by ariel
❝For the last time, no, I don't like football.❞ No, the Bennett's family game night isn't inside of their living room on Friday while laughing their butts off at t...
  • teenyears
  • egotistical
  • brother
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My Two Mates Are My Brothers by holly3832
My Two Mates Are My Brothersby Holly
"Guys we shouldn't be doing this what if someone finds out" I said "Don't worry babe about other people we love you let us show you how much we love you...
  • brother
  • mates
  • death
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Along For the Ride by knightsrachel
Along For the Rideby Rachel
Completed. Connor Jackson. These two words make every girl go crazy, screaming and begging for a chance to meet him. He's the world's most popular pop star, and has fina...
  • completed
  • nottalkedabout
  • sister
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Silent Pain (Rape, Incest, BXB) by johnnyblumoon
Silent Pain (Rape, Incest, BXB)by Johnny Blu
Christian's life is going in a downward spiral and nothing has been the same since the death of his parents. His older brother Leo has been doing unspeakable things to h...
  • firstlove
  • tears
  • boyxboy
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The Love Of Siblings (Incest) by iilubstories
The Love Of Siblings (Incest)by iilubstories
NOT COMPLETED *WARNING* - this story contains minor swearing and incest, pls do not read if you do not like those kind of things. 🚨Currently editing this whole story s...
  • drama
  • mystery
  • broxsis
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Sister Of The Bad Boys (Highest-#67 in teen fiction) by Angel_Loves_Books
Sister Of The Bad Boys ( Angel_Loves_Books
"Why can't you let me be my own person?! You 3 are always controlling my life and I hate it. I hate it!" Turning around, I started to make my way to my room...
  • random
  • nickbateman
  • teenfiction
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Till Contract Ends Do Us Part [Completed] by roosseemary__
Till Contract Ends Do Us Part [ roosseemary__
In life, nothing is guaranteed. No one promises you sunshine, rainbows, and happiness. No one said life would be easy. When life gets hard, you learn to survive. Emily...
  • safelove
  • romance
  • marriage
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